Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm doing a series! Reptile Inspired Makeup: Caiman Lizard

I decided today that I'm going to do a series.  I've seen a ton of bloggers do a series of makeup where they're inspired by a certain group of something and do makeup looks based on that.  So I decided I wanted to do a reptile series.  My husband is really in to lizards.  We have a ton of lizards (and two baby tortoises) in our house and he's always showing me pictures and stuff.  And so often, I say, "no, I don't want that but it is really pretty."

The first lizard I chose is a Caiman Lizard.  They're really neat, they have this green body and an orange head and these cute black eyes.  I just think they're really pretty.  But they require water in their housing so I don't want to own any haha.  So here's what Caiman lizards looks like:
Aren't they pretty?

So here's the look I did inspired by these guys:

I think, if you know what a Caiman lizard looks like, you can tell where I was going with it!  
What I used:
NYX JEP "milk"
Inglot pigment 43
Calypso Minerals matte pigment "Envy"
Calypso Minerals matte pigment "Torrid"
Inglot 407 P
Sugarpill "Flamepoint" (orange)
MAC "Vanilla" pigment (highlight)
NYX "Black" shadow
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

Revlon Colorstay combination/oily skin "Buff" and "Sand Beige" mixed
Maybelline dark circles eraser "fair"
Maybelline Super Stay concealer (2nd to lightest shade)
Covergirl professional loose powder "translucent fair"
ELF studio blush/bronzer duo
NYX "peach" blush
MAC "Vanilla" pigment as cheek highlight

I hope you like this!  I was afraid it would come across as "carrot" to people haha.  What do you think of this series?  Do you have any reptiles (it doesn't have to be just lizards) that you think are really pretty??

As always, thank you so much for checking this out!!  I appreciate you so much!


  1. This is really pretty, I love seeing series posts. This one is unique :)
    You should do a look inspired by a poisonous dart frog they are so pretty!

  2. This so lovely .. i love this idea and u nailed the look.

  3. This look is beautiful! I love the side by side photo with you and the lizard. It really shows how you captured the look. Great job...I look forward to seeing more of this series!

  4. Love it and love that your doing a series! I am a big lizard lover! haha that sounds kinda wrong!! :P I grew up with a iguana that was huge and so cool. One of the best pets I had when I was younger! I still miss him to this day!

  5. I'm not surprised, you're kissing one in your main photo!! This look is perfect and I can't wait to see the rest of the series!

  6. Love it! I can't wait to see the other looks in the series!

  7. I'm sorry to say this but... that's gross!!!!:))))) (not a reptile lover here, obviously:D)
    But thumbs up for the idea, it's unique and really interesting(even though I don't like them, I must admit some of them have beautiful colors).

  8. Love the idea and love the makeup in this one! I think I will have to play with these colors tomorrow morning :D

  9. verrry gorgeous, I love your series idea! I've always wanted to do one but only did one or 2 looks then gave up, haha. I can't say I know much about lizards but I've always been fascinated by frilled neck lizards .. which is Australian btw (I didn't realize, I just googled it but it makes sense) maybe you could do a look for your series :)

  10. What a unique look! Love it! (PS - when I first saw the bit of your nose ring from inside the nostril, I was like OMG she didn't realize she had a boogie!! lol oops)

  11. You're so talented! It looks amazing, as always.

  12. Thank you all so much! Your comments mean so much to me! (yes, even the comments that say that it's gross haha. It doesn't hurt my feelings that you're not a fan of reptiles! I'm not a fan of snakes myself, I just think some are pretty!)

    @Ashii: I'll definitely give it a shot haha. I think they're neat too. But they remind me of that one dinosaur from Jurassic Park that spits in the guy's eyes and then kills him haha.

    @Joanna the stylist: haha I hope that never happens! Whenever it's chilly outside, I think the metal from my nose ring shrinks and then it spins around like crazy. It's very annoying haha.

  13. Great series!! I love this look the color combination it just Beautiful:)

  14. I just showed this look to my fiance and he said... "Thats looks pretty cool!"

  15. pretty. I like that you found something out of the ordinary to inspire your look. This one is gorgeous, the colours really compliment each other. I live in NZ, and we dont have snakes here. lol. The Lizard look is my favourite! :)

  16. Very Unique idea here! I was doing some research on the Caiman lizard, and came across this page. Beautiful look too! I am a cancer survivor. I wish you health, peace and comfort. God Bless, Brian from NY.