Monday, May 30, 2011

Dramatic colored liner, simple look.

I know that the title doesn't really make sense haha but I did this look because I just wanted something easy and dramatic, but nothing too dark.  So I decided to play with colored liner.  I have a hard time wearing colored liner because I always feel like it looks funny along the lashline, like I need something black there haha.  I know I probably wouldn't wear colored liner if I had a lot of shadow on because it would look incomplete to me but I like the way this came out.  I think it's got enough drama for me but it's not dark.

 In this next picture I tried to show you how high I took the liner.  It's very thick.  When I was doing it, it felt like I was basically coloring my eyelid with the liner haha.  I just know for my eye shape, I don't like the way very thin liner looks with no shadow. 

 Oooh natural light!
 Man, my hair looks way blonder outside!
I am wearing a little bit of eyeshadow, I have on Inglot colors 395 P (for the highlight and on the lid, focusing on the inner corner) and 363 M which is just a brown color (the same one I use on my brows) but I dipped in it sooo lightly because you definitely can get more color than you want VERY easily with Inglot shadows.  

Whoa, I totally almost forgot to say what the liner is!  It's a Stila smudge pot in the color "Violet" which is a BEAUTIFUL cool toned purple with sparkles.  However, it's kind of dry so it didn't apply very evenly so I went over the liner with Inglot 388 M ("blurple" as Dani calls it haha, which is a great description of the color).  

And on my lips I have MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick with NYX megashine lipgloss on top.

And then just something else... you know how the other day I did a Pam Anderson inspired look and said how I wished that people could just appreciate the beauty in one another and not point out their flaws??  I was pretty disappointed when the next day I saw the newest Makeup Geek video about how to avoid getting a cakey face and the preview picture is a bad picture of Pam.  I watched the video (which is full of great information) and in the middle, it does a scream and flashes to a picture of Katy Perry with cakey foundation too.  

I feel that MakeupGeek is such a positive website and has pretty much come across as judgement free that this video threw me off a little.  I know that the video was meant to help, and it does, but it made me feel like, "what do they say when they look at my pictures?" do they laugh and scream?  Or is it just celebrities that they save that for because they pay people who should know better??  I just felt that the video would have been just as effective and informative without those pictures, it put some negativity where it wasn't necessary. 

I hope you guys all had a great Memorial Day weekend and hopefully you got to spend some time with your family!  Unfortunately my hubby had to work his normal schedule (which includes Sunday and today) so we didn't get a long weekend and my whole family lives in New York (and they all got together... I'm so jealous!!!)!  I mean, look how cute my little niece is with my mom and dad
Someone really should warn you how much you're going to love your sister's child!  I had no idea I'd feel as attached to her as I do!  She's so cute!

And I just want to say thank you to anyone who has served our country and those who have sacrificed their lives so that we can be free!!!  Happy Memorial Day!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My go-to looks

When I asked for suggestions from you guys as to what kind of looks I should post my follower Meme said she'd like to see my go-to look.  And I've thought about this one a lot.  This one is tough because I guess I really don't have just one look that I always go back to, I have a bunch haha.  So I figured I'd give my go-to look for certain categories.

Natural/lazy go-to look:
Colorful go-to 
(I switch up the lid color but keep the crease and above more neutral)
Dramatic Look 
(I bet you can guess what this is gonna be):
I do change the color I blend the black into to change it up a little
I just think there's always a place for a smokey eye!
And two looks I always go back to:
A purple lid with some green under the eye.  Love.  I've worn this quite a bit.
 Thanks so much to Urbanely Decayed (NOTD) for this guy!  I totally stole this from her!
 And then I love purple blended up into an orangey color.  I just love the way the colors work together and how they look against my eyes!
I think that's about it.  Those looks (in all their variations) are definitely the ones I wear the most.  What are your go-to looks?  I'd love to see!!!  Have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for checking this out guys!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smokey eyes: Pammy style!

The look I did yesterday (for blue eyes) was suggested to me by my follower Jess who also suggested that I do a Pamela Anderson look.  And I figured since I did one of the looks she suggested, I should complete her suggestions so today I have Pammy (not sure why I call her that haha) inspired eyes.

These are a few of the pictures I could find that I liked when I googled "Pamela Anderson makeup."  People are really mean because there are so many pictures of her with no makeup with arrows pointing at her wrinkles.  I sure wish people could focus on other's beauty as opposed to pointing out their "flaws."  It's obnoxious.

Haha it makes me nervous to put my picture next to hers but here's the look I came up with

And since I've had more than one person ask for more tutorials, I decided to do one for this look too.  If there are any looks you want a tutorial for, please let me know.  Sometimes I wonder if my looks are good enough to do tutorials on or if anyone would care haha.  So let's get started!

-I primed my lid with TFSI and put a very light layer of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" over my lid
-Over the JEP, I put a light wash of a "slightly lighter than skintone" eyeshadow
-Using a smudge brush (the one I have is from Target, I believe the brand is "Studio Tools" and it was $2.50. I love it.  It's the main brush I use), apply black shadow (from the 88 matte/shimmer mix palette) along the outer 1/3 of the lashline and bring it up as if you were doing a winged liner
-Now add some more black to create the outer v
-I added some dark, cool-toned brown (also from the 88 palette) above the black toward the inner part of my eye (staying above the crease)
-Now I blended those together pretty well
-Add a lighter, warm brown above those
-Blend that lighter brown out, bringing it down into the darker brown as opposed to blending it up and out like I usually would because her look is pretty natural looking above the black.  And add a light shimmery color to the space inside the outer v (I used Inglot 395 P)
-Add a thin line of black liner (Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Black Ink) to upper lashline, making it thicker and more intense toward the outer corner because we want that corner to be really black
-Taking an angled liner brush, drag some black shadow over the liner
-Add a frosty, shimmery color to the browbone (I used the same color that I used on the lid, Inglot 395)
-You're going to want to line your waterline and tightline your eyes as well.  And for the bottom lashline, you want to keep the black shadow to the outer 1/3 and blend it into the darker brown, which you'll take in to the corner of your eye
-Add mascara (L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen) and build or blend any colors you feel necessary (you can see I blended the black into the brown better)
-For the lips, you're going to want to line outside your natural lipline.  How far is completely up to you, Pammy goes VERY VERY far out of her lips.  I am not that crazy so here's what I did (NYX "Natural" lipliner)
-Pammy's lips are very frosty and the frostiest lipstick I have is NYX Harmonica, so I applied some of that with "Pink Frost" and "Frosted Beige" NYX Megashine lipglosses on top
-Keep the rest of the face neutral by using only brozer, no blush and you're done!

I actually think this look is very flattering.  My lips are nowhere near frosty enough to be like Pam's but I do not like frosty lips so whatever haha.  

Here are the colors I used from the 88 palette (it is the matte/shimmer mixed palette), the ones with the funny red symbols on them are the ones I used.
I hope you guys like this!  I like the way it came out, it's not as intense as Pam's but I still like it and I think it would look good on every eye shape because it's such a "lifting" look.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this!!!  I appreciate you all so much!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A look with blue eyes in mind

One of my followers, Jess, had suggested me doing a look for blue eyed girls.  So I thought I'd do that today.  I wanted to show you the easiest way in the world to make your eye look more blue.  Wear a bit of bright pink lipstick.  No joke.  Just look.  I did this with nothing on my eyes so you could see that it actually is the lipstick that is doing it.
bare lips
NYX "Narcissus" lipstick
Can you see the difference?  I remember the first time I put on a bright pink lipstick and I was like, "oooh, I have blue eyes now!" haha.

But whenever I am doing my makeup and I'm actually trying to play up my eye color, I use gold, a rusty color, or bronze eyeshadow (but I do get a lot of compliments when I do greens).  So here's the look I did today.
I think it looks ok.  It's not the best look for blue eyes (I mean, I've done looks where they've looked bluer), but it does play them up more than other colors.  But I actually did a tutorial of this look and I tried to do this with products that are relatively easy to get your hands on (and inexpensive).

-As always, start off by priming your eyelid.  I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance (which is not an inexpensive item but I feel is ABSOLUTELY worth every cent.  If you can, save up and get this.  You won't regret it.  My last tube lasted me more than a year.  And my shadow didn't crease.  And the colors looked better.)
-Put some NYX JEP in "Milk" on the lid 

-Using the gold color from the above ELF Beauty Book "Bright Eyes" Edition, sweep some of that on your lid
-Apply the brown that's next to the gold in the outer v
-To warm it up, I'm using NYX eyeshadow in "Rust" and am applying that above my crease
-I'm going to go back with the same gold I used earlier and add that above "Rust"
-Now we blend.  And blend.  And blend some more until you're happy with the way it looks.  As a highlight, since all of these colors are shimmery, I added just some of my face powder to help soften it a little. 
-Now when I looked at myself with my eyes open, it seemed like "Rust" looked out of place so I added some of that on the inside of the brown that I applied in the outer v
-Add some liner.  I used Bobbi Brown Gel liner in "Black Ink."  Sorry I didn't use an inexpensive liner, this is just what I have.  But I've heard really good things about the Wet 'n Wild cream (or gel?) liners.
-Add some liner to the waterline as well
-And now take the colors you used on the lid under your eyes.  BEWARE the brown from this beauty book is useless without that NYX JEP in "Milk".  I tried to apply it under my eye without having applied the NYX JEP first and I couldn't even see it so it's primarily "Rust" you can see.  I also added a bit of the gold eyeshadow in the corner of my eye.
- And I added mascara (L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen in Blackest Black)
And you're done!

I have MAC "Myth" lipstick, NYX Megashine lipgloss "Pink Frost", and just a touch of Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in "Papaya" on my lips.

And that's all for today!  Sorry about my lame t-shirts and hair lately.  That would be me not wanting to blowdry my hair or put on "real" clothes haha.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!  And I hope this was helpful to any blue eyed girls out there, but this would really look great on anyone!