Saturday, May 28, 2011

My go-to looks

When I asked for suggestions from you guys as to what kind of looks I should post my follower Meme said she'd like to see my go-to look.  And I've thought about this one a lot.  This one is tough because I guess I really don't have just one look that I always go back to, I have a bunch haha.  So I figured I'd give my go-to look for certain categories.

Natural/lazy go-to look:
Colorful go-to 
(I switch up the lid color but keep the crease and above more neutral)
Dramatic Look 
(I bet you can guess what this is gonna be):
I do change the color I blend the black into to change it up a little
I just think there's always a place for a smokey eye!
And two looks I always go back to:
A purple lid with some green under the eye.  Love.  I've worn this quite a bit.
 Thanks so much to Urbanely Decayed (NOTD) for this guy!  I totally stole this from her!
 And then I love purple blended up into an orangey color.  I just love the way the colors work together and how they look against my eyes!
I think that's about it.  Those looks (in all their variations) are definitely the ones I wear the most.  What are your go-to looks?  I'd love to see!!!  Have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for checking this out guys!!!


  1. all of you looks are beautiful!

  2. I love them all, but i really love the green and purple one. i actually wear something extremely close to that everyday too! it's really good for brown eyes too!

    blogspot is finally working for me, so i'm probably gonna comments alot more because i really do love your blog!

  3. I love this post!! Every single look is gorgeous!! I will have to do a post like this too...I love it.

  4. i love all of your looks! you have really nice eyes, and it's amazing how clear all your pics are.

    love your blog!

  5. Great post. Lovely eye makeup on all those looks.

  6. @NarsCupcake: thank you!
    @xMiss Maryx: I bet it is great on brown eyes! And I just saw your Arabic look for the MUG contest like forever ago and I LOVE it! I'm glad blogger's working for you again! Thank you so much!
    @Dani: Thanks! I'd love to see yours!
    @JC: thank you so much!
    @Charlotte: Thank you!!!! I really appreciate it!