Thursday, May 3, 2012

Makeup Geek eyeshadow swatches and review!

Holla!  Two posts in two days!!  I'm feeling good today so I figured since my Z palette came in the mail today that I would just sit down and get this done!  Makeup Geek has been awesome and they sent me their entire eyeshadow collection.  And I figured since I do actually own them all, I should swatch them for you guys and tell you which ones I recommend and which ones I'd pass on.  So here we go!!

Color palette:
 Neutral Palette:

And now swatches!  I did them row by row on bare skin with no base at all

 And poor lonely Fuji.  My two Z palettes fit all of the shadows except one and Fuji is my least favorite of the whole bunch so he gets to stay in his little MUG package.  Don't get Fuji, he's very disappointing.

So overall I really like these shadows.  The shimmery colors are WAY more pigmented than the matte colors.  All of the shimmery ones are awesome, they're smooth and pigmented, just the way an eyeshadow should be!  And there are 3 matte colors that have an awesome texture, nice and buttery like my Inglot mattes.  Those colors are Wisteria (light purple), Latte (medium brown), and Bitten (brown red color).  The other mattes are ok.  Corrupt (black) and Cocoa Bear (warm brown) are super pigmented but don't have the nice texture of the mattes I just listed.  There are also a few colors that are matte with sparkles in them (Razzleberry, Mandarine, Ice Queen, Bada Bing) and they're decent.

I find that this collection is MAJORLY lacking in the blue department.  I found myself doing the dragon from Enchanted look and really wanting a navy blue but MUG doesn't have one so neither did my look.  The only color I'd actually consider to be blue is Poolside and Ocean Breeze is borderline blue/green.  There are tons of greens and tons of neutrals.  I really don't love any of the purples and I am a purple girl.  Wisteria is by far the best but the purple colors just don't do it for me, they're too much on the neutral side.  

You can tell that this collection is mainly for the neutral lover but even if you're not a neutral girl, they may turn you into one.  I did a neutral look today which I'm really really liking using these shadows.

You can find these shadows at the Makeup Geek store, they have just the pans that you put into a palette for $5.99 apiece (a steal compared to a MAC pan which is $11.50) and they have single shadows in their own little compact for $7.99.  Definitely check into the shimmery ones, you can't go wrong with any of those.  If I had to pick a top 10 it would be:
Vanilla Bean (for blending)
Bada Bing

Most of those are neutrals.

And here are some attempted dupes of other colors I thought some of the Makeup Geek colors looked like in the pan, I know some don't look similar on the skin but I swear they looked alike in the pans haha.

Which black wins this contest??  Haha I always just used my NYX black but didn't realize that it really isn't black until just now haha.

So that's that. I hope someone finds this helpful!  Do you own any Makeup Geek shadows?  What do you think of them??  

As I was typing this up, I went onto Facebook and saw that Kassie from Unique Desire has just put up a review of these shadows too, you can check that out HERE to see what she thinks about them!  Also, if you want to see some really incredible swatches of them check out Mandy's review on the starter kit that MUG released and also the expansion kit (for real, her swatches are unbeatable!)!

Thanks for checking this out!!


  1. I have been trying to decide if I should order some of these shades from MUG. The color swatches look great! I am excited to try them! Great post and glad you are feeling better!!! Still praying!!

  2. I need that black! It looks so soft. Great review.

  3. great review! thanks for doing this, ive been curious about this brand ever since i saw that you featured them. they're stunning! i'm glad you did a neutral look :) stunning, as always!

  4. I'd heard so much about these. Thanks for the swatches. Still not sure whether any of these are awesome enough to get. I might just stick to Inglot for now.

  5. This is a great post, really helpful, thanks... I also love the look you did to go with it!

  6. That's strange--most of my MUG shadows are matte ones, and I've found them all to be excellent in colour and texture, except Peacock, which I still haven't found a good use for. I think I remember Marlena saying in a fairly recent video that their purples sucked and they were going to make more shades. I think. I may have misremembered.

    The neutral look is beautiful! So glad you're feeling better! :D

  7. I just own Razzleberry, and i really like it. (I think it's really cool, that MUG ships international *laugh*) I was searching for "the one red" - now i see that i really need the sugerpill one. Sadly it's really expensive in Germany :/
    Thank you for the Swatches of all the colors :) And your neutral look is really beautiful!

  8. wow they sent you all of them!? I am so jealous right now haha. Im waiting on 3 in the mail & one day ill get some more. great review & swatches!!

  9. I am really surprised you didn't like a lot of them. I thought the blues were gorgeous except for Neptune! I am loving the way that last row looks(the one corrupt and the other silvers)!

  10. What a work !!!
    Thanks you very much for this revue.

  11. lucky indeed! lol i did a one-for-one comparison to MAC shadows since that what they used to compare the MUG shadows to on their website. you can check out my video review with swatches and side-by-side dupes (IMHO) here:

  12. I wasn't expecting MUG Corrupt to be so dark!

  13. Ooh I want Corrupt, it looks so black. And Moondust

  14. this was such a great post thankyou! after seeing this i will defiantly be checking out the MUG eye shadows!

  15. Great review, thanks! I currently have Moondust and Homecoming, they are highly pigmented and very smooth, I love them. I'm looking forward to purchasing a few more, I'll start off with a few from your top 10 list. ;)

  16. Love the look you have done, great review and you are so pretty! This is the first time I stumbled upon your blog while searching for reviews on MUG eye shadows. I hope that everything works out for the better for your health and your family.
    I have been thinking about getting the MUG starter kit but it’s almost $50 and these days good brand names eye shadows like UD and LORAC have their palettes around the same price so I am still not sure. And plus I don't want all shimmery ones...And looks like most of them are. I just got the ULTA paper today and saw LORAC pro palette now in ULTA, and will definitely check it out. This has 16 in all and $42, The lorac pro palette has 8 matte and 8 shimmery shades.

  17. Great blog! This is really helpful since I am deciding the next MUG eyeshadows to get. Thanks


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  19. I have been looking for a UD Sidecar dupe for so long. I've tried mac, inglot and nyx and finally I see makeup geek have one. This is a great post thank you so much!

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