Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two looks, one is definitely a favorite!

I have two looks today!  I really have been rocking the neutrals A LOT and sometimes I'll trade out a color here and there but my neutral looks all tend to be very similar (like the neutral look I did here) so I don't really take pictures of them unless I think it looks particularly nice.  I think that'd get boring.

But I have worn colors a couple of times this past week.  This first look is a look I will wear again and again and again.  I just really like how it plays off of my eyes and it's colorful and fun.  I just really like it. 
I dyed my regrowth with Garnier Nutrisse 82 "Champagne Blonde."  I'm always hesitant to use dye to lighten my regrowth because I have a tendency to go brassy but luckily this didn't do it to me.

I used the new Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara for this.  It's ok.  It doesn't really add volume to my lashes like it says... I'll do a review soon.
I have done this look a million times with all different brands of makeup.  I used Makeup Geek shadows for this look.  The colors I used are:
Wisteria (light purple)
Purple Rain (dark purple)
Corrupt (black)
Mango Tango (coral)
White Lies (white)

And this is a look I did the other day because I felt like doing something kind of dark but still using colors.  Unfortunately I was especially unphotogenic so I didn't get very many pictures.

You can see my natural hair color in my regrowth here, this was before I dyed it.
What I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Makeup Geek "Corrupt"
Pretty Addictions "Desire" loose pigment (swatches here)
Makeup Geek "Vanilla Bean" to blend
Makeup Geek "Bling" as highlight

This is post number 192 for me.  My goal is to get to 200 posts before my liver surgery on June 21st.  I'm going to try to challenge myself a bit now because I'm feeling good, I'm medicine free and after the 21st I'm not sure how long it'll be before I can say that again.  So any suggestions for looks are more than welcome!

And this is a video I wanted to share with you. My brother lives in California, he's very involved in gay rights (if you live out there, go over to the club "Hype," he works there).  He's so funny, he's the most charismatic person I've ever met.  I don't think anyone dislikes him.  So he decided that he and his friends should do a spoof to the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.  I asked him why he did it and he said, "We did it for fun.  We saw all these celebs like Bieber and Katy Perry doing spoofs like it so I said let's do it before any other gays do!"  So here's his video.  It's so funny.  My brother comes in at 24 seconds (he's the one wearing the Kelly Kapowski shirt haha).

And just forewarning you, this song will be stuck in your head!  I hope you enjoy!

As always, thank you all so much for your support!  I feel like I don't know where I'd be without you guys!  I hope you all have an incredible week!!


  1. Omg I love the drag queen in your brother's video. :-)

  2. both looks turned out really beautiful. My fave is the 1st one though :)My prayers go out to you!

  3. Your blending is always perfection and your looks are so gorgeous! Have you ever considered/done modeling? I think you would do well!

  4. you are seriously stunning!!! beautiful work!

  5. I love both, OMG, you blend shadows like butter.

    I am praying for you.

    A huge kiss from a Spanish friend!!

  6. I seriously love when I see new posts from you in my feed! Both these looks are gorgeous as usual! Ok my request is silly but one I would love to see how you do. Something inspired Belle from Beauty and the beast. It is my fav fav disney movie.I even named my kitty Belle after her. I also have a glass cabinet with figurines and such of it :)I haven't seen a look inspired by belle yet.

    Glad to hear your doing well. Lots of love and prayers for your surgery! We will all be thinking about you!

    1. Oh and I LOVED that video! Made me happy :)

  7. Beautiful as always! Glad to see a new post from you!

  8. Beautiful as usual Sonja! Your blending is seriously spectuacular! I love those MUG eyeshadows, too~ so good and inexpensive, too!

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog, they make my day! And one day I am gonna get you a Sleek palette! :)

    Sending you my prayers,

  9. I know my suggestion is kind of late but I really need help, so I'm graduating next Tuesday and I have no idea what to do with my makeup and I wanted to ask if you could do a navy and gold makeup look :) please and thank you. I really love your looks and if you don't do it, it's ok. It's really rushed so I understand :) I also wanted to tell you to be strong through your treatments, I am a happy cancer survivor :) so don't worry I know you will get better and I will pray for you

  10. I am absolutely adoring the video. Everytime I have that song stuck in my head I'll have to play this post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Gorgeous! I love your eye color. I would kill for those eyes! lol

  12. I am always so glad to see a new post by you!! I like both looks but I <333 the coloring of the 2nd! Not an everyday look but a fierce one for some nights :)
    Your brother is too funny and looks like he and his friends have a blast, song is soooo in my head.
    As always my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Both looks are amazing. I really like your eyes <3

  14. Gorgeous looks, both of them!! And such a contagious video!!

    Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts...

  15. omg! everytime I read your posts and look on you Make ups I really am jealous :))

    Unfortunately I cannot wear liner in my eyes 'cause they're so sensitive - but when I see this on you I feel that it looks so much better!

    I wish you good luck for the surgery and concearning wishes for future looks, I would love to see something involving greens or some burgundy shades :)

    <3 Cessa

  16. Love it! I think the first is my favourite (although I love both!) you really pull off the pinky/red eyeshadows. Hope you are doing ok (or as good as you can be!) :)

  17. I love both your looks! And I love your brother's video!

  18. I'm glad you feel better. I will say that every day I look forward to the new look: P I just love them all!

  19. i love Your make ups! your eyes are hiptotizing :)

  20. Please please do a YouTube video so I can learn to my makeup line that :)

  21. Praying your surgery goes well :)

  22. Beautiful looks. I love them both. You're definitely a purple person. I hope the surgery goes well!

  23. You are gorgeous. I will be praying for you.

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