Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches/Review

Whoops, I'd been calling them "Smooth" Matte Lip Creams haha.  Oh well.  They are smooth, what can I say?? Well I've been wearing these a lot so I have a pretty good feel for them now.  These are the colors I got
Left to right:
Tokyo, Istanbul, Antwerp, Addis Ababa

I'm not sure why the container of Istanbul is a lighter color than Tokyo when it's a much darker color.  Here are the swatches
See what I mean???  Istanbul is much darker than Tokyo but the tube is lighter... go figure.

my favorite of the bunch.  It's a light pink color.  It's really beautiful.  I think it'd look amazing with a navy blue smokey eye.

this is a VERY natural lip color.  It's actually almost my exact natural lip color, just slightly more pink.

A darker color than I usually wear, a pretty color but not my favorite on me.  

Addis Ababa:
Fushia.  This is VERY bright.  I know it looks bright in the picture but it's even brighter in person.
The colors look much lighter on the closeup pictures, the full face pictures are more true to color.

I like these quite a bit though I have to say they are not the best for someone who licks their lips or rubs their lips together a lot (I don't know how I'd know that... haha).  When you do that, the lip color kind of balls up and rubs off which is not really a good look haha.  But if you can control yourself and not lick your lips, it stays in place quite nicely.  

With the applicator, I actually feel like I have a lot of control as to where I apply the product, I don't think you'd need a lip brush even if you had a really deep color.  The longer you have these on your lips, the drier they get.  They feel great for like the first hour and get more dry after that.  

I got mine for $3 apiece and I'd definitely buy them again.  I really do like them a lot.  Oh, I wanted to say that I haven't been able to get these to layer under lipgloss successfully.  When I put lipgloss on top, the same thing happened as when I licked my lips.  It balled up and came off in certain spots.  They are matte finish (once they dry) so that'll have to be the look you're going for, don't try to layer lipgloss on top.  I have not tried to layer a lipstick on top so I'm not sure if that would work or not. 

I took all of these pictures yesterday (hence the already posted eye makeup and stuff haha) but I'm trying to space out posts a little bit haha.  I'm going up to New York this weekend for my niece's birthday party but hopefully I'll have this planned well enough where I'll have a post ready to go when I'm up there.  Haha this pre-planning is not my thing.  As soon as I do a look or buy something I want to show you haha.  

I hope this helped anyone who was looking at the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.  If you have some or get some let me know what you think!!  Thanks guys!!!


  1. Okay, I now know that I need to buy ALL of those, especially Tokyo and Instanbul.

  2. Thanks for this hun, I have Stockholm on it's way over to me :)

    Do you think if you applied a lip balm underneath first it would help it to not dry out so fast?

    Have fun at the party :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I've waffled on these many times when I go into Ulta, but have passed. I now think they are not for me, since I rub my lips together A LOT! And I like gloss over any lip color I have on.

    I actually think Antwerp looks really nice on you!

  4. great review!! I like them all but I think I need Addis Ababa the most :D

  5. they look so good! i want to try them :p

  6. Great review, I am SO buying Antwerp! it seems like it would bring out the tan in anyone! xoxo

  7. Antwerp is my favorite mine, then San Paulo. I've only worn addis ababa once, it is super bright lol. Tokyo is too light on me...but it looks awesome on you! I'm thinkin I may want Istanbul now!! I think they all look fab on you! Love your makeup too!!

  8. I want these now :#
    I've seen them around the blog-o-sphere, but yea, i wanttt

  9. I love Tokyo! Definitely going to be purchasing. Thank you for the review, been looking to invest in some lipcolors for a while now and now I know what to buy.

  10. At first I didn't like these, but then the more I worn them the more I loved them. I only have 2 right now but going to get more when I can.

  11. Well I'm glad I was able to help some of you guys! Whether it helped you decide you want to try them or if you're going to pass.
    @Make me-up: I usually do put a lip conditioner (don't tell anyone it's a men's one!) on while I do the rest of my makeup since I usually do lips last but then I wipe it off before I apply anything. I'm not sure if a balm would do a better job?
    @Angie Bee: yeah, it's been taking a lot for me not to rub my lips together but I'm getting there haha. I usually put gloss on top of stuff too.
    @MissMary: actually, Antwerp does do that! It looks amazing on makeupbydanisaddiction (she's a little darker than I am).

  12. I have these and loooove them! I really want Instanbul now! BTW...i think antwerp looks great on you! :)

  13. Love Tokyo on you, where did you purchase these?

  14. they all look good on you.. where did you purchase them?

  15. I think antwerp looks beautiful on you despite you saying its not your fave. It really compliments your skin tone. I thinks its probably a case of getting used to it if its not a colour youd normally wear. Ive only worn the palest nudes for years but Im thinking of buying collection 2000's fairy cake which is very similar.

  16. I also have this in shades antwerp, istanbul, tokyo and san paulo. But I have to say antwerp is mmy fave out of the bunch. Nice review!!!! I also made a review about this lippy. I'd appreciate it if you check it out.

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