Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The world's most simple look (no joke) and my niece's 1st birthday!

I cannot wear a lot of makeup when I am in the car for a long time.  If I wear too much eyeliner or mascara, it always ends up smudged all over my face and transferred all over my eyelid.  If I wear too much foundation, it's all spotty and rubbed off (especially if I try to sleep).  So I do what I can to make sure that I look pretty much the same after the 12 hour car ride to New York as I did when I started.  So this is what I did makeup wise before we left.

It's literally two eyeshadows (Ingot 351 M and 361 M) and Rich Ground MAC fluidline on my top lashline and mascara.  I used the Buxom lipgloss too.  That's it.  And I have to say that I did look the same when I got to NY.  My sister says this is one of her favorite looks.  I wanted to laugh because I don't even consider it a look haha.

Our visit was really nice.  My niece is one year old and it makes me a little sad.  Oh well, I guess they'll just have to have another child.  My parents put their house on the market so hopefully they'll be able to move here soon.  Here are a few pictures from my niece's party
too stinkin cute with her little crown on.  She hated it at first but when it came time for presents she forgot it was there and left it on

My kiddo with her Poppy.  She spent a lot of her time in NY like this.

There's my sister, her husband, and of course Miss Analiesa
My friend who I've been friends with since 1st grade (yes, I have had a friend for 20 years.  That's crazy) came to visit me.

We went out one night to celebrate my hubby's birthday which was interesting haha.  A couple of his friends came out and my cousin came too (her makeup looked awesome by the way but I didn't get to take pictures.  She kinda drew on little false lashes on the outer corner of her eyes with her liner, it was neat).  And here's me, my sister, and my husband's friend's wife (being totally hilarious and crazy).

And before we left I asked my sister to get a picture of me (I was going in the car again, hence the minimal makeup) with the baby since I don't have any and I love her so here those are

I look like I'm going to cry haha

So cute!!!
And I bet you guys will never guess what I came home with... 41 snapping turtle eggs.  Yup, that's right.  41.  Snapping turtle eggs.  My cousin came inside while I was baking cheesecake and he goes, "I found a snapping turtle and I think she's going to lay eggs"  Well dum dum me says, "Go tell John (my hubby)."  He went with my cousin, comes back and says, "He's right, she is."  So I went with them and this turtle is on the side of the road of a bridge laying eggs.  And since they were on a bridge the temperature wouldn't stay regulated well so of course my husband couldn't just leave them there to die.  So I have snapping turtle eggs in our incubator that will take 80 days to hatch as long as they're fertilized and survived the ride.
Mama snapper

you can see that she's on a bridge

the eggs
Oh to be the wife of a reptile (mainly lizard) lover.  Haha he's nuts.

I'm sorry it took me so long to post I've been exhausted and I really didn't have a chance to get on the computer while I was in NY.  I jumped on really quickly there but not long enough to do anything.  And that was my trip.  It was a really quick trip but it was nice.  Hopefully I'll be back posting more makeup tomorrow haha.  Thanks guys for checking this out!


  1. Wow, looks like you had a nice time! Your niece is soooo cute!! My son had that same crown but his head was waay too big for it on his b-day!! Way to go rescuing the eggs! I love your copper liner and bronzer too!

  2. My boyfriend is a turtle lover so I can kinda relate. And when I say turtle lover it's a bit of an understatement. Anyways, just wanted to say your bangs are SO ADORABLE. I need to get mine back. STAT.

  3. Makeup is beautiful! I due my make up in the car sometime when its going to be a long car ride so it doesn't get messed up. Looks like ya'll had a great time.

  4. Love the 'look' lol... And I love NY, luckily for me its only 3.5-4 hours away. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I was wondering what camera you use. It photographs makeup amazingly... my camera totally sucks, and washes all the color out, and pulls purple.

    You're nice what a cutie! And you little girl :)

  5. Looks like you had tons of fun! You have such a beautiful family! Love the liner...its looks gorgeous with your eyes!

  6. @Amalia: that's hilarious. My daughter has a big head too!
    @Meredith Jessica: haha good to know I'm not the only one with a crazy reptile lover! I do like my bangs. Actually, a lot more than I thought I would!
    @Foxy Aries: we did have a great time! Haha I am sooo not cool enough to do my makeup in the car! I will poke my eyeballs out or something haha.
    @MissBrittanyBoo: My camera is a Canon PowerShot A2100 IS. I really like it. The only thing I have a hard time getting pictures of are action shots and sometimes pictures with no flash. Thank you!!!
    @Meme: We did have nice time, thank you so much!

  7. Even if it's not a "full" look, the eyes truly make it pop! I think you should start a challenge: creating a 'look' with solely two eye shadows :)

    Happy belated to your niece and best of luck with your turtle <3 It's a good thing - having a boyfriend who adores reptiles. I'm a dog lover but my boyfriend's allergic :p

  8. Aww looks like you had a great time!! Love all the pics and your look was so pretty!! Good look with the'll have to do an update :D