Monday, April 4, 2011

NYX Lipstick Swatches

I have a small collection of NYX lipsticks and I figured I would share them with you!

So here I am in very simple makeup and nothing on my lips
This color totally reminds me of the color I would think of if someone were to say "porn star pink" haha, it's really pale and frosty and that's just what it reminds me of
"Baby Pink"
very similar to Harmonica but more purple
"Summer Love"
A pretty nude color
A lot of people really like this as a nude lip.  I am not one of those people.  I very rarely reach for this because I just don't like it on me
This color makes me look unbelievably sick.  It is waaay too gray for me.
I totally forgot about this lipstick when I showed you my bright pinks last week.  This is more of a true pink than my MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick, which pulls more purple
Haha obviously this one melted.  I like the color but I HATE these lipsticks that have the shimmer to them, they really show every line in your lips.  And in the full face shot, you can see how the color appears uneven on my lips even though it's not.
This color is BEAUTIFUL!!  This is probably my favorite out of all of them
"Indian Pink"
Again, a pretty color but it's shimmery so I never wear it
A beautiful little bit darker than natural lip color
This is the worst lipstick.  Ever.  It's bad 90's to the extreme.  And again with the shimmer.
A beautiful, bright red.  This is my favorite red on me.  I apologize that it's messy, I didn't feel like making it perfect.
"Snow White"
A deep red, it's almost vampy on me.  Pretty but not my favorite.
So all in all, I really love these.  They don't feel as substantial on my lips as my MAC lipsticks do, they're also a bit more slippery feeling.  The pigmentation is great, as you can see and they're so cheap on (especially when they have their 20% off sales).  Just DO NOT buy the ones that are shimmery because they aren't good.  I, however, (with the exception of Rea) love the ones that don't have shimmer in them.  And for less than $2 apiece, why not? 


  1. My favourite (so far) would have to be Indian Pink..... I've got Fig on my things to buy list as that colour is gorgeous!!

    Awesome post & swatches :)

  2. I finally found your blog!! Yay! I love your stuff, I just think you're too cute lol, cute lizard too. Love that it matches your makeup.

    ANYWAY, thanks for this post, I am totally buying Snow White. I'd rock it everyday :]

  3. this is such an awesome post, great resource! weird that peach isnt peach, unless maybe they mean a ripened peach skin lol

  4. my my love the collection! circe, fig and summer love look nice :)
    lovely blog im you new follower would be waiting for you to follow back :)

  5. great collection! I just post more NYX swatches myself! I agree..the shimmer in some of them really turns me off too, but for the price you can not beat it! I luv summer love thanks to you and a past MUG post

  6. @Make-me up: I definitely love the color of Indian Pink! The shimmer just gets to me.
    @Miss Mary: Haha thanks!!! Snow White is a good one, it's just not a favorite on me (definitely post pictures if you grab it though!)!
    @Amalia: I know!!! I ordered peach thinking I'd get a light orangey color... nope. I got that. Ugh haha.
    @Peach Crush: I'll definitely be checking your blog out!
    @Jess: I saw your swatches and we primarily have different colors (can't wait to see you rock Femme!)! I'm so glad you like Summer Love!!

  7. I love NYX lipsticks! I have about 20 of them and growing...ha ha!...but I agree that some of the shimmery ones are terrible. Great post!

  8. Hi! Great blog! This was soooo helpful, I have been looking at these lipsticks but haven't decided on a color. I have such a better idea now that I have seen them on an actual person!! Love this!!

  9. I love this way of swatching!! Thanks for doing this! I need to try some of their lipsticks. I never have!

  10. you have a nice collection of lippies..i'm lovin the indian pink and fig..

  11. Thanks so much for this!! Exactly what I needed. I will probably pin this! Will def be referencing to this page again.

  12. Very informative and simple without all the noise, perfect way to swatch (only if others do this like this). Keep up the great work!!!!

  13. I love Indian Pink! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    ~Pauline @Kallony

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  15. I got Thalia and it looks terrible on me. I dont have pink lips i actually have brown lips(nearly black). Im praying Indian Pink will look better. Im dark skinned so i gotta be careful what i wear. But im tired of the stay in your lane, black girls cant wear pink or red lipstick. I can, i have, and i looked good