Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dramatic Cut Crease (and tutorial)

Almost every time I do a cut crease, I feel like I look like either a cheerleader or a superhero haha.  So I figured I would do a look based on a team's colors.  I was thinking of maybe doing a Yankee's look (since I'm from NY and all) but I figured that since I live in North Carolina now I'd do a look based on the Carolina Tar Heels whose colors are Carolina Blue (baby blue), navy, and white.  Here's a jacket (haha you like how I chose a woman's jacket instead of a jersey?) I found that shows the colors
Here's the final look I came up with:
And this is how I did it:
~I started off priming my eye with TFSI and tightlined my eye with Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in deepest black:
~I applied the silver cream shadow from the Kat Von D "Metal Orchestra" palette on my lid (where I'll be placing the light blue).  I really don't like this cream shadow but I wanted to make sure that the blue would be cool toned enough and light enough to be Carolina Blue
~Using a smudge brush (from Target, it was like $2.50), I applied NYX ultra pearl mania in "Ocean Blue" on top of the silver
~Because I'm going to do a dark, harsh line above this blue, I want to make sure that I can see the light blue above my eyes when they're open
~Now for the rest of this look, these are the 2 main brushes I'll be using.  One's kind of a pencil brush from Sonia Kashuk (Target) and the other is a really small blending brush that came in the brush set I have
~So I'm going to use the pencil brush and make my line with a navy blue shadow (from my 88 palette)
~Now I'm going to use the other brush and blend that navy blue up towards my brow a bit
~And to make the blending a little easier, I'm going to put some of MAC "Blanc Type" (a skin tone shadow) above the blue up to my brow
~And then I'm going to go back and forth using the navy and skin tone shadows until I'm satisfied with the shape and blending 
~Now I'm going to add my liner (Bobbi Brown gel liner "Black Ink")
~And now I'm going to fill in the gap between my liner and the navy shadow with the light blue
~Now I'm going to add a highlight color (a mixture of NYX "White" and Bed Head "White" shadow) and add a little of that on the inner corner of my eye too.  I also put some of the navy shadow and the "Ocean Blue" under my eye
~Now add some mascara and keep the rest of your face relatively natural because the eyes are so dramatic and there you have it

And that's how I do my crazy cut crease/cheerleader/superhero look haha.  I'd rock it if I were going to a sporting event!  I hope someone finds this helpful!

Also I wanted to let you guys know that sometime in the near future I'm going to be doing a giveaway and I think you're going to like it!!!!  I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful day and thank you so much for checking this out!!


  1. great tutorial! I think it's very helpful!

  2. omg this is beyond amazing! U know what I am going to do tomorrow now lol! I just ordered the nyx pearls today, so I will have to find something else though ;)

  3. Seriously, this is the first ever cut crease tut I've ever understood! You rock girlie! ♥♥

  4. You made the tut so easy to understand! Love the look too!! You really amaze me with all the different looks you come up with :)

  5. awesome tutorial you have inspired me to try my own lol even though they wont turn out anywhere near as good as yours. love this look im definetly going to try it out!
    also thanks so much for your comment,you're just too kind! lol

  6. I love your cut crease looks. They may be bold but you rock it! Keep those tutorials coming. I love trying your looks.

  7. Awesome tutorial!! This is so beautiful!! I am so going to have to try a cut crease now that I know how lol.

  8. Thank you so much guys! I'm so glad you found it helpful (I always feel like I do things the wrong way haha). I hope you guys try it so I can see!

  9. o i love your makeup its gorgeous

  10. i just bought nyx pearl and i love them its much better than mac <3 plus the nyx concealer in a jar uses castor oil which actually clears your pores because of the antioxidents in it . it made my dry acne moistered and it doesnt look caky and it covered up my acne scars!! thanks <3