Friday, April 8, 2011

My look today!

So obviously I had to use my Inglot shadows today and I was dying to use 372, which is like a perfect Robin's Egg Blue color.  It's probably my favorite color out of the ones I got.  So this is what I came up with:
I wore this look out in public today and the first woman I came across said, "Wow, I love your eye makeup!".  And I turned to my husband and said, "My first time wearing Inglot shadows in public and I already got a compliment" haha.  Now to be fair, I have done a similar look before using Ben Nye "Cosmic Blue" pigment and browns from my 88 palette, but this look was easier to do because the colors blend so nicely and are so pigmented that it doesn't take as much to build up to the intensity that I like.

So here are the colors I used:
Top: 393
Bottom: 372
And then swatches of the colors because I can't stop touching them haha
This is one swipe of each color.  I didn't have to add extra for the colors to show up
So I hope you all have an incredible weekend!  I'm probably going to a reptile show tomorrow so that should be interesting haha.  Thanks for taking time to look at this!!


  1. soo pretty that blue is to die for! I must get that dupe for it! hehe.
    u look gorgeous as always, can I ask how long it takes for you to style your hair like that? im so lazy with mine coz its so thick it would take forever to do that every day lol

  2. You always look so beautiful and that blue is amazing! I just ordered a few eyeshadows from Inglot and thanks to you, 372 was one of them!

  3. very beautiful! I love the colours you used!

  4. That blue with your eyes is amazing

  5. Love the colour! i must own 372 :p Never really noticed this colour, but then again they have so much my eyes go all weird when i'm looking through them :p

  6. Lovely makeup, those eye colours are beautiful.

  7. LOVE!!! I love everything about this look. You look so gorgeous!! I'm curious about your hair too...I really like how you fix it and want to do my hair like that lol. Reptile shows are really cool...there's one here every third weekend of the month!

  8. Thank you guys so so so much!! You're the best followers ever!
    @Ashii and Dani: my hair takes forever to blowdry but for this, I just use a 1 1/4" curling iron and grab random chunks of hair and curl them, holding the iron vertically, away from my face. It takes me like 10 minutes because I don't care if it's messy (that's actually kind of the beauty of it). Some chunks are straight, most are curly but it's easy and doesn't have to be perfect which is always great.
    @Meme: I cannot wait to see what you do with it! I bet it will be amazing!
    @Mandy: yes you do need to own it. Everyone in the whole world does. It's amazing. Yeah, I hate their website, they need to do something about that.

  9. Well, I wont comment on your giveway post so I dont accidentally enter... but I love your makeup green and purple- I recognized that green right away lol!! I agree with the poster that said ladybug look- that would be awesome!!

  10. Okay, so I totally stole this look today and tried to recreate it with the shadows that I THANK YOU for the inspiration!! It didn't turn out quite as good as yours, but it isn't too bad ;)

  11. This is one of my favorite looks from you! So pretty!!