Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bright blues and purple using BFTE

It had been a while since I'd worn any real color on my eyes, I honestly just haven't felt like putting the effort in.  Lame, I know.  So I decided I wanted to do something colorful.  When I do looks, I like to use exclusively one brand of eyeshadow (unless there's a specific look I'm going for or if I really need another color) so if you want to copy it you don't have to go all over the world to do so.  So for this look I reached for the sampler set I have from Beauty From the Earth (or BFTE) Cosmetics.  So here's the look I came up with (you've already seen it if you follow my facebook page, I did this look like a week ago)!

The colors I used (all from BFTE) were:
Lid: "Blue Bayou"
Crease: "Blue Bird"
Purple part of crease: "Midnight Kisses"
Purple above crease: "Kastra"
Highlight: "Beautiful"

Liner: Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-glide eyeliner "Black"
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H

And this has nothing to do with makeup but recently I did a 5k to help raise awareness for colon cancer.  I really want people to know that it can happen to young people too (though that wasn't really addressed, they said, "If you love someone over 50, make sure they get screened").  So I have some pictures that my family, who are completely amazing and drove down from New York to do this with me, took so I thought I'd share them with you!

It was called the Undy 5000 where they encourage people to run in their undies to help raise awareness but I'm not really an undies-showing kinda chick so that was a negative for me haha.  I wore leggings under the boxers they gave me haha.

This is the photo of my whole team.  My team came in 2nd place for fundraising, we made $2,248!  The first place team had 66 members so it doesn't surprise me that they won, we only had 9 members signed up to fundraise so I say we kicked butt!

The shirts my family had made up

My adorable niece's shirt

Me, my sister (to the left), and my cousin

Most of the rest of my team

Me at the one mile marker!

Crossing the finish line arm-in-arm!

Me and my hubby!

With the other 19 survivors, I got really emotional and had a hard time not crying.  Who looks out of place haha?  They kept looking at me like wondering why I was standing up there, I think they thought I was just confused haha.

Me and my dad with my "survivor" medal.

It was really fun.  I didn't realize I'd have a good time walking 3.1 miles just to do it but I really had a good time.  And we raised so much money, I'm so proud!  My time wasn't very good but I finished in under an hour so I guess that's not terrible haha.  Good thing I wasn't in it for the race, I was just in it for the experience and to raise some awareness that this happens to young people too!  It is easier to prevent if you're older and get screened regularly but if you're young and something isn't right, get checked out!!  

So that's my lengthy post for the day haha.  I hope you guys are having a great week!  Thank you, as always, for sticking with me through this whole thing.  I promise it'll get better once I'm done with treatments and cancer-free!  Here I am getting treatment number 8!  Four more to go and I'm done (fingers crossed) forever!!

Thanks guys!!!