Friday, May 24, 2013

Summery neutrals with some sparkle!

I really wanted to use Makeup Geek's "New Year's Eve" pigment in a look.  I was trying to figure out how and I thought it would look really great in the center of your lid.  So I went with that feeling and did this look with that as my inspiration.

I recently reviewed the Makeup Geek pigments but if you missed it, here's what New Year's Eve looks like:

The left is a dry swatch and the right is a wet swatch
It's a beautiful light gold glittery color.

And here is the look I came up with!  I tried to create depth within my bone structure.

I really need to take glitter photography lessons.  This was the best I could get it to show up on camera and in person, I have glitter everywhere haha.

And here's a "paint by number" type diagram to show you color placement:

Color codes
(all colors by Makeup Geek)
1- "New Year's Eve" pigment
2- "Glamorous" shadow
3- "Frappe" shadow
4- "Brown Sugar" shadow
5- "Cocoa Bear" shadow
6- "Beaches and Cream" shadow

I used Milani Liquid Eye Eyeliner in "Black", which I set with Makeup Geek shadow in "Corrupt."  My mascara is Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara in "Extreme Black."  On my lips, I have a new (well, new to me) lipstick.  It's Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in 101.  It's a super pretty natural pink color.  I topped that with MAC "Right Image" Cremesheen Glass.

I hope you like this look!  It's so easy to wear and the golds and bronze colors are great for summer (plus, if you have blue eyes, it really makes them stand out!!)!  I hope you all are having a great week and I hope you do something fun this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easy smokey charcoal eyes!

If you read my review of the new Makeup Geek pigments the other day, you would have read that I couldn't wait to try out "Paparazzi" over a black base.  So I got on that haha.  This is how it looks!

I like this one because you can see the sparkle!

I kept this look simple by using a white liner (NYX JEP in "milk") on my waterline instead of lining all the way around my eyes with black like I would usually do.  I find this to be slightly less intimidating when trying smokey eyes.

What I used:
Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Black Bean"
Makeup Geek pigment "Paparazzi" all over lid and a little on my lower lashline
MUG "Graphite" shadow to soften the line of color
MUG "Stealth" shadow to blend up to highlight color
MUG "Bling" as highlight color
MUG "Immortal" gel liner
MUG "Corrupt" shadow to set liner and add a bit of depth to my outer v area

Just an easy way to wear some smokey eyes!  I hope you all like it!  What's your favorite way to wear smokey eyes?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Makeup Geek pigments! Swatches and review!

Recently I received a message from a Makeup Geek employee asking me if I wanted to try out their new pigments.  This was a no-brainer.  I stinkin love pigments.  They make me very, very happy.  So of course I jumped at the opportunity to try them out!  And since they are brand new, I figured it would be a good time to show them to you and tell you what I think about them!

So onto pictures!

Here's the packaging:

It's the normal, cute Makeup Geek packaging, just in blue.

And here are the pigments!
These do not come with a sifter.  So be prepared for that because you can make quite a mess!  And just a note, some pictures were taken with flash, some without, some with both.  I wanted you to see as clearly as possible what they look like in person.  All swatches were done with no base.  The left swatch is dry, the right swatch is applied wet, just using water.

Makeup Geek site's bottom line: "Soft shimmery champagne"
What I think:  I think the MUG's bottom line description is a fair one.  Definitely one of my favorites.  It's got a gorgeous shimmery glow to it!

"Birthday Wish"
Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Shimmery light gold peach"
What I think:  Definitely another favorite!  I couldn't wait to use this one!  I'd call it more of an orangey-peach than a gold peach though.

Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Light plum shimmer"
What I think:  To me, this color comes off a bit more neutral than it appears on the MUG site.  Still a beautiful color, though.  I was impressed with how well this one applied dry.

Makeup Geek's bottom line: "A dark chocolate brown duochrome with blue/teal reflects"
What I think: Pretty color.  I expected a lot from this seeing as how I have another very similar color from Glamour Doll Eyes called "Dino Spotz."  This is a beautiful teal color when applied wet, very disappointing dry.

"Liquid Gold"
Makeup Geek's bottom line: "True Metallic Gold"
What I think:  It's not a pure gold, it's got a little olive in there.  Definitely one of the best performers dry.  A very interesting, unique color.  Just beautiful.

"New Year's Eve"
Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Light Gold Reflective Glitter"
What I think:  Super pretty.  Definitely more of a glitter than a pigment, but not a glitter that you need a glitter glue for.  Would be perfect for a sticky base like Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper.  It's a great way to dress up everyday makeup.  The worst one when applied wet, it got very streaky and milky.

Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Glittery Smokey Grey"
What I think:  MUG's bottom line is a very fair description.  It's a charcoal grey with glitter.  It's super pretty!  I can't wait to try it over a black base!

"Prince Charming"
Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Metallic Cool Silver"
What I think:  A true silver.  Gorgeous, gorgeous color.  I did notice, though, the more I rubbed the color onto my skin, the more apparent the black base of the color became, you can see it in the dry swatch.  Not a big deal, just something to be aware of.  If you don't want that to come out, be sure not to rub too much.

This color is a good example of why I show some with flash and some without, so you get a good idea of what it actually looks like! 

"Sweet Dreams"
Makeup Geek's bottom line: "Light flesh toned beige pink with slight shimmer"
What I think:  This is the least shimmery pigment of the bunch.  This is perfect for everyday wear, as it's a beautiful, soft color.  You can wear this anywhere and not look overdone.  When applied wet, it really brings out the gold in the color.

Makeup Geek's bottom line: "A mixture of deep brown and antique gold shimmer duochrome glitter"
What I think:  This color is to die for!!!  Love love love.  In the jar, it's very chunky looking, the more you pat it on, the more it breaks down into a more fine glitter.  You need a sticky base for this, or to apply it wet. You will get fallout but it is so worth it.  

Makeup Geek pigments retail for $6.99 for 1.4g of product.  In comparison, MAC pigments retail for $21 for 4.5g of product, Sugarpill loose shadows are $12 for 4.5g of product, and since I mentioned them, Glamour Doll Eyes shadows retail for $6 for 2-2.5g of product.  This chart is from the Makeup Geek site to show you how they compare:
However, I don't think this is a totally fair comparison as the bottom of the MUG pigments say they contain 1.4g of product and they did this math saying they contain 2g of product.  You can check out their swatches and descriptions here.

Overall I think they're really great.  I mean, it's not hard to sell me on pigments or loose shadows anyway as I just love them, I think they're so versatile!  I actually like that they only have 1.4g of product in the jars because it will take me many lifetimes to use up the three MAC pigments I own haha.  I will honestly have them the rest of my life and that seems almost wasteful to me.

I did a couple of looks using these pigments (I've done more than what I've photographed, I just don't always remember!).  So here they are:
For this I used "Birthday Wish" applied wet on lid.  I blended it up slightly with some dry "Birthday Wish."  I used a little bit of MUG's "Cocoa Bear" shadow in the crease and I used "Afterglow" pigment as my highlight color as well as on my cheekbones.

For this I used "Utopia" over Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper primer (because it's such a good, sticky base).  I blended that up using MUG shadows in "Pretentious" and "Hipster" with "Bling" as my highlight color.  I wish this picture showed how sparkly and amazing Utopia actually is.

If I had to pick my very favorites that I say you must own they would be Utopia, Birthday Wish, Afterglow, Paparazzi, and New Year's Eve.  The only one that I felt kind of let down by was Insomnia and that's just because it didn't apply as nicely dry as I was expecting it to.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there!  Are you planning on getting any Makeup Geek pigments?  If so, which ones?