Friday, April 22, 2011

How I curl my hair haha

Have you ever tried to take pictures of yourself while curling your hair?  It's not so easy haha.  But I did it today to try to show you how I do my hair.  Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to the way I do my hair, I just grab chunks and curl haha.

So here I am with straight hair:

The curling iron I use is a 1 1/4" "Hai Elite Digital Curling Iron."  Here's a link to it on Amazon (  Honestly, I didn't even know it cost that much.  I have a friend who works at the Goldwell store and she bought it for me using her discount and I paid her back for it.  The thing with this curling iron is that it gets hot all the way to the tip of the iron so if you have to hold on to the end of the curling iron to curl your hair, I don't recommend it for you.  I heat it to 200 degrees (just because I really don't know how high I'm supposed to haha).
Then I use L'oreal Elnett Satin hairspray and mist it all over my hair
Then I grab a chunk of hair (I start in the front, do one whole side, then do the other side, then touch up anything in the back).  I pinch a piece of hair and then twist it away from my face, holding the curling iron vertically.  Here are a few pictures I managed to get without starting my hair on fire haha
the back is a little harder so I usually hold the curling iron sideways for that
And for the underneath pieces, I part my hair and pull it all over each shoulder and grab a chunk from underneath and curl it the same way I curl the rest of my hair
Once I have all of my hair curled, I rake my fingers through it and kind of twist some pieces together to make it loose and kind of messy.  
And here I am, hair all curled

And here's my makeup for today:
I used Inglot shadows (of course):
351 (matte light color)
372 (matte robin's egg blue)
363 (matte medium brown)
395 (pearl highlight)

So I hope my attempt to explain how I do my hair made sense.  If not, feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer them!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to check this out!!


  1. I curl my hair the same way!

    What foundation do you use?

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  3. Gorgeous hair and makeup!! Does the Elnett hairspray work pretty good? I've been hearing some pretty good reviews on it.

  4. great tutorial! I really love it..I have issues curling my hair cuz it is so straight and I need a really hot curling iron. I may have to give this one a try. ur LOTD is so amazing, I just organized all my new inglot shadows, now they r ready to be swatched..i can't

  5. Nice tutorial and great makeup yet again, those Inglot shadows are beautiful.

  6. @She likes to pretend: I use Revlon Colorstay

    @Ashley: It's ok. I don't love it. It's good for me to curl my hair with because it keeps my hair feeling soft and the curls stay ok. But sometimes I get stupid flyaways and I spray hairspray on my hand and run it over the flyaways to hold them down and the Elnett does not keep them down.

    @Jess: it's a nice curling iron, I like it.

    Thanks guys!

  7. Ya I get flyaways too, they're so annoying! And I can't find a good hairspray to keep them "tame" lol

  8. Finally, a hair tutorial!!! ;) I love how your hair turns out! Thanks for taking the time to do this. And your makeup...loves it! That 372 has to be the prettiest color ever.

  9. yay thanks for the tutorial hun! Can i please just say that i hope your using a heat protectant too because we don't want that beautiful hair to get damaged!!
    Super pretty makeup as well!!

  10. Ur hair looks so pretty!! i MISS my blonde hair when I look at your pix!! LOL love the eye makeup!

  11. @AshleyRenee: I do have one (it's from Goldwell) that does a good job holding them down but I don't like it in the rest of my hair (haha unless I want to look like Goldilocks) because it holds... very well haha

    @Dani: You're welcome! I hope it helps a little haha. And 372 is the most perfect color ever. I stinkin would marry it if I could haha.

    @Ashii: Umm... well... sometimes I remember haha. I'm definitely not as nice to my hair as I should be. I'll try to remember more!

    @LisaMarie: aw, if it helps at all, you do looks amazing with dark hair!

  12. I was searching for the words "grab, twist, pull" as I started a Krav Maga self-defense for women course with a friend only yesterday, and these movements described one of the techniques that we will be learning later today.

    This site came very high up in the search rankings because these three words are in it.

    I've just finished laughing as these are things which you do to your beautiful hair to curl it that way, whereas these same actions "grab, twist and pull" are one of the best things what a woman can do to a mans ... um... testicles ... to very abruptly make him stop attacking you LOL !!!

    I thought I'd leave a comment as your hair is so amazing. I'm going to learn BOTH grab, twist and pull techniques now :)