Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick BRIGHT blue eyes!

Hey guys!  I just have a really quick look for you today.  I do this look when I want a fun look without a lot of work.  It's so easy to do and every time I wear this look, my hubby tells me how pretty my eyes look (an even better reason to do it!).  I apologize for the lack of good pictures but my awesome new hat (ahem. Target clearance rack. $6) made it difficult haha.

On my eyes, I'm wearing:
~Ben Nye pigment "Cosmic Blue"
~NYX eyeshadow "Black" (outer v)
~MAC "Blanc Type" (for blending)
~Kat Von D "Peanut" (highlight)
~Bobbi Brown gel liner "Black Ink"
~L'oreal Extreme Volume Collagen Mascara "Blackest Black" 

And on my lips: 
~MAC "Myth"
~MAC "Viva Glam Gaga"
~NYX Megashine Lipgloss "Pink Frost"
haha have I mentioned I have the hardest time wearing only one lip product at a time?

I took this picture quite a bit later in the day and all of my lip stuff had come off but you can see both of my eyes pretty well.  I brought the blue up high enough that it would kinda peek around my eyes when they were open. 

And that is my quick, big impact look.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!  We went to this crazy backwoods flea market and I felt like I was in the movie "Wrong Turn" haha.  My father-in-law went with us and he was looking around and said, "if I hear a banjo, I'm outta here" haha (a little nod to "Deliverance" there)!!  I apologize for rambling haha I'm kinda good at it!  I hope you have a great week this week!  Bye now!    


  1. Beautiful as always! I do have a question though, what would you say is a good dupe for Peanut? I'm loving it but I'm not sure I'd want the whole palette.

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the bright blue. That hat is so cute! I love hats!

  3. You look really cute in hats! I gave you an award on my blog! You should check it out!

  4. Gorgeous! I luv u in blues and u look great in hats :D

  5. Very pretty- and I agree, this blue really suits you!

  6. Thanks so much guys! I love hats too, I need to get some more!
    @Brittany: I have no idea a good dupe for peanut but I would like to know too! That's definitely the color I use the most out of that palette and it's kind of a pain to have to get the whole palette out for one color. So as soon as I find one, I'll let you know. It's the most perfect neutral highlight color (not white, not gold, it's almost like a super light taupe color). I love it.