Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springy purple eyes

Hey guys!  I had the hardest time deciding what kind of makeup I wanted to do today so I decided to do something kinda springy.  I realized that I had two beautiful matte purpley/blue colors from Inglot that I haven't really used yet so today I fixed that problem haha.  Here's what I did:
I wish this didn't photograph so blue
this picture shows the colors a little more true to how they look in real life.  In person, this definitely looked purple
And since I wanted it to be a springy look I really wanted to use a soft, frosty pink for the highlight color.  The problem with that is that I hate pink frosty eyeshadows so I don't own any haha.  The closest thing I have is a matte pink color with sparkles in it from my Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles palette.  Here are the colors I used:
top to bottom: Inglot 379 matte, Inglot 388 matte, and Kat Von D "heartkiller"
388 is a very blue purple, it really can go either way and I think you can see a bit more purple when my flash is off so here are the swatches with no flash:
So that's the look I did today.  And I also got something in the mail today!  This is what Inglot sent me to apologize for my experience at their Times Square store:
What they sent: 4 samples of their face primer, a lipgloss, 2 pigments, a blush, a bag, and a note
The note says, 
"Dear Sonja,
Please enjoy these products! We hope that your next visit to our store is positive!
Here's a closer look at what they sent:
I really like this color, surprisingly.  I wish I had MAC "Golden Olive" pigment to compare it to!  Because I would definitely describe this as a golden olive color
Inglot pigment 43 is sooooo a dupe for Ben Nye pigment in Chartreuse that I wiped everything off and had to swatch them side by side
they're not exact but they're definitely close enough for me to call them a dupe
And here's the lipgloss
I checked the website and these lipglosses are $10.  I would not pay $10 for this lipgloss.  Actually, I just would not buy this one at all.  I'm not in to glittery lipgloss anyway but you can see on my upper lip where the glitter kinda looks like dirt.  On the plus side is that it's not sticky at all, so I guess that's good.

On to the blush:
haha sorry I have wrinkly hands, I don't know why they're like that
blush swatches are always weird
I do like this blush, I actually have it on in my look at the top of this post.  It warmed my face up nicely but I tend to like my blush a little more peachy or pink so I had to add a bit of pink on top.  But I did like this.

And the bag:
I didn't really take a lot of pictures of this because it's hard to get good pictures but I think this is a really cool bag.  It'll be perfect for once I get my freelancing started.  I don't know how well this will stand, I'm pretty sure I'll have to lay it on its' side when it's full but that's ok with me.  It's got a little zippered compartment which I'm guessing is for business cards.   

So that's what they sent me.  I really do appreciate them trying to make sure their customers are satisfied.  I still don't know if I would go back to the store though...

And that's all I have for today.  Haha I definitely needed a more tame look than I did yesterday.  I love bright colors but I can't go that bright every day or I start to feel like a character instead of myself, you know what I mean?  Thank you guys so much for checking this out!!  Any input is always more than welcome!  I want to make this enjoyable for you to read!!  


  1. Beauitful! I do have Golden Olive, and to me they are not that similar. That color is gorgeous in its own right.

  2. wow that look is soo pretty! very springy indeed. & yay for your free stuff, at least they tried to make it up to you!

  3. Oh I love this....super pretty!!! I love the color of those purples...gorgeous! Springy for sure. I need those purples!! haha. That's really great that you got your free goodies!! I think both of those pigments are beautiful. I especially love #43. I can't wait to see you use this!!

  4. Very gorgeous look and those pigments are awesome- beautifuL!

  5. Love your purple look.
    The pigments look great, i've yet to check them out yet :p

  6. @C.A.: thank you! That's good to know! This 68 really is beautiful!
    @Ashii: yeah, I wasn't really expecting to get anything for free but I have to admit that it was nice
    @Dani: you'd love those purples!
    @Amalia: do you have any of their pigments?
    @Mandy: I'm pleased with them so far!
    @Charlotte: thank you so much!

  7. Beautiful look!! Not colours I tend to go for but you've definitely inspired me. They look gorgeous on you. Your so talented!! :D

  8. Of course, the look is beautiful. :o)

    They really sent you a very nice gift for their rude employees. I was surprised that they sent you a nice array of products.

    Ever since you have been posting your Inglot looks, I have been having a personal struggle with whether or not I should buy them. I love your logic about pricing and amount of product per eyeshadow. I just don't have the extra funds right now... BUT I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO HAVE SOME OF THESE EYESHADOWS! Maybe I can get away with getting a 10 palette... but how do I decide which 10 I want? I really want the 20 palette... you are such a bad influence. LOL!