Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weird blue/orangey look haha

I wanted to do something with blue and orange together.  Unfortunately it didn't pan out as I was hoping it would haha.  So this is the look I came up with.  I'm definitely not a fan of it but it's not bad enough for me to wash off right away.
Honestly, I used so many colors that I don't even know what I used haha.  Do you ever do that?  Just start dabbing in every eyeshadow you own?  Because I do that a lot.  

And I felt bad yesterday because I was busy and didn't get a chance to look at anyone else's blogs of anything.  I was painting my bathroom green.  We bought a new construction house almost a year ago and to save some money, we did "sweat equity" which was sooo much work!  We had to paint the whole inside of the house: walls, trim, doors, everything.  We had to putty all of the nail holes and caulk every crack in the house.  Then we had to do the landscaping.  But it saved us about $4000 so we really can't complain.  Anyways, back to the point.  When we painted, we rented a sprayer and just sprayed the walls and  the ceilings "Antique White" which is a great color... until you paint the walls another color.  Then the antique white ceilings don't work out so well.  So I had to not just paint the walls green, but also paint the ceiling white.  My arms, shoulders, and neck are sooo sore today haha.  But here's what my bathroom looks like!
when you paint the walls, the white trim really pops
can someone explain to me the necessity of a double vanity?  We had the option to get one but opted not to get it because if we had two sinks, where would I put my makeup kit???
So that's what I did yesterday!  Now I just need to buy new towels, a new shower curtain, a new toothpaste holder, a new valance for the window.... haha.

Anyways, I'm closing my giveaway tonight at 11:00 p.m. (my time, which is eastern time) so don't forget to enter!!!
Good luck everyone and I'll try to post the winner tomorrow!!!


  1. Your bathroom looks really good!! I really like the color. I have double sinks in my bathroom...but my makeup isn't in there, so it's okay lol. I think your makeup still looks great, even though you weren't thrilled about it...and I also like that you shared it with us anyway!!! I mean, we all have our days...ya know? lol. There are some days when my boyfriend will ask what colors I used for my eye makeup...and I'll list off a ton haha. I'll think I want to use certain colors and then when I do, I don't like them so I add more and then so Have fun shopping for your new bathroom stuff!! =)

  2. oooh I love when people invite me in lol!! I really like the colour you guys chose! yeah, only when I joined MUG I had to pay attention to what I used... before I only could tell you what brand, not what actual shade lol!

  3. I think your makeup turned out great! really beautiful! I love the color you chose for your bathroom, i actually had the same color in my bedroom at one amazing how much life color adds to anything!

  4. The bathroom look great! I like ur eyes and I luv the ur blush and lip color..what is it?

  5. love the colour of you bathroom! and your eye makeup is gorgeous! the combination is unusual but really gorgeous tho. It all matches so well :D

  6. I actually really like the way the makeup turned out... it could never look BAD!

  7. @Meme: I'm glad you like it, I'm still not really diggin it but oh well! But color really does make my house have personality, I love color so I'm glad to finally add some to the walls!
    @Jess: the blush is NYX peach and I'm pretty sure the lip color is MAC's "Myth" with Revlon Colorburst lipgloss "Papaya" on top... I think haha
    @Miss Mary: ummm... I've done plenty of bad makeup haha and this one definitely goes on the list of almost bad haha

    Thank you ladies so much!!!