Saturday, April 2, 2011

Makeup Myth Debunked: Yes, small eyed girls can wear black eyeliner all around their eyes!

So, if you have small eyes like I do, I'm sure you've heard a million times "don't put eyeliner all around your eyes, it'll make them look smaller..." blah blah blah.  Well I'm here to show you that you can wear eyeliner all around your eyes while still making them look bigger because it is my belief that it is not the liner that makes the difference, it's the placement of your eyeshadows.  I am living proof of this.

I have very small eyes as you can see here, in a picture of me with no eye makeup on at all:
Now, when I line my eyes all the way around with black liner, you can see that it does indeed close my eyes off even more
Now, all I'm going to do is place a medium toned brown eyeshadow above my crease (almost from the outer corner of my eye to the inner corner of my eyebrow) and wing my liner slightly... see what it does
Now I added liner under my eye and added a highlight color, some colors on my lid, and blended them all together
And for the final look, I took some dark brown shadow and blended it farther down under my bottom lashes (this is kinda like when you line outside of your lipline to make your lips look bigger.  The farther down you bring the shadow on the bottom (without going overboard), the bigger your eyes will look).  And then I finished my face makeup and added lipcolor (Revlon Colorburst lipgloss "Papaya").  And voila, bigger eyes!
Now, so you don't have to remember and can see side by side, this is what I look like with no eye makeup and what I look like with all of my eye makeup applied:
Thank God for makeup haha.

Now back to my original point, my eyes are totally lined with black liner, which is supposed to (and does) make them look smaller, but if you add shadows and use them to your advantage, even with your eyes lined all the way around, your eyes can still look bigger!


  1. This is a great post! I have small eyes as well, and can make it work with my eyes lined all of the way.

  2. AMAZING post! I have large eyes..BUT your explantation was great and I can so see a differance and ur makeup looks so good

  3. Aaaahhh!! I love this!!! It is so true! I have small eyes also. I totally agree with you. The other day, I was at work and my friend said that my eyes looked smaller. haha. Well, I was running late and didn't wing my eyeliner enough, nor do my usual shadow. Great post!!

  4. I loved reading this post..Amazing!!

  5. Thank you guys!
    @Makeupbydanisaddiction: That is so funny! Gee, thanks friend, who doesn't want to hear how small their eyes look haha!

  6. You don't have big eyes but you don't have small eyes either and that's why it works for you. Your eye size is average and not small at all.
    I have small eyes and this technique never worked on me.