Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Handwriting Tag

My friend Amalia ( Dear Makeup Diary )tagged me in a "Handwriting Tag."  I kinda liked this one but I really don't have good handwriting haha so I apologize for that ahead of time!

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3.Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song.
6. Favorite band/singer.
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers.

And I pass this on to:

Can't wait to see what you guys have to say!!


  1. i think you have very nice handwriting!

  2. ooh thanks! i have horrible handwriting but im going to do this anyway lol

  3. Aww, thanks so much!! I have terrible handwriting too haha...

  4. omg thanks for the TAG!! I will try to do it this week with my other TAG too!! I ahve been working alot and I gotta catch up on my post!