Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inglot NYC update!

I talked to Amalia (Dear Makeup Diary) about my Inglot Times Square experience and she said that when she had a similar experience at a Sephora, she found them on Facebook and posted on their wall.  So I did that with Inglot.  I found two pages: Inglot Times Square and Inglot Cosmetics USA and posted about my experience on their walls.  Actually, by doing that, I had a few more people tell me that they had the same kind of experience at that store.  This morning Inglot replied to me on both pages.  They gave me an e-mail address ( and asked me to send them what happened.  So here's the e-mail I wrote to them:

"To Whom it may Concern,
      On March 18th I visited your store in Times Square.  I drove there from North Carolina, having done my homework about what kind of products I wanted to buy but wanting to see some of your eye shadows in person, since New York City is the closest Inglot store to where I live.  I am an aspiring makeup artist and wanted at least one of your Freedom System 20 sqaure palettes to help build my kit. 
       When I arrived at the store, there were 3 sales associates working and there was one other customer in the store who was having makeup applied by one of the associates.  I walked in and one of the sales associates looked at me and walked by without saying a word to me.  I stood there in awe of the store because I am a huge makeup lover, especially of bright, pigmented colors.  I did not know where to go first or what to look at and was hoping for some guidence from the sales associate.  Upon receiving no assistance, I approached one of the sales associates and told her that I had looked online and was interested in the Freedom System 20 square palette.  She informed me that they were out of that palette.  So I asked about the 10 square palette, which she informed me they were also out of.  She did tell me that they had the 20 round palette available but I knew that there was much less product in a round palette for only $10 less, it didn't make sense for me to get it.  To which she replied, "You could just go online."  I informed her that I had driven from North Carolina and was really hoping to purchase some products in the store.  She told me I could look at the shadows and walked away. 
        I swatched shadows for at least 5 minutes without being checked in on.  And when I heard the sales associate that I had spoken to talking to another sales associate that "there's way better stuff online anyways"  I'd had it.  I left the store without buying anything.  After an 11 hour car ride to go there.  I was SEVERLY disappointed.  Perhaps if your sales associates think that it's better to go online to get your products, they should not be working with the public.  I feel that because I look young and had my husband and daughter with me, that your sales associate felt that I was a waste of her time so she couldn't be bothered helping me.  I was so looking foward to seeing your cosmetics in person and seeing what everyone was raving about.  I was so upset by my experience that I was planning on never buying any products from your company.
        However, after calming down from my experience, I did some math and decided that it would be in my best interest to buy some products from you.  I received them and I love them.  It is so disappointing that the people who are representing your brand in the form of sales associates almost made me miss out on these incredible products.  If I were not an aspiring makeup artist, I would definitely not have purchased anything from Inglot.  I am part of a makeup community online and I did inform them of my treatment in your store.  I also have a beauty blog, which I also posted my experience on.  I just think it's sad that people will miss out of your products if they're treated the way I was which, as I have been discovering, is the rule rather than the exception. 
Thank you for your time.
Sonja Darrel"

To which, a little more than an hour later, they responded:

"Hello Sonja,

First off, let me apologize for your negative experience at our store. Our staff is usually very nice and helpful but in this case their behavior was unacceptable. I would also like to add that because you came in with your husband and child it doesn't mean you are a waste of our time. This is also certainly not the case because of your youthful appearance. When we get comments such as these we take them very seriously and do everything possible to rectify it. We will be showing this e-mail to everyone here, so that they are aware that treatment such as this is inappropriate. I also would like to apologize for the tone in which you were spoken to. I don't understand why our employees would say that we have better things online  when we sell the same things in store. We will definitely be having a talk with everyone here to ensure this doesn't continue happening. I would like to send you some products for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please e-mail me back with your address.

Thank you again for your honest opinion on your experience.

Have a wonderful day,

I did send them an e-mail from their site right after I got back from NYC and never heard anything.  I thought about calling but decided just to let it go.  I am glad that they apologized.  And like I said, I had NO problems when I ordered from their website.  So hopefully they'll make it so the Times Square store is a pleasant place to visit.  I just wanted to share with you that they did respond to me.  And if anyone else goes to the NYC store and has a problem, definitely send them an e-mail to that e-mail address.  I was very impressed with how quickly they responded to my e-mail.   


  1. I still think you should simply forward your reply msg (the one with your address), and say, "Just following up. Thanks."

    In the end, you're a better woman than I am!!!

  2. that is awesome and I am really proud of you!!

  3. That is great! I can't believe they actually replied back! So many companies just ignore any complaints they get.

  4. I'm soo glad that you spoke up!!!! Your email was perfect. I hope that they actually listen to your experience and do something to change it. Congrats on your free goodies that they are sending you! ;)

  5. well done! i never thought about their facebook page. I'm glad the person who responded to your email is a responsible person!!

  6. Thanks guys! I'm glad they responded to my facebook post otherwise I would have just left it alone. I'm very impressed with the way they handled it. Elba, the lady I've been back and forth with, has been nothing but nice to me.