Monday, April 18, 2011

Rio inspired look!

Yet another look suggested by one of my followers.  This time it is a look inspired by the movie Rio, thank you Rachel for you suggestion!  I haven't see the movie yet but I've seen the commercial like a hundred million times (thank you Nickelodeon for getting "Take her take her to the flo.  Show her show her how you roll.  Drop it drop it drop it low" stuck in my head for like 2 weeks now, right Toshia???).  So I had to google some pictures and came across this one of Jewel (from what I could figure out, that's her name... if it's not please feel free to correct me).
I love her feather colors and the reason I picked her over "Blu" is because of the pink flower in her hair.  So here's what I came up with (I apologize for my hair, I don't like to blowdry it a few days before I dye it:
I didn't want you to be able to see the pink with my eyes open, I wanted it to be a surprise haha.  And I swear it's well blended in person.
So that's my crazy bright Rio inspired look.  The colors I used are:
~Inglot shadows:
371 (matte bright blue)
70 (similar to 371 but a little more green and it has sparkles in it)
428 (pearl navy blue)
496 (kind of a matte white with sparkles in it)
352 (matte skintone color to help blend)
~88 palette 
bright pink, purple, and light pink
~Bobbi Brown gel liner "black ink" but it looked too harsh so I put Inglot 428 on top to make it blue

On my lips:
I wanted them to be matte but still bright so I used MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick and then layered on some Inglot 352 eyeshadow to pale it out and matte it down a little.

Thank you again Rachel for the suggestion!  What better excuse to wear such bright colors than to say, "I was doing a look based on Rio"? Haha.  I'll take it!


  1. So pretty!! I wish I looked that good with a bright blue color like that! I love the pop of pink you have on there too!

  2. Oh, wow! This is insanely beautiful.

  3. Wow this is beautiful! Amazing job!

  4. stunningg, love the pop of pink!

  5. I love this look! Its so pretty

  6. Haha...cute. This is beautiful! I would have never guessed I'd see pink after the first pic!! Such beautiful colors!!

  7. The pink really takes it to a new level. Very pretty!

  8. AMAZING!! simply stunning!! inglot is so amazing and with ur skills u really show it..I luv this color combo

  9. Thank you guys so much! It was definitely a "whoa" look haha. I liked doing it but wouldn't wear a look like that every day!

  10. beautiful look, i would never think those colors would look good together but they do :)

  11. Get, Get, Get, Get it, Get it, girl...Drop, drop, drop, drop it real low..Bwahahah

    Love this! Perfect colors for Jewel!

  12. Yeay!! Thanks so much for choosing the look I suggested! It looks A-MA-ZING! You are way too talented.

  13. Thank you guys!
    @Rachel: it makes me so happy when the person who suggested the look likes what I came up with! So thank you!