Saturday, April 23, 2011

Caribbean Inspired Look

I went on MUG the other day and there was a girl on there who said that she was asked to do the makeup for a photoshoot and they were doing a Caribbean theme.  Her look was really pretty and it got me thinking about what I would do if I had the same opportunity.  When I think of a Caribbean theme, I think of bright, vibrant colors, especially blues, greens, corals, and pinks.  So here's what I came up with for my idea of a Caribbean look:
It looked brighter in person.  Haha my husband's eyes got all big when he saw me and then he called me "rainbow girl" haha.  
What I used:
~Inglot eyeshadows in:
361 (matte coral color in the corner of my eyes)
403 (pearl yellow gold on lid and highlight)
372 (matte robin's egg blue)
352 (matte skin color for blending)
371 (matte bright blue under eyes)
~NYX ultra pearl manias in: 
Orange Zest (on top of coral color)
Ocean Blue (I put this over 371 and then put some more 371 on top of it because it dulled it down too much for my liking!)

On my lips:
MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick
NYX lipstick "Narcissus"
NYX megashine lipgloss "Beige"

I tried to make it look fun and vibrant and alive, all the things I think of when I think of the Caribbean.  I think if I were to do it again, I'd do almost a smokey eye technique with 371 near my lashline, blending it up into 372, blending that up in to 403 and then put bright pink or coral under my eyes.  What would you come up with if you were given the opportunity to do makeup for a Caribbean themed photo shoot?  I think you should give it a shot.  And then of course let me see it!


  1. Wow! this is very beautiful!

  2. this is just what I had in mind about the blues!!! Reminds me of the beautiful waters! Hmmm I would do coral and pink, no yellow but thats in my dreams lol.

  3. this is sooooo pretty. i tend to use those shades anyway cuz i ain't scared [lol], but those colors are so great to use. they all come together so nicely! reminds me of skittles a little :]~

  4. oh, and another thing...

    how did you get your hands on Pink Friday?! I swear, in a 100 mile radius of my house it's sold out. ordering it seems like such a chore. luckyyyy!

  5. Aaaah I love how colorful this is...and the colors fade so beautifully into each other!! Love it!

  6. wow! this is HAWT!!! I luv it!!! I will definatly give this a shot!! I am off for 5 days starting wed and I can not wait!! :D

  7. this is so gorgeous!!! Those colors are beautiful!!

  8. @Miss Mary: Haha I was totally a nerd and waited online until midnight when it went on sale and was able to get it that way. And I definitely see the skittles here. Not the red bag, but one of the other ones.

    @Jess: great! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Hooray for days off!

    Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!