Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two looks inspired by Fergie Ferg

I became a member on a website called "Beautylish" not too long ago when the MakeupGeek Forum was down.  It's a similar concept to MUG but it's not quite as active.  Well I had posted my Pam Anderson look and someone commented that I look like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.  That was something I'd never heard before (and don't really see, I wish though!) but while I was looking at pictures of her, I figured I'd do some makeup inspired by her.

In a lot of pictures, her makeup is pretty simple.  It looks like she wears a cream shadow, black liner, and false lashes.  So my first look was inspired by that.
This video is her "Glamorous" video and if you check her makeup out around the 42 second mark, that's kinda what I was going for.

I obviously went lighter on the liner and didn't do false lashes, but I wasn't trying to replicate it.  I used Revlon Illuminanace Cream Shadow as a base (over TFSI) and topped that with NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in "Mocha" and used Inglot 395 P for the highlight.  I do not recommend these Revlon Cream shadows at all.  They crease like nobody's business.  I don't have a problem with anything else creasing on me but this creased in like 20 seconds.  

And this is the second look I was inspired by. 

I thought the shape was interesting.  So here's what I did

Sorry for the terrible pictures.  I almost never remember to take pictures on the weekend when my husband is home but I did remember last minute and took these really quickly in the kitchen haha.  I look like a meanie here.  And again for this look, I wasn't trying to recreate her look, my look was just inspired by her look.  Haha and then once I was all done with my makeup, my daughter came inside with the mail holding my newest Allure magazine.  I'll bet you could never guess who's on the cover... yup, Fergie.  I thought that was funny.

Oh yeah, for this look I used.... umm... NYX "Black" eyeshadow, NYX ultra pearl mania in "Black", Inglot 376 (a grey color), and MAC "Blanc Type" on my highlight area.  I thought it was a fun look, I'd probably wear it again.  

I'm sorry I've been slacking on my posting, I'll try to be better.  I hope you all had a great Father's day and an amazing weekend!  Thank you all so much!!!


  1. I guess I can see where she was going with the Fergie thing but I see more Ali Larter than Fergie. It's the eyes.

    Anyways, as far as the makeup goes, that's an amazing black matte smokey eye. You should definitely wear it again. And I wouldn't say you look mean, you just look ferosh. Work it. It's a technique I've yet to master so I have the utmost respect for people who can do it well and pull it off.

    Meredith Jessica

  2. the 2nd is my favorite, you don't look mean, you look fierce. i'm on beautylish too, it really didn't take off like they thought it would. the makeup looks are kind of a bonus, i feel beautylish is more... reviews? anyway, love the makeup as always!

  3. Both of the looks are gorgeous but I'm totally diggin' the second one! You look fierce! Get it girl! Hahaha!

  4. ooooh 2nd one I love it a lot!! totally bad a$$ and gorgeous!

  5. Both are totally gorgeous! I can kinda see the similarities between Fergie's & your face but you are way more beautifuler!! Oh I agree with the first poster about Ali Larter as well!
    That 2nd look is amazingg , badass indeed :D

  6. I really like both looks but the first one is my favorite. You have so much talent. :)

  7. AWESOME as always!! I like both but LOVE the 2nd one!! You don't look mean, just HOT!!! Love the look!! I love when you do inspired looks...

  8. Two great looks, hard to pick a favourite.

  9. Love both looks! I gave you a blogger award, check it out!

  10. The 2nd one is so pretty and it compliments you very well. You are so gorgeous too btw, way prettier than Fergie will ever be!

    I gave you a blogger award!

  11. Hey I tagged you in this post:

    I hope you do it, but I totally understand if you don't