Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Allure Beauty Box has arrived!!

I ordered the Allure Beauty Box a few weeks ago and never received a tracking number and couldn't figure out when it was supposed to be shipped so when my doorbell rang, I looked at my husband and said, "oh boy, what did you order?" half expecting it to be another lizard (yes, they get shipped in the mail/UPS/ Fed Ex haha).  But much to my surprise it was my beauty box!!

Of course I had to rip the box open and look at everything.  So here's all the stuff that came in it (for $52-ish including shipping I might add).

And here's the makeup stuff

This box came with a lot of hair and skin stuff, which I think is cool because I don't really buy too much skin and hair stuff because I'd rather splurge on makeup.  I think that this box is more than justified for the price.  I mean, it's as if I bought Benefit Porefessional, Buxom lipgloss, and NYX soft matte lip cream and everything else came for free.  And if you were in a store and saw "Buy these 3 things and get all of this other stuff free" wouldn't you?  

And I have only one thing in the box that I don't forsee myself using and that would be Garnier Fructis hair gel.  I don't use hair gel and neither does the hubby so I might give that to my cousin or something. 

So obviously I had to rush into the bathroom and use as much stuff at once as I could haha.  I used that Clean and Clear vibrating face cleanser thing, the Suki eye cream, the Benefit Porefessional, the eyeshadow trio, the Buxom lipgloss (Debbie) and here's what I came up with!
I don't know why, but I've definitely been on a "more natural" makeup kick. 

I kinda felt like this could be a bridal look (obviously for a bride who's not scared of a little color, but the color is not overwhelming)
Here's the eyeshadow trio from Colorscience which retails for $35 (I cannot find a name of the colors on it anywhere)

And swatches with no base
I think the highlight color and the pink are good but the purple (which I thought was going to be a navy color) is not so much.  The texture really isn't nice and the pigmentation is lacking... a lot.  I built it up over NYX "Milk" JEP but it didn't want to.  I mean, these do not meet my pigmentation expectations but I can definitely see someone a little older (like my mom) really liking this palette.  The colors blended really well but I would not pay $35 for this.  At all.  

The Buxom lipgloss is pretty nice.  It made my lips feel cold.  The color is very sheer but it definitely adds a touch of color.  The lipgloss does not make my lips stick together but it's definitely a heavier lipgloss than I usually use and hair totally gets stuck in it!  It's really nice though and it adds great shine.

First day trial of the Benefit Porefessional I liked it.  It felt light and I didn't get shiny at all.  It says you can put it on under and over makeup (it's kind of tinted, it's not clear, it's like a skin-ish color) so I put it on as a primer and then dotted a little bit on top of my makeup on area on either side of my nose where my pores are the biggest.  I think it made a little bit of a difference, not a crazy difference but we can't really expect miracles, can we?  I'll definitely have to wear it some more to see how I like it though.

I can't wait to try some of the hair stuff.  I told my husband my hair and face are going to be on product overload because I get so impatient and excited, I can't use just one product, I have to use them all haha (well, at first.  I'm sure as the newness wears off, I'll calm down a bit and use one at a time to see if I really like a single product).  

And now I'm done buying stuff for a while (I mean, except the everyday stuff that I might run out of).  I went a little nuts but now I'm done haha and I'm a little sad because Inglot has like 70 new matte shades and a new 40 pan palette out (thanks Liz for letting me know though, I'll definitely be saving up for that!).  But that's it.  I'll probably be reviewing some of this stuff as I use it.  But overall, I'm super happy that I got this beauty box!  I hope you have an amazing day!!  See ya later!


  1. im sooo sad this sold out before I bought it!! enjoy everything :)and i love the shadows!

  2. Ohh I'm super jealous lol...I should've purchased this! :( Looks like you got a lot of great goodies! What color is the NYX matte lip cream? Buxom lipgloss used to be my crack bahahaha. I really love your turned out super gorgeous! And I laughed when you said you thought maybe your hubby ordered a brother used to get reptiles in the mail frequently lol.

  3. What an awesome box! I LOVE Buxom lipglosses!! I love the cooling feeling they give. I love the look you came up with too!

  4. Sooooo jealous that I missed out on this!!! Even though you don't like the palette the look turned out to be really pretty!!!!

  5. Great box!!! The eyes look great, sorry they dont work out tho'! OMG 70 NEW MATTE SHADES???? Dont freak me out!

  6. First things first; holy shit that's a big haul! I like how you put it in terms of "imagine you bought these things and got all this for free".

    But, more importantly ... THEY SEND LIZARDS IN THE MAIL????

  7. So gorgeous! The loot and your makeup. :)

  8. I got a different NYX lip cream and Colorscience palette...but everything else was the same in my box.

  9. @Kaitlynn: aw, I'm sorry! That stinks that it was sold out!
    @Dani: the matte cream is in the color "Amsterdam" it's like an orange based red, I haven't tried it or swatched it yet, I don't know... I might give it to someone. Yeah, I keep putting the gloss on because of the way it makes my lips feel. I don't think they look any bigger but they feel nice haha. Yeah, we've shipped lizards too, it's a strange thing haha.
    @AngieBee: thank you! I'm glad I got it!
    @FoxyAries: thank you! Bummer that they were sold out for you too. Next time (if I see it next time) maybe I'll buy the max 5 so that I can get some for the people who missed out. I just was disappointed with the purple, I thought it'd be more pigmented but I was pleasantly surprised by the pink.
    @Amalia: yup. Inglot has more mattes. I know, right? My friend posted it on my facebook wall and I was like, "oh no! I've been buying too much stuff now I can't get these!!" haha
    @Meredith Jessica: haha your whole comment made me laugh. Yup usually with a sticker on the box that says "Fragile. Live harmless lizard" haha. I wonder what the mail people think.
    @JC: thank you!
    @Rachel: what color lip cream did you get? How do you like your eye palette? I was pretty sure they were going to send random lip creams because it didn't mention a color at all but I didn't know about the eye palette.

  10. Hello! I'm a new follower (love your blog) and just had to comment on this post :) What a great deal for around $50! I have many of the Buxom glosses and just like you've discovered, it initially leaves your lips feeling super cool. You're right in that it's heavier so I tend to wear them by itself or with very light lipstick (dabbed on versus gliding).

    I think you'll enjoy the Aveeno lotion, too. It's interestingly my boyfriend's favorite :p

    Anyway, look forward to following your posts! Keep up the flawless natural looks <3

  11. Oh wow I am soo jealous, what a great buy!! Random- I just bought a teasing brush like that the other week :P

  12. I so wanted this! Looking forward to your reviews (especially the benefit primer)! And of course, You look GORGEOUS!