Friday, June 3, 2011

NYX haul and FUSHIA lips!

I was aware of the $1.20 sale that NYX was having but I was never able to get on their website.  I knew that the items they were selling for $1.20 were limited and I didn't have a good chance of actually getting anything at that price anyways so it didn't really make me mad that I didn't get anything.  I did, however, jump at the opportunity to get 50% off.  Whether or not what they did was a scam (which I don't think it was, it definitely could have been handled better but whatever) I still like NYX products and they're already inexpensive so for me to get and extra 50% off and free shipping (even though it did take 2 weeks to get here), I was all about it!

I figured I'd use this as an opportunity to restock things I'd run out of soon that I like and to try a few new things that I'd been eyeing.  So here's everything I got (which came to $59).
Megashine Lipgloss:
from top to bottom:
Pink Frost
Nude Pink
Baby Rose
Crystal Soda
Some eyeshadows (y'all know I had to get extra blacks and get a white because Toshia (A Cyster's Journey) and Kassie (Unique-Desire) so strongly recommended it)
2 "Black", "Taupe", "White"
Blush and Jumbo Eye Pencils
I got 2 "Taupe" blushes because I ran out of the first one I had so quickly (it's a great, natural contour shade as it's slightly grey so it looks shadow-ish), "Peach" blush, and 2 "Milk" JEP's and a "Black Bean"
Liquid Liner
"Extreme black" and "Extreme blue"  I can't wait to use the blue one!
And then I got some Smooth Matte Lip Creams thanks to all of Meme (Makeup and Meme) and Dani's (Makeup by danisaddiction) raving about them!
From left to right:
Addis Ababa, Tokyo, Istanbul, Antwerp 
I also got a small eyeshadow brush and a gold glitter liner (I already have a silver one so I wanted a gold one too).  I knew I had to use some of these today so I asked my kiddo which of my new lip colors I should use and what color does she pick??  The brightest fushia color ever!  So I used Smooth Matte Lip Cream in "Addis Ababa" today.  And this is what I did with it (it's a VERY Rihanna-ish color!)

It is so stinkin bright and you can't even tell here.  It didn't bother me but I don't think the hubby was diggin it haha.  I did get compliments on it from some ladies at a hair place today where I took my daughter to get her hair cut.  They all thought I was a hairdresser haha and wondered why I brought my daughter there to get her hair cut.  

I have to say that I really like the way the smooth matte lip cream applies (and smells), it is kind of similar to the way the old school longwear lipcolor applies, except much less liquidy and a lot more smoothly.  And it does not dry like those did at all!  It did settle into the lines in my lips after a few hours but I don't mind reapplying so it's not that big of a deal to me (and I got them for $3 each, so that's a plus!).  

Um... I think that's all for today!  I'll let you know what I think of some more of the products as I use them!  I hope you guys all have a great weekend!  Thanks so much guys!!!


  1. Great haul and amazing look! I love the bold eyes and bright pink lips.

  2. Nice haul! I really should have jumped on that 50% off plus free shipping deal but had no more patience with the whole situation. Your makeup look gorgeous as that lippie looks even more amazing on you in person!

  3. great haul! And I absolutely love love love this look! The more drama the better lol I love hot pink lips, even though my bf doesnt either. You should do a tutorial on this look :)

  4. @JC: thank you so much!
    @Meme: Yeah, I definitely understand the frustration! Thank you! It really was so bright!
    @Kattatonic: they are interesting, they're different than anything I've tried before.
    @MissBrittanyBoo: thank you! Haha yeah, my hubby just looked at me funny and I asked him if he liked my bright lips and he shrugs and says "eh" haha. Maybe I will do a tutorial!

  5. Awesome haul!!! I just love the matte lip creams and I think that I use the Antwerp the most. My bf isn't super crazy when I wear the fuschia lips either...I think mainly because he is just so used to me wearing nudes and such lol. Your makeup looks gorgeous! LOVE the Addis Ababa on you!! I really want the NYX Taupe. Every time I look at Ulta, they are out of it. I need to just order it online lol.

  6. Love your selections! I got mine in the other day but haven't taken photos yet, and don't tell but I HAD to use some of the products LOL!!! I think that look, looks awesome on you! I love the lip color on you!!! I also got 2 of the lip creams and love how smooth they feel!