Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bronze and Royal Blue

When I ordered from NYX, I saw this beautiful bright blue liquid liner and I was on a bit of a colored liner kick (which is not usually my thing) so I ordered it.  When I got it, I couldn't wait to use it.  I've used it probably 3 times now but I've forgotten to take pictures haha.  Here's what I did with it today
I did kind of a bronze smokey eye with the pop of blue on my lower lashline because I've been soooo boring with my makeup lately, I wanted something a smidge more dramatic (at least compared to what I've been doing haha).  And I decided I would do a tutorial on this look so here we go!

-First I applied my eye primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and then I applied a thin layer of my MAC fluidline in "Rich Ground" to get a nice, bronzey base (clearly it does not need to be perfect haha)
-I then applied a warm orange/gold color on my lid (Inglot 307 P)
-I went in with a brown (Urban Decay's "Twice Baked") in the outer v area but I applied it with a fluffy brush so the dark color isn't too harsh
-I applied a skintone color under my brow down to the brown to help blend
-I applied just a little more brown and blended up a bit
-I filled in my brows (since I don't like to apply my highlight color without my brows being filled in) and applied MAC "Vanilla" pigment as my highlight
-I added a bit of Urban Decay's "Baked" eyeshadow which is a beautiful copper color above the brown and blended that up into the highlight area
-Add liner to the top lashline and to the waterline.  I used Bobbi Brown gel liner in "Black Ink"
-I don't want the liner to be too severe so I applied some of my dark brown shadow on top of the liner and I added a bit more to my outer v as well.
-And now for the blue on my lower lashline.  The brush on this particular liner is very flimsy so I applied a blob of color to my hand and dipped an angled liner brush into it and applied it with that

-The liner went on a little too dark for me so I applied a light layer of a similar eyeshadow color (for me that was Inglot AMC 70) and made the line a little softer 
-Now add mascara.  I used L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black

And ta da!  You have a beautiful bronze smokey eye with a pop of royal blue!  Dramatic enough for me but not anything crazy.

I used the ELF blush/bronzer duo and NYX's "Peach" blush on my cheeks with MAC "Vanilla" pigment as my cheek highlight.  And I have MAC "Myth" lipstick under NYX Megashine Lipgloss in "Nude Pink" on my lips.

Here's some more pictures of the blue liner I used
The color is "Extreme Blue"

The brush compared to the Wet 'n Wild liquid liner brush.  The brushes are very similar: small and flimsy.

However, you can get a nice thin line with this.
I definitely like the liner.  When you get it wet, it doesn't run off, instead, it kinda flakes off in chunks.  I LOVE the color though and would definitely recommend it (I think I paid $3 for it???).  I just don't love the brush at all, it isn't stiff enough for me.  

I did almost this same look only with a black/grey smokey eye with this liner on the bottom and I really liked it.  I did wear it alone on my top lashline one day too and my husband really liked it on me.  I said to him, "It's weird.  I've been doing a lot more natural looks lately" and he said, "I like it better."  Well it stinks to be him because I'm definitely not sticking just with natural looks haha because I like my dramatic/bright looks too much to give them up!  Not that he wants me to but he prefers a more natural look.

I hope you all like this (even though I've done similar looks before)!  I want to thank you all again so much for all of your support!  I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to read this and to comment.  I'm so lucky that I have such a nice group of followers!  Thank you all sooo much!


  1. You pull this off so well! I have tried multiple times to do the neutral look on top, and wild on the bottom and can't for the life of me pull it off! I always look like a clown! Ugg, oh well!

    Guys just don't understand makeup! My bf likes more neutral looks too.

    (I have to laugh, my word verification just now was "bushy" lol!! Sorry, just had to share!!)

  2. "It stinks to be him" haha! That made me laugh.

    Very pretty look!

  3. I love this, it really inspired me. I want to give it a go tomorrow because I just don't wear coloured liner enough so it will be nice to break it out again.

  4. I LOVE this look so much!! it's so pretty!

  5. Ahaha, I was going to comment and say that's a really extreme blue color and voila, there's the name! I should go into makeup naming clearly.

    I haven't got a lot of colored liners but they are definitely on my wish list. I like this look. It's like a more avant garde way of making blue eyes pop. Dig it.

  6. Oh very gorgeous!! That e/l looks very pretty, I love it with the bronze

  7. This looks so pretty. That liner is amazing I love the color! Perfect for summer :)

  8. This is really pretty. I always forget how well blue and gold go together. This makes your eyes really stand out.

  9. Gorgeous girlie! Love how blues make your eyes look grey!

  10. Thank you guys so much!! You are the best!!! I really appreciate it soo much!

    @Meredith Jessica: you most definitely should go into the cosmetic naming business, you'd make a killing haha!

  11. Gorgeous!! I Love this look and I Love your tutorials!! Haha "Stinks to be Him" really made me laugh too :D

  12. Great eye makeup, love the colour combination.