Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rihanna Inspired Makeup

The newest challenge on the Makeup Geek site is to do a look inspired by Rihanna.  I think she's an excellent source of inspiration because she wears all different types of makeup: heavy eye makeup with a nude lip, dark lips with less on her eyes, heavy eyes and dark lips, crazy bright colors, etc.  So when I was looking to see what I wanted to do, I stumbled across this picture
and I knew that this is the look I wanted to try to recreate since I feel like liner is one of my biggest weaknesses and this look is all about the liner.  

Haha first I knew I wanted this to be kinda edgy so I attempted to do a "fauxhawk" on my hair (which, might I add is not very easy to do with bangs), here's a picture my daughter took (hence the weird angle haha)
And here's the makeup I came up with
played around with black and white and the contrast within that

same picture in color

if you look really closely in Rihanna's picture, you can see where under her eye it almost looks glossy so I added some clear lipgloss under my eye

haha, you can't see what's happening on Rihanna's eyelids so I had to extrapolate a little bit
This was definitely a challenge for me to get my lines clean (I'm a "sketchy" drawer, I almost never have a smooth line, but like a million little lines) but I think I did alright.  I primarily used Revlon Colorstay black liquid liner for this but when I opened my eyes, some of the liner like broke off so I filled it in a little with "Black" eyeshadow by NYX.  The only color I have on my lids is Inglot's DS 496 which is a white.  And I have MAC "Myth" lipstick and a little bit of lip balm on my lips.  

I hope you guys like this.  Thanks so much for checking this out and good luck to anyone else who enters the contest!!!


  1. This is amazing! I can't tell you're a sketchy drawer either. Also, I don't actually think I've ever seen/heard anyone use the word "extrapolate" before. (I'm a nerd.)

    I love it, very cool and true to the reference image.


  2. Wow girlie! You did an amazing job! You always manage to blow me away! I looooove the faux mohawk too! I really wish I could do hair but its just not my thing. hehe! You really nailed this look!

  3. Wow your hair looks good!! The makeup looks awesome you have some talent thats for sure! :)

  4. you did a terrific job :D i love this look on you, totally bad ass


  5. Came here from MUG just to compliment you on your amazing look! Definitely one of the best so far and a contender (I think) for the top prize. Will definitely be following your blog and checking out more of your looks.

    Meredith Jessica

  6. AMAZING!!!! I think you nailed the makeup and i LOVE your hair! You are sooo talented!!! Awesome job!!!

  7. What a perfect recreation of her look!! Awesome, awesome job! I love the fauxhawk! ;) Tell your daughter she is an awesome photographer! =D

  8. i love this! the liner is really really good! i don't think you have any weakness :] definitely a perfect recreation, right down to the faux hawk. great job!

  9. @JC: thank you so much! Umm... did I use "extrapolate" correctly??? Now I'm nervous I used it wrong... I sure hope it's right haha!
    @Meme: Thank you!!! Haha the hair took forever and looked kinda crazy (hair's not my thing either) but oh well. I really appreciate that!
    @Amber: thank you so much!
    @Vonnie: Thank you! I'm so glad other people liked it as much as I did!
    @Meredith Jessica: Aw, thank you! There aren't too many entries yet (but a bunch of them are really good!) but thank you sooo much! I really appreciate that!
    @FoxyAries: Thanks girl!
    @Dani: haha I'll tell her, she'll be thrilled with the compliment!
    @xMiss Maryx: Thank you so much!!

    I really appreciate all of your kind comments!!