Monday, May 30, 2011

Dramatic colored liner, simple look.

I know that the title doesn't really make sense haha but I did this look because I just wanted something easy and dramatic, but nothing too dark.  So I decided to play with colored liner.  I have a hard time wearing colored liner because I always feel like it looks funny along the lashline, like I need something black there haha.  I know I probably wouldn't wear colored liner if I had a lot of shadow on because it would look incomplete to me but I like the way this came out.  I think it's got enough drama for me but it's not dark.

 In this next picture I tried to show you how high I took the liner.  It's very thick.  When I was doing it, it felt like I was basically coloring my eyelid with the liner haha.  I just know for my eye shape, I don't like the way very thin liner looks with no shadow. 

 Oooh natural light!
 Man, my hair looks way blonder outside!
I am wearing a little bit of eyeshadow, I have on Inglot colors 395 P (for the highlight and on the lid, focusing on the inner corner) and 363 M which is just a brown color (the same one I use on my brows) but I dipped in it sooo lightly because you definitely can get more color than you want VERY easily with Inglot shadows.  

Whoa, I totally almost forgot to say what the liner is!  It's a Stila smudge pot in the color "Violet" which is a BEAUTIFUL cool toned purple with sparkles.  However, it's kind of dry so it didn't apply very evenly so I went over the liner with Inglot 388 M ("blurple" as Dani calls it haha, which is a great description of the color).  

And on my lips I have MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick with NYX megashine lipgloss on top.

And then just something else... you know how the other day I did a Pam Anderson inspired look and said how I wished that people could just appreciate the beauty in one another and not point out their flaws??  I was pretty disappointed when the next day I saw the newest Makeup Geek video about how to avoid getting a cakey face and the preview picture is a bad picture of Pam.  I watched the video (which is full of great information) and in the middle, it does a scream and flashes to a picture of Katy Perry with cakey foundation too.  

I feel that MakeupGeek is such a positive website and has pretty much come across as judgement free that this video threw me off a little.  I know that the video was meant to help, and it does, but it made me feel like, "what do they say when they look at my pictures?" do they laugh and scream?  Or is it just celebrities that they save that for because they pay people who should know better??  I just felt that the video would have been just as effective and informative without those pictures, it put some negativity where it wasn't necessary. 

I hope you guys all had a great Memorial Day weekend and hopefully you got to spend some time with your family!  Unfortunately my hubby had to work his normal schedule (which includes Sunday and today) so we didn't get a long weekend and my whole family lives in New York (and they all got together... I'm so jealous!!!)!  I mean, look how cute my little niece is with my mom and dad
Someone really should warn you how much you're going to love your sister's child!  I had no idea I'd feel as attached to her as I do!  She's so cute!

And I just want to say thank you to anyone who has served our country and those who have sacrificed their lives so that we can be free!!!  Happy Memorial Day!!!


  1. I happen to think this is a very fun look. I love the liner; the color looks amazing on your skintone. The lipstick is also very cute. That's another one I missed out on.


  2. This is so pretty, that lip color looks good on you!

    And I agree about loving your sisters kid! I have a 7 month old nephew and I feel like I am his mother sometimes I love that little man!

  3. Wow! your eyes look the pop of shimmery by the highlight shade!!

  4. You look so gorgeous! I love the blurple liner!! =D I feel the same as you do about colored liner too...I feel like I need black haha. Oh and I TOTALLY feel the exact same way about my nephew! I never knew that I would love him like my own! He melts my heart! And your niece is just a cutie patootie!!! I'm sure it's hard being away from your parents live right down the street and I know how lucky I am for that. I need to go check out that video on mug. I noticed your brows are looking fuller too...they look awesome, I love how you shape them!

  5. now that liner turned out so pretty!!!!!!

  6. This turned out beautiful!

  7. That's funny you said that about that MakeUp Geek video, because I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw it.

    Your liner looks very good!

  8. I really like this alot!! luv the liner and the look..I would totally rock this!

  9. hey hun, i love your blog! found you through makeupbee. i haven't tried inglot yet but i've heard so many amazing things. definitely bookmarking your blog ;)

  10. @JC: thank you! Haha I was the nerd sitting on my computer at midnight when the lipstick came out. It was sold out the first 2 weeks but I got it the third!
    @Amber: thank you! I know, right? I love my niece so much and didn't know that was coming!
    @Fathima: thank you so much!
    @Dani: thanks girl! Yeah, I've kinda been playing around with the shape of my brows since the Inglot shadows fill them in so much better than anything I'd ever tried before!
    @Mandy: Thank you!
    @Meme: thank you so much!
    @Charlotte: Thank you!
    @Karen: yeah, I know it wasn't meant in a bad way, I guess it was to show us that celebrities make the same mistakes we do... oh well, it is what it is. Thank you!
    @Jess: I could see you rockin this! Especially with that awesome MUFE eyeliner you have!
    @LJ: Thanks for following me! I'm following your blog too (and your youtube haha)! Yeah, I'm a big fan of my Inglot shadows!

  11. Great eye, u look awesome with makeup!

  12. ooh I love this!! Totes gorgeous

  13. This make-up look suits you.