Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York weekend and new hair!

I was so excited to be able to go up to New York this weekend and see my family and friends!  We had a good time even though the drive feels soooo long!

My daughter misses my parents like crazy.  We were going to go straight to their house but my sister's house is on the way so we decided to stop there so I could see my adorable niece and we could get out of the car for a minute.  My daughter wanted no part of it.  She was like, "no, I want to see Grandma and Poppy.  I'm not going in."  So finally she did go in but she wasn't happy about it.  And then once we got to my parents house, she wouldn't leave.  We go around and visit people but my daughter won't leave their house.  It's kind of cute but at the same time, nobody else gets to see her unless they go to my parent's house.  Oh well.

My puppy was very well behaved in the car (he's like a totally different dog in the car, it's weird).  He just sits there, whereas in my house, he bounces off the walls.  Literally.  He's actually cracked one of our walls from crashing into it haha.  So here are a few pictures of the ride.

And some of the cutest baby ever!

And the main reason we went up there was for my husband's friend's wedding.  It was a very different wedding than one I'd ever been to before haha.  It was quite small, they had set up 40 chairs but there were probably only 20 people there.  And it was pretty informal.  I didn't know where to sit (usually you sit either on the bride's side or the groom's side but here, that rule didn't apply).  

I'm a pretty shy person and it takes a lot of courage for me just to go and talk to random people.  But I was just sitting there by myself and there were 2 girls around my age a couple of rows back from me so I decided I'd try to talk to them.  Bad choice.  They were so snotty.  I asked them if they knew the bride and they said yeah and I was saying it would have been nice if the wedding was in North Carolina (where the groom lives) because it was stinkin cold in NY.  And they were like, "she's from here."  Like I was stupid or something.  I was just saying because of the weather.  Whatever.

Well, a little while later my hubby and his buddy (another groomsman) came and sat with me.  They started telling me a funny story and the 2 snotty girls were totally listening and laughing at it.  I bet they would have been nicer to me if they knew I had an in with the groomsmen haha.  In your face snotty girls. 

her dress was really beautiful but she had to keep hiking it up haha.  She was totally not shy like me at all, she kept grabbing her dress by the boobs and pushing it up.

my hubby's on the left

The ceremony was decent.  And the reception was supposed to be at a bar a little ways away.  We got there along with some other guests and the bartender said, "I have no idea what you're talking about.  There's nothing booked here."  Haha so they hadn't actually ever booked it there I guess.  The kitchen was closing in 20 minutes so all we were allowed to get was appetizers and drinks.  And I bet you guys will never guess what I forgot to do.  Take pictures of me and my hubby.  Nope.  Not a one.  Haha.  But we had a nice time, I definitely liked that I was able to spend a lot of time with my hubby and his friend's as opposed to by myself.  And the bride was so nice to me.  She was totally drunk, but she was very nice to me.

And I got to get my hair cut and my friend who does it also added a bunch of lowlights to help it blend better when it grows in.  I think the color is taking more getting used to than the haircut.  So here's what I look like now!

I like it.  I'm also not one of the girls who freak out about their hair.  As long as I look like a girl, I'm good haha.  I hope you guys all had as much fun as I did this weekend!  Thanks so much for reading this (haha, if you read it all, you're a champ!)!


  1. I love your bangs!! Hot mamaaa! I really love the color look gorgeous! The pics of your daughter and dog are so so cute!! Sounds like you had a good weekend...aside from the snotty girls haha. Did you get to celebrate your anniversary? Btw, I love the smokey blue eye! Is it 428P? =D

  2. All of the little ones are sooo cute and I'm glad you had a good weekend! I love your hair! I think it looks great! Love the blue eyeshadow too!

  3. hahaha you made me chuckle out loud when you wrote "In your face snotty girls" hahahaa. Loved this post, loved all the photos (especially of your daughter & puppy dog) & I love love love the new bangs :) Looks fab-u-lous xx

    ps: thanks for the award in your previous post :)

  4. haha loved the story!! Stupid snotty girls!! & Cute pics of your daughter & pup!!
    & omgg I am totally digging your hair it looks so cute on you! & gorgeous makeup of course :)

  5. Great post! I can't stand snotty girls! so irratating! anyways loved all the photos and you look so pretty with bangs!!! I wanna do bangs like that but always stick with side swepts so they don't feel to in my face...maybe one day =) haha

  6. awww your hair looks fabulous! and that was pretty rude of the snotty girls haha and the bride's dress is super cute ^^

  7. Your hair looks awesome!! I LOVE it! I'm glad you had a good trip :)

  8. Holy freakin smokes I am in luv with ur hair! I luv the style of bangs that u choose and ur makeup is super gorgeous! U look stunning..those snooty girls were like that cuz ur so freak beautiful and they were just hatin! U look so good girl

  9. I am just breathless your hair looks so fabulous, its beyond words!!!! I LOVE it!! Wowzaaaa!! I love her dress too, very nice, and super cute car pics!

  10. This is a fun post! Your dog is gorgeous by the way. :)

  11. @Dani: we did get to celebrate our anniversary. The night of the wedding we stayed in a hotel and then we went out to eat the next day. And as a matter of fact, the blue is 428p. I do the same thing now with the Inglot shadows. I try to figure out which ones people used haha.
    @Kattatonic: thank you so much!
    @Meme: thank you! We did have a nice time!
    @make me-up: haha I'm glad I could make you giggle, your posts have made me laugh more than once. And you're welcome for the award!
    @Ashii: thank you so much!
    @Miranda: I know, right? Snotty girls are the worst. I always liked bangs on other people so I figured why not. They'd probably look great on you! I've actually found that the only thing where they're more annoying (to me) than side bangs is when I'm trying to do my makeup.
    @SweetKiss: Thank you! haha maybe they learned their lesson. I'm guessing not, but there's a chance haha.
    @Ashley Renee: thank you so much!
    @Jess: you're too funny. My friend is a VERY talented hair stylist. I actually just told her "bangs" and this is what she came up with. I have never seen a person leave her chair with bad hair.
    @Amalia: aw, thanks girl! Her dress was very pretty! Haha I always end up taking all of these car pictures because I get so bored!
    @Scarlett O'hara: thank you so much! I think he's the most handsome puppy ever!

  12. Nice photos and nice eye makeup.
    I like the bride's dress, its really pretty.

  13. GIRLLLL!!!!

    That hair cut AND color is gorgeous!!! I Think the color suits you sooo well!!!! PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!

    LOVE IT!

  14. That puppy <3 He is so gorgeous.
    And I lol'd...I have a cracked wall aswell from my Staffy bouncing off it. They are nuts xD

    Your hair looks lovely too.

  15. Ummm... I'm pretty sure I had responded to everyone's comments already! Darn you Blogger! But thank you everyone! I really appreciate it!

    @Eamonn: too funny! I had to tell my hubby that one! Good to know that ours isn't the only one who had cracked walls!