Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh boy! Bright colors!!

I was feeling like wearing some bright colors after a long absence from using them.  So I grabbed my Inglot palette and was thinking about what to do and I remembered that I had wanted to give the Caribbean thing another try.  So that's kinda what I was going for with this look, but really it was an excuse to wear brights.  Just to forewarn you, I'm feeling a little silly today haha.  Maybe it's the nap I took this afternoon with my daughter...

I did this with all Inglot colors at first.  I used: 371 (bright matte blue), 372 (matte robin's egg blue), 384 (matte grass green color), a little bit of AMC 60 (yellow), 361 (matte coral), and 393 (pearl highlight color).  But then I stepped back and realized it wasn't fun enough, it needed some shimmer.  So I added some of NYX ultra pearl mania in "Ocean Blue" (on top of the blue), "Turquoise" (on top of 372), and "Orange Zest" on top of 361.  I liked it much better then.  And on my lips, I used Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick in "Fairytale" on top of a layer of concealer (I'm hoping maybe that way my lips won't stay that color haha) with NYX megashine lipgloss in "Pink Frost" on top.

haha I told you I was feeling silly
And then my doggie lover was in the bathroom with me while I did my makeup so I used it as an opportunity for a photo shoot haha.  So here we are!

This is what I call our "sexy look" haha.  I said, "Sulley, look sexy" and this is what he did.  I am not sexy so that explains what's going on with me haha...
 And then he thought he'd eat my earring which really tickles
 And then he rolled over and started chonking on my fingers so I gave him a kiss
 And lastly, a normal picture haha.  Finally, right?
Haha I love my puppy.  He's so nuts but I love him anyways.  I'm sorry if you get sick of doggie pictures but he's just so stinkin cute I can't help myself.  My kiddo has strep throat (poor thing had a 104.1 fever this morning) so she wasn't feeling so well otherwise I'm sure she would have been in some of these.  I hate it when she's sick because there's nothing I can do to make it better besides give her medicine and popsicles (which always help). 

Well, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!  Stay healthy and strep throat free!  Thanks so much for looking at this!  You all are the best!


  1. Brights are definitely you! I could never get tired of seeing Mr. Sullivan! He is tooo cute!

  2. This look is so fun and I really love blues with your eyes! Hope your daughter gets well soon. My kids have all had strep at least so bad...and, hey, if her fever doesn't drop soon, give her a cold bath...she'll hate it but it will make her feel so much better, I promise. :)

  3. I LOVE how this look turned out! I have been dying to use those inglot colors but everytime I do, I screw it up and take it off. Grr. They look amazing on you!! Sulley is the CUTEST dog ever. I so want him! I love your silly face...I have one to post like that haha. I love the braids with the bangs too. I hope your daughter feels better!! It's so sad when they are sick like that.

  4. ohhh I luv this sooo much!!! u r lookin good!! the pic with ur dog are so cute and his eyes are gorgeous!! wow! ALMOST as gorgeous as urs :P
    AMAZING job with the color combo and blending and fairytale looks so good on..u need to do more brighter lippies girl!

  5. @Toshia: I have missed my brights! haha I'm glad you're not sick of the puppy lover! Because I can't control myself, I have this compulsive need to take pictures of him haha.
    @Meme: thank you! Luckily Motrin brought her fever down. I hate it when she gets a fever because when she does, it's always at least a 103 fever and it makes me nervous.
    @Dani: thanks! I think you're too hard on yourself! And thank you about Sulley I think he is too! And thanks, my daughter is starting to feel a little better!
    @Jess: Thank you!!! His eyes really are a cool color, they're kind of a grey/green/blue. I've definitely been doing more color on my lips lately! I've only done a full on nude lip like once in the past few months... weird haha.

  6. Yay!! A bright look!! I have been loving the neutrals, but it has to be said, you do really know how to rock them brights! This look is gorgeous...I love it! And I want your doggie too haha. He's sooo cute! Every time you post pics of him I make my fella come and look. I'm like "aww come see, this is what we should get" he just rolls his eyes at me, so then I say "but you even have the same name, it's a sign..." I think I'm clutching at straws there though haha. Sorry to hear your little girl is sick, hope she gets better very soon, you must be really worried :(

  7. hate to hear your little one is sick =( love the colors for your look tho!

  8. OMG! You should so start a portfolio and pimpin your makeup skills out.

  9. LOVE pretty..
    i also LOVE your pup...
    huge pitty fan here :D