Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inglot eyeshadow recommendations, what to buy and what to pass on

Ok, so hopefully now Blogger has all of its issues sorted out.  Haha it totally deleted one of my posts and all of the comments on it, then it put the post back but no comments.... umm... ok?  And I have no idea where the link to my Arabic look went haha.  But in case you missed it I did do an Arabic look and if missed it and care to check it out click RIGHT HERE!  But enough of that... onto the post!

I've had my Inglot eyeshadows for a while now (well, it feels like a while haha) and I've had a pretty good opportunity to use them all and see which ones I really like and which ones not so much.  It's really hard to purchase them online, even seeing swatches, because you don't know how they're going to blend, what the sparkle (if it contains any) is going to look like, are you going to get a lot of fallout?, is it going to apply evenly?  So I decided I would do a recommendations post.

Inglot eyeshadows come in a variety of finishes.  When I purchased, I bought primarily matte finishes, a few pearl finishes, a couple AMC (which means "Advanced Makeup Component"), and one DS (which means "Double Sparkle") they also have AMC Shine but I did not buy any of those (if anyone who has them wants to leave their feelings about them in a comment, that's cool with me!).

I LOVE the mattes.  They feel so nice, they blend SOOO well, their pigmentation is INCREDIBLE!

I also really enjoy the pearls.  Again, they blend really well and their pigmentation is great.

I do not like the AMC's very much at all.  The colors are matte and beautiful but they have sparkles in them.  I find them a lot more difficult to work with than the others.  The sparkles don't really fall down onto my face but I don't really see them on my eyes either haha so who knows where they go.

And my one DS eyeshadow is just eh.  It's a matte finish with a lot of fine glitter in it.  I don't love it.  I get the most fallout from this one.  I really don't get much from any of the others.  You know how when you work with a powder that's super finely milled, you dust it on and it makes this little dust cloud that just floats away?  That's kinda what happens with these (except this DS one).

So onto the pictures:

These are the ones I would purchase again, without a doubt.  I don't even know if I can really pick favorites among these (I mean besides 372, 361, 395... and 371 and 392 and 378, 363, 351, 419, 384, 407, 376, and 352, 393, 388, 414, and 366... haha).

These I would maybe buy again
I bought 382 thinking it would be red but it's way too pink.  And the other colors are nice but they're not that special.
And these I would pass on.  I love the colors of them but I just don't like working with them
DS 496 looks better here than it does on the eyes, it applies a lot more sheer
So I hope that was helpful to somebody out there.  As it's really hard to buy eyeshadows online without actually being able to work with them.  And fingers crossed that blogger has itself all figured out now!


  1. Great post! I the mattes and pearls but the others are a pain!

  2. Great swatches, those colours are great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Blogger did the same crazyness to me. It was preetyyy annoying.
    Stop encouraging me to buy more makeup!
    Seeing the swatch of 384 makes me want to place an order even moreeee

  4. I love this post. Those are all of my favorites too haha. Since we have about all of the same ones! I have found that when working with the AMC's, it's easier to place it where you want the color and very, VERY lightly blend and I only use it for defining the crease. This was a great post...I think I should do one with the shadows that I have. This is really helpful to those looking to purchase but not sure what to get, etc.

  5. great post! Personally, I liked the AMCs even though they are a bit stubborn!

  6. Excellent review! Like you I love the Mattes, they're just so nice to use! Pearl & Double Sparkle is next.

    I quite like the AMC shadows that I have & haven't had any issues with them. I find pushing them on brings out a solid colour, rather than sweeping.

    Shine on the other hand I've had a lot of problems with my complaint with this texture sounds similar to yours with the AMC's. I find the Shine texture hard to work with, patchy, with lots of glitter fallout & not much pigment. I've been trying different brushes, pushing, sweeping. No go. I won't be buying more of these but I'll buy the others again.

  7. This is so incredibly helpful! I will make an Inglot order in the next few months, and this helps with the selection! I find the website overwhelming! lol.

  8. I'm glad you guys found it helpful!
    @Kattatonic: haha I can't help it! Blogs are a very bad thing for the wallet!
    @Dani: do it!
    @Amalia: I do love the colors of most of them! I just wish they were as nice to work with as the mattes!
    @Kellstar: I'll definitely still be using all of the colors I bought. I wonder why your AMC's would be a little different than mine. I mean, they're not terrible but compared to the matte and pearl ones... ya know? Especially the yellow, I really have to work with that one to get an even color. Thanks for your opinion of the shines! I think that'll be helpful to people who read the comments!
    @AngieBee: good! I'm so glad! Their website is so bananas. It's very hard to keep track of what colors you've ordered, how many you've ordered. It's kinda stressful haha.

  9. Love your suggestions! I live in the midwest and would like some but am nervous to buy online. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks for this helpful post, I've been selecting my top 10 to place my first order, i have heard so many good things but nothing about the differnt finishes so was good to read this. I mostly selected pearl and matte but had a few shines in there i might have to swap out.

  11. Hi, I am from Argentina. this was veryyyy helpful!!!! thanksss