Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green "Alligator" tutorial

When I posted "Two Colorful Looks" the other day, Liz asked me if I could do a tutorial on the green look, which I thought looked kind of like it was inspired by an alligator.  This look is really quite easy.  Usually I blend my shadows like crazy so you can't see the seams between them and that takes a while but I wanted the black to be kind of sharp in this look so that saves a lot of time!  So here it is Liz!!

-I started off with my brows filled in and put Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over my lid up to my brow
- I put a little bit of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" all over my lid up to my crease because I'll be using a pigment and I want it to stick
- I applied Inglot Pigment 43 on lid up to my crease
- I applied Inglot 384M shadow above my crease up toward my brow (you can see that it's angled up toward the inner corner of my brow)
-I applied a bit of NYX "Black" eyeshadow along the outer corner of my lashline and in the outer "v"
-I blended the black out just a bit
-I added MAC "Vanilla" pigment under my brow and in the tearduct area
-I applied a bit more 384M with my Sonia Kashuk blending brush and blended it up into the "Vanilla" pigment
-I added Bobbi Brown gel liner in "Black Ink" to my lashline and winged it out a bit
-I also added the gel liner to my waterline
-Something I do sometimes to help blend a bit is to add a bit of black shadow on top of the gel liner in my waterline and I drag it down into my lower lashes

-I added some 384M to the outer lower lashline and blended it with the black
-I put just a little bit of the 43 pigment to the inner corner of my lower lashline
- I added L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara
and we're done!  Well, with one eye haha

I wanted to show you guys this just so you can see why I love makeup as much as I do.  Which eye looks bigger????
It's one thing to see a before and after and a totally different thing to see them side by side.  Haha I think it's funny at night when I remove makeup from one eye and then I look all crazy like this!  
This is much better!
I hope this helps!  Let me know if you give it a try and how it turns out!!!


  1. Yay, thanks! I am so trying this over the weekend.

  2. Beautiful eye makeup, love that green.

  3. So pretty what a beautiful green color. Its amazing how much makeup can transform you!

  4. Love it! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  5. Very pretty, I wish I didn't feel so self conscious in brighter colors, I just can't seem to break out of the neutral colors. Great look and thanks for the tutorial. Can you recommend a good make up remover?

  6. that's beautiful! and holy wow, either that mascara is amazing or you lashes are because it totally looks like you have some false lashes on!

  7. Awesome tutorial! This look is so pretty. My eyes look way small without makeup too!! You are even gorgeous without makeup!

  8. Great tutorial! I agree with Danisaddiction...You are still very beautiful without makeup!

  9. @Liz: yay!
    @Charlotte: thank you! I love it too!
    @Amber: yeah, I know! I don't know what I'd do without makeup haha!
    @Kassie: this is nothing like your tutorials! Yours are amazing!
    @Star: aw, I'm sure you'd look great in bright colors! That's definitely the hardest thing... putting it on and not feeling self conscious about it. I feel the same way when I wear red lips! Honestly, I just use the generic WalMart version of the Neutrogena liquid eye makeup remover. It works really well! I had tried the Neutrogena wipes but it didn't take my eye makeup off as easily, I really had to rub to get it off and I don't like doing that.
    @LD: haha it's the mascara. My lashes are ok but they're really light.
    @Dani: thank you! I feel really not very pretty without makeup, look at the brows haha!
    @Meme: thank you very much!

  10. Gorgeous!!! Your looks are always pretty!! I wish I could wear the bolder/brighter (MORE FUN) looks...

  11. Thank you Starryskies for taking the time to respond to my question about make up remover.