Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monochromatic Pink Look

I'm a little nervous as to what you guys are going to think about this.  I started off doing a look inspired by these pink hydrangeas
I was thinking I'd do a nice soft monochromatic look (because I'd always wanted to do one but was too scared to use any color but pink and I VERY rarely wear pink on my eyes).  But somewhere along the way my artsy side took over and it turned from a soft look into this

And then I played around in Picnik a little bit, playing with lighting and softening, and came up with this

I know it's a little bright but I actually really like it!  It would have been better with some awesome lashes though.  Of course, I felt crazy when my neighbors looked at me when I was taking my garbage out but hey, it's in the name of makeup!!! I think you can see a bit of the original inspiration in there... maybe?  Haha.  I really had fun doing this to myself, trying to figure out what to use to contour my cheeks with a pink and make them really bright like my eyes (MAC "Pink Friday" applied with a stippling brush was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself).

Haha, I can already hear my sister, "I don't really like that one..." haha.  She doesn't like the crazy stuff like I do!  Do you guys ever just go with the flow and end up looking like a nut???  If you do, you should show me and let me know I'm not alone!!!


  1. This is super artistic, love the b&w pic with the pink only!

  2. SO pretty & I was looking at your caboodle and I have the same one and I know what you mean about the makeup not coming off. I recently found the one thing that WILL work is ponds cold cream. I use it to take off my makeup and found it actually works on the outside of the case! If you have some give it a try =]

  3. Hot-hot-hot pink!!! Impressive!!! I am so bad with soft looks, I always feel naked. I love it, hopefully this wont be the last time we see you in pinks!

  4. This is beautiful! What pinks did you use? I play around in my makeup ALOT and have come up with some craziness but before I can clean it off, I always end up have to run to the store. You should see the looks I get...hahaha!

  5. I love this look!! Its beautiful! Can you list the products you used? Or even better-make a tutorial!

  6. I LOVE the last pic....that should be hanging on a wall! I think this look is beautiful! It's really a sexy look! I love how you played around with the lighting...I love to do that! I really like the black and white with only the pink, that is so cool. And trust me, you are not

  7. I think pink looks good on you! You could totally make this wearable for a night out with some dramatic lashes and using bronzer instead of pink blush on the cheeks... great look!

  8. The neighbors don't know ish! I think its looks like something you would see in an ad or rocked on the run way. Its not a look you would wear to the grocery store, well some might :) I think it looks good!

  9. This is gorgeous! Who said inspiration had to be soft? I love this. Oh, and you are definitely not alone. A lot of my looks turn out a little wild and bold.

  10. @Liz: thank you!
    @Gotham Polish: thank you! I like that picture too, it was kinda fun to edit it
    @DreamingCrush41: I don't have any but maybe I'll have to get some and make my case look clean!
    @Amalia: Thank you! I'm not sure how often I'll wear pink on my eyes but I'm sure this won't be the last time
    @Meme: oh man, what pinks didn't I use haha? I used primarily the pinks (and a purple and navy blue) from my 88 palette, NYX "Hot Pink", "Soft Pink", and "Cherry" and I used Inglot 352M and 382M (which was the one matte color on my maybe buy list from Inglot because it wasn't red like I thought but that really worked out here). I also used NYX "Sky Pink" and "Very Pink" ultra pearl manias.
    @Jasmine: maybe I'll make a tutorial some day.
    @Dani: thank you so much! It's the first time I've ever really played in Picnik, it was fun! And your last sentence made me laugh.
    @Samantha: I agree, I think it could be made wearable (which is good). I appreciate it!
    @Foxy Aries: What a great compliment! Thank you!
    @Toshia: Thank you! Haha I guess it's just because it wasn't what I had started off thinking I was going to do. I'd love to see some of your "playing in makeup" bold looks!