Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess that eyeshadow brand! And a look at my makeup stash!

I did this look today and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.  I'm wondering if you guys can guess what brand I used to create this look.

Oh.  Scary face haha.

Can you guess??  Just to see I'll give you some options so you don't have to shoot in the dark.  Is it:
Urban Decay
88 Palette
Wet 'n Wild
Kat Von D
or... Covergirl???

I'll give you the remainder of this post to think about it.... oh the mystery!!!  Haha.

Yesterday I showed you guys my NYX eyeshadows and Amalia had commented that she was curious about my makeup organization.  So I thought I'd show you guys what I have going on.  I have the biggest Caboodles train case that they sell at Wal-Mart.  Here's what it looks like (I'm sorry about the makeup on it, I've used makeup remover and it won't come off)
opened (just the top layer)
opened all the way
(it looks really messy):
each individual layer:
In this top left compartment, I have my eyeshadow primer, my foundation, powder, black eyeshadow (because I use it so often), bronzer, a blush, a pencil sharpener, and MAC Vanilla pigment
Here I have all of my Ben Nye pigments, Inglot pigments, some other loose shadows, and a couple of cream liner things (Stila smudgepots, MAC fluidline, L'oreal HIP cream liner)
Here they are, all of my NYX shadows (except the ones I hate which I don't keep in here because it's a waste of space), my Inglot blush and the Physician's Formula highlighter
On the top right side, I have my face primer (Monistat anti-chafing gel), a sample of MUFE HD primer (which I don't like), NYX depotted JEP "Milk", Bobbi Brown gel liner, 3... count them... 3 Maybelline double face perfectors (one is unopened) because I cannot live without this product, 2 NYX blushes (Angel and Peach), and Covergirl Lip Perfection "Fairytale", oh and my Kat Von D "Metal Orchestra" palette is hiding under there
Under that I have all of my pencil and liquid eye liners, the ELF studio blush/bronzer duo, the NYX JEP, mascara, and some more cream liner things
Under that I have my most of my NYX lipsticks, a couple of Revlon matte lipsticks, my 3 lipliners, Urban Decay "Get Baked" palette and a lipgloss
And in the bottom compartment I have:
yes, there they are.  My beautiful Inglot shadows.
Under those I have my 88 palette

Under that I have my NYX Ultra Pearl Manias

And under that I have a bunch of stuff that I rarely use but I know it's there if I need it haha

And then I also have a drawer (and a box, which I'm not showing you haha) full of stuff that I don't use very often either

And the most used lip products are in a bag that goes in my purse with me everywhere because I cannot be without my lipsticks and lipglosses
I also carry around hair ties, gum, and extra batteries in case I have my camera with me and my batteries die.  I hate it when that happens.
And then I have a few bigger palettes (Kat Von D, ELF, and a no name brand) that don't fit into my case under my sink.  That's my makeup stash.  I'd love to see yours... just sayin... haha

Now, back to my look for today.  Do you think you know what brand it is??  Are you sure??  Well, if you guessed Kat Von D...
 you would be incorrect!!

I used my ELF "Bright Eyes" beauty book for this look!  Are you surprised?  It took a lot to build up that purple on my lid!  The crease color worked quite nicely but that lid color did not want to cooperate!  I used the whole top row for this look

I guess that's all for today!  I hope you have a great day and that you're avoiding all of this stinkin rain we've been getting!!  Thanks so much guys!!!


  1. Weeeeell .. I am guessing Inglot! Lovely look by the way. :)

  2. I have noooooo idea what you used...but i think i need that box thing in my life. I saw one at Sephora one day and i was like hugging it....But i'm not so over loaded with makeup that i need it quite yet. I'm just uber jealous of yours right now

  3. woww great collection! A question- do you take your train case with you when you travel? or is that too much makeup haha
    I spy the vanilla shimmer in the bottom draw that u hate so much lol :P
    Love the eyes I was going to go with inglot but that would be too obvious!
    I need to get more organized with my makeup but I don't own too much so one day I would like a train case!

  4. I had a train case, but too much makeup for it!, so now I have about 3 drawers in my bathroom full of stuff!

    Anyways, love your look as always!

  5. Hahaha...I guessed Kat Von D!! I was wrong! I figured it couldn't be inglot because that was too obvious, seeing as we all know how you adore your inglot e/s!! Wait til you see my silly face for my post today...looks pretty darn similar to yours! And I copied your I used to have a case just like that, except I think it was a size down. Well, since you wanna see everyone else's collections...I'll take some pics! =D Great post!!!

  6. Man I was gonna guess Kat von D and NYX those arent my specialties lol!! Love the look, the scary face kinda freaked me out haha!! Me too I want to know do you travel with that omg I am shocked how much you can jam in there!!! Almost makes me want to unpack and maybe repack using one of those!

  7. Beautiful! I was going to guess NYX...never would have thought E.L.F! Wow, girl, you fit alot of makeup in that traincase! Amazing!

  8. SO pretty I love this look. Its amazing that you did this with the e.l.f book!!! I just found your blog from beautylish... Love it! Beautiful looks on here! :)

  9. WOOHOO I got it RIGHT!!!! Looks amazing!!! Love your collection.

  10. @C.A.: no ma'am, it's ELF!! Thank you!
    @Kattatonic: I think you need one too! Where do you keep all of your makeup? I know you have quite a bit!
    @Ashii: I do take it with me when I travel (if I'm staying more than 2 nights) but I do unload it a little bit first. After all, I need room in it to put my MAC fix + and my eye makeup remover! Haha you do spy that Vanilla Shimmer in there!
    @AngieBee: too funny! I know it's a lot of makeup for one person but I know that a lot of my followers have more makeup than I do!!
    @Dani: yeah, I knew people would know it wasn't Inglot strictly for the fact that I was having you guess but I figured I'd throw it in there anyways! I saw the funny face and I love it!!! I can't wait to see your collection!
    @Amalia: haha I run out of faces to make and that one reminds me of my daughter when she was little because she used to make that face a lot! I definitely have the thing packed! If I don't put things away just right it doesn't close haha. But I do take it with me when I travel!
    @Meme: haha yes I do. I was carrying it one day and didn't have it latched and my makeup fell out all over the place! What a mess!
    @Amber: aw, thank you! Thanks for following me! Do you have a blog?
    @FoxyAries: High five! Thank you!

  11. Yes my blog link is :)