Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX Eyeshadows

I have been incredibly loyal to my Inglot eyeshadows since I got them but I really wanted to swatch the NYX shadows I own because, again, it's hard to order stuff online.  I did buy all of mine from because that was the cheapest place I could find them.  Keep in mind I have had these for quite a while now, at least a year and a half (except Black, which I had to repurchase because my husband knocked the first one into the toilet haha and I was not using it after that!!!).

I really like this shadow.  The texture is really smooth and the color is beautiful.

"Deep Charcoal"
I like this shadow too.   It has the same texture as Rust

Oh, my beautiful Morocco, what has happened to you???
Haha this is a beautiful blue/purple color.  The more you blend it out, the more purple it becomes.

"Red Bean Pie"
Um... I don't get the name.  It's a lot more purple than red.  Nice texture again.

"Mermaid Green"
Beautiful color.  I like this one.

I love this shadow.  I use it almost every single day.  Unfortunately, I dropped it on the floor and this happened.  

"Wild Fire"
Beautiful color.  It's kinda hard to work with, but I think the color is worth it.

"Sweet Pink"
A light shimmery pink.  It's nice but not a favorite.

"Hot Pink"
Shimmery again.  I'd like it more if it were matte.

This is definitely not a true red.  It's too light and pink.  It's a pretty color, but not red.

"Barely There"
This shadow is a little tough.  It's basically a golden  frost but it's not super frosty.  It's not the easiest to work with, though.

"Vanilla Shimmer"
I bought this color because Marlena (from Makeup Geek) had it on her list of must own NYX shadows.  I hate it.  The color is pretty but it's got chunky glitter in it and it's chalky.  Not nice.

I do like this shadow, I just wish it was slightly less yellow.  I rarely use this because of how yellow it is but the texture is really nice.

"Super Creamy"
Yup, this is right there with "Vanilla Shimmer" chalky, glittery, chunky... yuck.

"Golden Orange"
Eh.  This isn't the most pigmented shadow in the world.  It's ok.  I don't think I'd buy it again.

"Deep Brown"
Yup, this shadow is called Deep Brown.  Does it look brown to you???  Because it looks a little purple to me.  It was not what I was expecting.  And I don't like it.  It doesn't apply smoothly at all (which you can definitely see in the swatch).

This color reminds me sooo much of Inglot 371 in the pan!  Unfortunately,  it is nothing like it .  Not the color and definitely not the pigmentation or texture.

I tried to compare these colors because they're similar

Irises goes on soo sheer!  This swatch is packed on!  And the 371 is just one swipe around the pan... it makes me sad that I wasted my money on this NYX shadow and didn't just buy the Inglot one first (even though I didn't know Inglot existed at the time)!  And you can see that AMC 70 is a bit darker.
These shadows are so hit and miss.  I love some of them but hate others.  They're not terribly expensive so if you hate one, it's not the worst thing in the world.  I hope these swatches help someone out there who's looking into purchasing some NYX shadows!  Don't get Vanilla Shimmer!!!!  Don't do it to yourself haha!

And a look I did using exclusively NYX shadows

Haha I was DYING to put some Inglot 395 on my browbone and add some 376 to the "Deep Charcoal" and some 392 to the "Red Bean Pie"!  But I didn't.  I resisted.  I just can't help myself haha.  I have an Inglot addiction.  It's a problem haha.  I also used "Highlight" to blend "Black" in the outer v, and "Vanilla Shimmer" on my browbone and then I blended it away because I hate it haha.


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  2. I also have rust, deep charcoal, morrocco, black, cherry and Irises. I really want Mermaid green, and for a while I was contemplating getting Highlight, but after seeing your swatch I think I will pass. I also use Black almost every single day, its just the perfect matte black! I need to get some more White because I'm running out! But I am prowd to say that is the second NYX Color I have run through(the first being black) and it didn't break!! lol This is a great post! Love!

  3. I have a nyx shadows I love them! NYX is such a great product.

  4. I love the grey into purple. It's gorgeous.

    My husband knocked a lipglass into the toilet once. He came out and told me he threw it away because he figured I wouldn't want it anymore. Haha! It gave me an excuse to go back to MAC, though!

  5. Lol I have vanilla shimmer & I only put up with it coz I love the colour!! But if i were to find an alternative that doesn't break the bank I would go with that. I definitely want to buy more shadows though!

  6. Awesome post :) I love seeing NYX swatches as it gives me ideas on what to put on my "list"

    Thanks for this :)

  7. Those are amazing swatches and a beautiful look!! Something I am curious about- your makeup organization system- thats a lot of singles!

  8. I really love NYX eyeshadows except for the matte grey so far! Highlight is one of my go to brow bone highlights but like you said it is very yellow. I want deep charcoal and morrocco now. Thanks for the swatches and love the eyeshadow look! Beautiful as always!

  9. amazing post!!! and ur eye combo is gorgeous...beautiful!

  10. Great post! I love your look...even with your nyx eyeshadows haha. (but I LOVE this color combo with 376, 392 and 395!! lol one of my faves to do!!)

  11. Omg i love the look im going to attempt it

  12. @Kassie: Between you and Toshia saying how much you love the white, I definitely want to try it!!!
    @MakeupbyJem: they definitely have products that are so worth buying! Not everything is amazing, but for the price you can't really beat it!
    @Karen: hahaha! It'd be even better if it was a color you didn't really like anyways so you could get a different color and blame it on him!
    @Ashii: haha sorry! I do love the color too but I just can't deal with it! I'll keep my eye out for a cheap alternative!
    @Make me-up: no prob!
    @Amalia: ahhh, you are my inspiration!
    @Meme: Morocco would be incredible on you!
    @Jess: Thank you!
    @Dani: Haha, I know you'd feel my pain if you had to (well, not really had to) use a different brand!
    @Couture Chick: thank you!

  13. those are good pictures are you like them i like them.......