Monday, May 23, 2011

I stole makeupbydanisaddiction's "Blurple" eyes!

The other day makeupbydanisaddiction did what she called a "Blurple Smokey Eye" (which you can check out by clicking HERE).  I loved it on her so much that I knew I had to try it out myself.  I knew I had most of the colors she used (because she loves Inglot as much as I do!).  Unfortunately, I recognize them more by color than name because they are numbered, not named.  So I kinda guessed when I was doing it, trying to remember what she had put where.

Man, I make some weird faces haha
Unfortunately for me, it does not look anywhere close to as good as Dani's does.  Hers was much more vibrant, more blue looking, and made her eyes like glow.  I still do like it, I think the colors are really pretty together, but I think I'd leave this look for the brown eyed girls.
I used:
Inglot 376 (grey lid color)
388 (blue/purple color) above crease and under eyes
379 (lighter blue/purple color) above 388
395 as a highlight and on tearduct area

Revlon "Soft Nude" lipstick
MAC "Myth" lipstick
NYX Megashine lipgloss "Pink Frost"

So I'm sorry Dani that this didn't come out as nicely as yours!  I hope it doesn't let you down!


  1. Very pretty! I love purples!

  2. Nice eye makeup. Love the weird faces too lol.

  3. This looks really good, goes great with your eye color.

  4. Oh STOP!! IT's GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it on you!! It looks just like mine did! I got the biggest smile when I saw this because I am ALWAYS doing looks that are inspired by you lol. Girl, I don't think you could let me down if you tried lol. You are SO talented! BTW, I tried this same look using 428P and it looks awesome, you have to try that out! You look beautiful!! Thanks for mentioning me...I'm blushing haha... Keep up with the silly faces, you know I love 'em too haha...!!!

  5. It looks beautiful on you as well! You both nailed the look!

  6. I know you from MUG and seeing your blogs always inspired me to create here I am! And I wanted to say I love this look! It's so pretty!

  7. Thanks guys! I can't really take credit for it since it was not a combo I came up with myself.
    @Charlotte: haha, thanks! I feel like you get a little more of my personality with the funny faces.
    @Dani: well it looked so darn good on you that of course I had to try it! I saw yours with 428 and love that on you! Blues are definitely your friend, as are the goofy faces!
    @Meme: thank you!
    @Ariel: I totally remember you! Where'd you go to??? I missed seeing your work! Thank you!