Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smokey eyes: Pammy style!

The look I did yesterday (for blue eyes) was suggested to me by my follower Jess who also suggested that I do a Pamela Anderson look.  And I figured since I did one of the looks she suggested, I should complete her suggestions so today I have Pammy (not sure why I call her that haha) inspired eyes.

These are a few of the pictures I could find that I liked when I googled "Pamela Anderson makeup."  People are really mean because there are so many pictures of her with no makeup with arrows pointing at her wrinkles.  I sure wish people could focus on other's beauty as opposed to pointing out their "flaws."  It's obnoxious.

Haha it makes me nervous to put my picture next to hers but here's the look I came up with

And since I've had more than one person ask for more tutorials, I decided to do one for this look too.  If there are any looks you want a tutorial for, please let me know.  Sometimes I wonder if my looks are good enough to do tutorials on or if anyone would care haha.  So let's get started!

-I primed my lid with TFSI and put a very light layer of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" over my lid
-Over the JEP, I put a light wash of a "slightly lighter than skintone" eyeshadow
-Using a smudge brush (the one I have is from Target, I believe the brand is "Studio Tools" and it was $2.50. I love it.  It's the main brush I use), apply black shadow (from the 88 matte/shimmer mix palette) along the outer 1/3 of the lashline and bring it up as if you were doing a winged liner
-Now add some more black to create the outer v
-I added some dark, cool-toned brown (also from the 88 palette) above the black toward the inner part of my eye (staying above the crease)
-Now I blended those together pretty well
-Add a lighter, warm brown above those
-Blend that lighter brown out, bringing it down into the darker brown as opposed to blending it up and out like I usually would because her look is pretty natural looking above the black.  And add a light shimmery color to the space inside the outer v (I used Inglot 395 P)
-Add a thin line of black liner (Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Black Ink) to upper lashline, making it thicker and more intense toward the outer corner because we want that corner to be really black
-Taking an angled liner brush, drag some black shadow over the liner
-Add a frosty, shimmery color to the browbone (I used the same color that I used on the lid, Inglot 395)
-You're going to want to line your waterline and tightline your eyes as well.  And for the bottom lashline, you want to keep the black shadow to the outer 1/3 and blend it into the darker brown, which you'll take in to the corner of your eye
-Add mascara (L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen) and build or blend any colors you feel necessary (you can see I blended the black into the brown better)
-For the lips, you're going to want to line outside your natural lipline.  How far is completely up to you, Pammy goes VERY VERY far out of her lips.  I am not that crazy so here's what I did (NYX "Natural" lipliner)
-Pammy's lips are very frosty and the frostiest lipstick I have is NYX Harmonica, so I applied some of that with "Pink Frost" and "Frosted Beige" NYX Megashine lipglosses on top
-Keep the rest of the face neutral by using only brozer, no blush and you're done!

I actually think this look is very flattering.  My lips are nowhere near frosty enough to be like Pam's but I do not like frosty lips so whatever haha.  

Here are the colors I used from the 88 palette (it is the matte/shimmer mixed palette), the ones with the funny red symbols on them are the ones I used.
I hope you guys like this!  I like the way it came out, it's not as intense as Pam's but I still like it and I think it would look good on every eye shape because it's such a "lifting" look.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this!!!  I appreciate you all so much!


  1. love love love loveeeeee this look :)

  2. HOT!!! love it. =) My hubby's birthday is coming up this weekend and this is exactly how I planned to do my makeup. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Beautiful girlie! You nailed it!

  4. I LOVE it! So pretty!! I used to do my makeup like this all the time. It was my thang for a while haha. Oh and thanks to miss pammy because the reason that I have sparse eyebrows is because I SO badly wanted mine to look pencil then like hers lol. =D I don't care what people say, she is beautiful. We ALL wrinkle at some point. I feel sad for people who choose to point out others flaws instead of see their beauty. I love your tutorials too...thank you for doing them!!

  5. love this :]

    [blogspot won't let me post comments normally. ughh!]

    xoxo m

  6. Love it! I love the color you have on your lid, and I love the shape you created! I noticed the same similar shape in your last green look and I tried doing it on myself...epic fail! Lol But I do love the look! Thanks for the tutorial, I might give that shape another go :)

  7. Your tutorials are so awesome!!! I love the step by step, makes it easy to be able to recreate!!!!

  8. Aw, thanks guys!
    @PrettyinPink: oohh, I bet he'll love it! Have a good time!
    @Dani: your comments always make me smile ("it was my thang") haha. I looked at the pictures and thought "sorry, Pammy. My eyebrows are staying exactly the way they are" haha. It's one thing if people think she's not beautiful or if she's looking old or whatever but do they really need to say it? There's enough negativity out there, and everybody gets old and wrinkly, do we need to point it out and make people feel bad about themselves? Thank you!
    @Kassie: thank you! It is a similar shape to what I do a lot, it's just a lot more straight wing-y, less blended... haha does that make any sense?
    @FoxyAries: aw, I'm so glad you like them!

  9. Wow this is exactly the look I was hoping for. I love it! Again, thank you so much for posting these looks. I really admire your skills and I hope that one day my makeup will look as flawless as yours does. Can't wait to try this one too!

  10. Also, I forgot to say these posts made my week!

  11. @Jess: Good! I'm glad I chose the right one (not that she has all that much variety haha)!! Thank you so much! Let me know how it turns out when you try it!! It makes me happy that it makes you happy!!!

  12. You nailed it! Love it. Gonna try it! :)

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