Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One look worn two ways

I wanted to do something holiday-ish.  So I went for silver (with glitter, which you can totally not see at all!) with red lips.  And then me, being SUPER uncomfortable in red lips decided to change them to pink.  And I took pictures just to show what a big difference a lip color can make.

The eye makeup:

What I used:
TFSI (as always!)
NYX JEP (so I had something for my pigment to stick to)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Silver" foiled on lid
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Silver" not foiled above crease and under eye
NYX "Black" shadow along lashline and in outer v
Balmbini Volume 2 "Promiscuous Pearl" as highlight
L'oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner "Black Shock" (may I just say holy burning eyeballs!!  Don't put this on your waterline!)
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
Some false lashes I had hanging out

 Now on to the full face pictures!

Now I realize that it looks like I changed more than just my lip color when I went from red to pink.  But all I did was add just a bit more blush (I looked too washed out without it).  The lighting outside changed in between the time I got done with the red and the time I got the pink on.

Red lip colors:
NYX Soft matte lip cream "Amsterdam"
NYX Electra
NYX Snow White
I used a bit of all of these because I couldn't get it to look right

Pink lip colors:
The light pink Lipthix from Calypso Minerals
MAC "Right Image" Cremesheen Glass

Face makeup:
Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combination skin
(in the colors "Buff" and "Sand Beige" mixed together)
Maybelline Dark Circle treatment in Fair
Maybelling Super Stay concealer (the second lightest color)
Covergirl Professional loose powder in translucent fair
ELF studio blush/bronzer duo (LOVE this bad boy!)
Balmbini Volume 2 "Promiscuous Pearl" for a highlight
And with the pink lip I added some of Ulta's "Girlie" blush

Which look do you like better?  Which one would you wear?  I know for myself, I really tend to like the look of red lips, just not on me haha.  I don't know what it is but still, I feel like people are staring at me with the red lips.  I feel like the red lips are much more Christmas-y though.

Thank you all so much for checking this out!!  
And if you haven't yet, be sure to enter my Calypso Minerals giveaway!! 


  1. Such a pretty look! It's so funny how the lip colour can completely change the entire thing.. it doesn't even look the same. Very pretty either way though!

  2. both beautiful but I would wear the pink! Im more of a pink girl though and don't wear red much. Love love the eye makeup!

  3. I think you Look Beautiful with both shades of lipstick you are just Gorgeous!!:)

  4. Wow, what a huge difference with the change of lip colors!

  5. I love both looks. I can't really decide which one I like better. Personally, I'd wear the red but that's just me!

  6. i think you totally rock the red lip. it definitely looks a little more dramatic though :D you should wear red more so you can get use to it ^^

  7. Love Love Love that silver eye look! I love it so much more with the red lip(red looks so good on you! I wish you didn't feel uncomfortable with it haha) but of coarse the pink is darling too!

    I'm surprised you had a problem with the chrome liner, I have it on silver and have used it on the waterline no problem.

  8. I love the whole look and actually prefer it with the red lips. Though I'm a red lover so I may be biased ;)

    Btw, love ur blog! Just found u and started to follow

  9. What a difference a lip color makes! I really like the pink lip on you. It majorly softens the look.

  10. I have the same problem with red. Just doesn't seem right for my skin tone or something. If I want drama, I have to go with a dark berry color.

  11. love love this look, both the lip colours totally transform it!!

  12. Hi, I'm Nicole from Romanian Princess. I have just been looking at some blogs and I LOVE yours! I'm your newest follower. If you would like, PLEASE stop by my blog and check it out. If you like it, please follow, or at lease leave a little comment! That would be GREAT! XoXo Nicole Mariana

  13. UMM OF COURSE they're staring, you look like the glam lead singer in an all-girl rock band! It's stares of envy, BELIEVE ME!
    I love the look of red lips too but I feel way too self-conscious to pull it off. You however can definitely rock it! I like both looks but I think I like the red lips more... I have red lip envy xD

    Awesome awesome job on both!<33

  14. Thank you guys so much! I'm definitely more comfortable in the pink! You guys do make me want to try to wear red more though! You guys are amazing!

    @Kassie: I knew you'd like the red haha!

    @Carrie: I have tried deeper colors before too and I dislike them even more than the red haha. I don't know, I'll wear neon pink all day long but put me in dark colors or red and I get all self concious.

    @Romanian Princess: Thank you for following! I'll definitely check yours out!

    @Emily: haha thank you! If you think I can rock it than I'm sure you can too!

  15. Love the red! I know what you mean though wearing it makes me feel a little weird.

    I'm a new follower, love your site...especially further back in posts when you do the progressive shots of each step in the process!

  16. Love it!! I also like red lips on others but not myself. I really like this look with the Pink lips on you. But the Red does make it fell more Holiday-ish.

  17. Red lips give the look a vampishness about it, and the pink softens it .. too much, I think.

    But then I'm not a fan of pink lips :)

  18. I don't know babe... I know you said you don't like the red, but every time I've seen you put up a look with red lipstick, I absolutely love it! It does totally change the entire look when you change the lip color, though.