Sunday, November 27, 2011

Geisha Inspired Makeup!

One day while waiting for our children to get off their buses, my neighbor and I were talking a little bit and she said she'd seen this video showing modern Geisha makeup and she loved it.  Now Geisha makeup isn't something I'd ever considered doing.  It scares me a little haha.  But I watched the tutorial she sent me which you can watch here!  I thought it was neat and just was trying to figure out a time when I could wear it without feeling completely nutso haha.

So today is that day.  I was very influenced by that YouTube video but I also googled "Geisha makeup" and took bits of inspiration from pictures I saw there too.  So here's my look!

It's soooo different for me!!  Which is good.

I did use a foundation that it way too light for my skin (which you can really see in the last picture!) to lighten but not white out my face.  

NYX JEP "milk"
Inglot 403 P (yellow gold) shadow
Sugarpill's Love+ (red) shadow on eyes, cheeks, forehead, and a little in eyebrows
NYX "white" shadow
Revlon Colorstay/ Wet 'n Wild black liquid liners mixed
a set of Halloween lashes for top and some random ones for the lower lashes

NYX "Amsterdam" soft matte lip cream

This was fun to do.  I definitely like trying different things but my problem is wearing them out.  Who wants to do makeup and then just wash it off??  That's no fun. 

I hope you like this (especially you, Carrie!). Haha I feel like a crazy person with the bottom lashes since they're not actually near my natural lashes so it feels VERY strange!  I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!!!  


  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LOOK!! Totally was not expecting this from you and I am pleasantly surprised!!

  2. Amazing makeup. I so love visiting your blog, very colourful and very creative, thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG! I love it! I am so happy you did it! It looks awesome!!

  4. This look is Amazing great job:)

  5. Wow! Your shading and blending is beyond impressive.

  6. Wow you did an awesome job! This is a good idea for Halloween next year!

  7. superrrrrrrrrrrrr wowwwwwwww... awesome look. \m/

  8. You guys are so great! You sure know how to make a girl who's feeling self conscious about her makeup feel better!! Thank you all soo much!!

    @Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you for saying that! It means so much to me!!

  9. holllllly shit. This is BY FAR the best geisha look I have ever ever ever seen. And I've seen lots. BRAVO!!

  10. Can you PLEASE redo this & do a tutorial!????? YOU"RE KILLING ME, you're so amazing and NEVER show us how you do it lol

  11. I admire your eyeliner skills and the different shape you create with your eyeshadow placement... i'd love to see a tutorial on your techniques for these things. beautiful job on this look... i just love that you didn't use white for the whole face. makes it uique.

  12. I love it!
    I follow you! Can you visit my site?

  13. @Ronnie: that was the best compliment EVER! Thank you!

    @LexiFresh: I will definitely consider doing this one again!!! I swear I'm working on taping tutorials. Just I need natural light and the time of day never works out!

    @Story of a girl: Thank you so much! I promise I'll try!

    @Esther.MTMU: Thanks! I'll check it out!

  14. I had to revisit this post and comment AGAIN, that's just how good this look is. Like, I don't think you even REALIZE how good this look is. I can't stop coming back to look at it!!