Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teal and warm brown! And a little makeover on my sister!

There's just something I love about playing warm and cool colors off of each other on the eyes.  I don't know why but I just love doing it.  My sister, brother-in-law, and niece just came down to visit me and they gave me a present, which consisted of a MAC paintpot in the color "Delft", MAC "Teal" pigment, and MAC "In Synch" lipliner.  So of course I had to use them!  So here's the look I did today!

 And this is a picture my kiddo took of my puppy and I together on my couch (he's not supposed to be on the couch so he's extra well behaved when he sneaks up there so he let me cuddle on him haha)! 

So the colors I used are:
MAC "Delft" paintpot
MAC "Teal" pigment
Calypso Minerals "Torrid" matte pigment (the brown)
MAC "Vanilla" pigment
MAC "Blacktrack" fluidline
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

Elf blush/bronzer duo
NYX "peach" blush

MAC "In Synch" lipliner
the custom peach color from Calypso Minerals (which I'm obsessed with!!)
MAC "Boy Bait" Cremesheen glass

Can you tell I was kinda trying to stick to mainly one brand today??  Haha.  

So while my sister was here, I told her she had to let me do makeup on her.  I need practice on people who aren't me.  So she told me ok.  Now she VERY rarely wears makeup so anything to her is a lot of makeup.  So what did I decide to do on her???  That's right.  A smokey eye haha.  

My sister before:
And after:
What do you think?? 
Haha I have to say I was very unprofessional while doing her makeup.  I was trying to pretend she was a client (because eventually I want to be a freelance makeup artist) but it wasn't working out haha.  She was like, "are you almost done?" and I had barely started her eye makeup so that made me crack up (it doesn't help that I was overtired haha) and I just kept laughing.  So she said, "you know, you're going to make clients mad if you just keep laughing at them" so then I laughed harder haha.  Oh well!!

And then while she was all made up I got an adorable picture of her and my niece (who I LOVE sooo much!!) together!

So let me know what you think!!  And just a little heads up, I'm going have a surprise for you guys soon!!!  So keep on the lookout for that!!  Thank you, as always, sooo much for taking time out of your day to read this and to comment!!!  


  1. Wow! You did a great job on your sister. I love teal and brown together.

  2. As always you look beautiful, your dog is so cute :) Your sister looks great!! you did a really good job... her brows look so good! You could really have a great career in makeup!

  3. Love the teal color! You did a great job on your sister's makeup. She looks so pretty!and you doggy is adorable!

  4. You look Beautiful! You did a great job on your sis!!:)

  5. ooh u always make me wanna try bright colors! and u did an amazing job on ur sister! i think you'll be amazing doing freelance :)

  6. What a gorgeous pup!!! & your makeup too :)

  7. Nice eye makeup as usual. Great job on your sister, I bet she felt a million dollars after you'd finished.

  8. Just have to ask, what foundation did you use on your sister? Her skin looks amazing in the after picture!

  9. Thank you guys! I thought she looked great (her husband liked it too, which is always good!)!

    @Hiep: I used a mixture of Carmindy for Sally Hansen (from CVS) and Revlon Colorstay on her. They were just foundations I had around that were light enough for her skintone.

  10. I love what the color combo you did on your eyes in this one! You did an awesome job on your sis too!! I def am following your blog now for more ideas & inspirations. Do me a favor & follow mine too: . Thanks girly!!

  11. I think you did a great job on your sister! Applying makeup on other people is not easy. I just started a makeup artistry course. Here I was thinking that I would excell because I knew how to apply makeup on myself. Wow, was I wrong! LOL! There is so much to learn about sanitation, personal boundries, eye shapes, skin colors, age, oh the list just goes on. Practice as much as you can! You do such a great job on your makeup, it would be a shame if you don't freelance... You are so talented!