Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lime Crime and Makeupbee Collaboration (Part One!)!

So one of the awesome things about being a "Queenbee" on Makeupbee is that you get to take part in some really cool collaborations.  It's awesome getting access to brands and products I might otherwise not be able to afford or I just might not know about them.

One of these brands is Lime Crime.  Queenbees, if they wanted to take part, were able to select two eyeshadows, a lipgloss, a lipstick, and an "eyeshadow helper" (which is their primer).  With eyeshadows, I can always find colors I like, not a problem, I chose what looked like a deep green ("Medusa") and a nice purple color ("Empress").  Lipsticks I had a hard time picking just one that I wanted to try but I went with a nude color, "Coquette".

But when I got to the lipgloss section, I had a hard time deciding.  I'm not a dark lip kinda girl.  I wear nude or light pink lips like all the time.  When you look at Lime Crime's lipgloss selection, you will see neither of those colors haha.  They have a red, a reddish pink, a purple, a blue, and a gold.  So I had to think about which one I'd be most likely to wear so I decided on the purple, which is called "Kaleidoscope."

I was so excited to try this stuff that as soon as it got here, I went off to do a look with one.  So here's what I came up with:

Please excuse the beyotch look on my face in this picture haha 
What I used:
Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper
Lime Crime "Medusa"
Inglot 414 P (a pearly, dark green)
Inglot 351 M (a light off white color for a highlight)
some false lashes that I don't know who they're by or what style they are
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

A purple eyeliner
Lime Crime "Kaleidoscope" lipgloss

For me not being a dark lip girl, I actually think this came out pretty.  Of course, I didn't stay wearing the purple lips but I liked it while it was on.

A few things about the lipgloss: it's a dark color.  I applied it the first time without lining my lips first (I don't have a purple lipliner).  BIG MISTAKE!!  You can't just throw this on your lips, rub them together, and go.  That's not happening with this color.  You need to line your lips and then apply this almost as if you're applying red lipstick. 

I did swatches of the shadows over 4 different bases/primers to see how their Eyeshadow Helper compared to the others.  I also did a swatch of Sugarpill's "Poison Plum" to see how it effected that as well.
And after doing this little experiment, it made me wonder why in the WORLD does anyone waste their money on Urban Decay Primer potion????  Look what it does for those shadow colors!  A big fat nothing!!  The only reason I have it is because a sample came with the Naked palette!

The eyeshadow helper feels almost waxy and it definitely brings out the metallic-ness of the shadows more than the other bases.  But I mean, if the eyeshadow helper does the same thing for the shadows that NYX's JEP "milk" does, then that will let me skip a step I do in my eye makeup routine almost every day, which is always cool.

I don't obviously have any solid feelings about these products yet as I literally just got my hands on them today.  But so far so good!  

Thanks so much for checking this out!!  I hope you all have a great New Year's!!!!


  1. I think Lime Crime eyeshadow helper is the best base out there :) just got a new one in the sales too!!! Awesome look love the dark eyes and lips together x

  2. You are so talented & so gorgeous!! Thank you for coming out with new & great ideas!!

  3. wow, I am so happy I saw the comparison of primers. I had no idea about the UD primer potion!

  4. very nice hair..wonderfull colour.

  5. I love your blog and I loved Makeupbee. I'm disappointed to see them collaborating with such a horrific company. Their eyeshadows are repackaged mica that you can buy from TKBTrading and they have a tendency to harass bloggers that give them less than stellar reviews.

  6. I love love love that dark lip on you! I wish you would try dark lips more often! The look you created is absolutely Gorgeous!!

    For the lip gloss, I got Golden Ticket, and I might be starting to regret it because it isn't a very wearable lip color. Its gold, and gorgeous in the tube but I don't know about on my face! haha I can't wait to try out the product I got.

    And Medusa is absolutely gorgeous! I thought about getting it but changed my mind. You rock this look like no other!

  7. Gorgeous! The eyeshadow is a beautiful colour and I adore the gloss! Intrigued with the primer too.

  8. I used UDPP and I love it. It helps keep my shadows on all day. Nice look

  9. Also, the UDPP in the Naked Palette is probably old and it's really watered down. I noticed the difference between the full-sized squeeze tube I have and the mini one I got with the palette last month. Hope that helps!

  10. Wow so dark and sexy! :) Love this look!

  11. You sure did a great job of selling these! And you're absolutely right about the Lime Crime eyeshadow helper showing the richest color. Also really loving that lip gloss!

  12. Good are gorgeous.

  13. Love the look and I really like the comparison of the primers. I wonder if MissAshDG has a point. I haven't used UDPP in a while thought. Love NYX JEP in milk :)

  14. Very pretty look I love the dark lips on you. That last picture is awesome too... you look so fierce which goes with the look :)

  15. OH I love this! You do amazing work! The lips are to die for too! Great job! Thanks for the primer comparision. That was a great idea!

  16. I LOVE LOVE This look!!! VERY SEXY:)

  17. Thank you all so much!!

    @Mel: I didn't know anything about that so thanks for telling me!

    @Kassie: Thank you! I'm actually surprised at how much I liked this lip color on myself. My daughter told me I looked scary though haha.

    @MissAshDG: I'm sure that UDPP keeps shadows from creasing and maybe that is the case where the sample size isn't any good but that's just a bad plan on Urban Decay's part because I know I won't buy a full sized one now.

  18. I'm not a dark lips kinda girl either, but I really love how that gloss turned out for you! Maybe it will inspire me to be a little more adventurous :)

  19. Excuse me, but...can I just make love to your face?! LOL! You are so freakin' gorgeous Sonja!

    Anyway, I looove Medusa on you <3

  20. I love seeing color on your lips!!! I think it looks gorg!!!

  21. You are so damn stunning! I love everything about the look! It's kind of has a "sophisticated porn star" feel to it. (Please don't take this the wrong way - it's meant as a compliment!)
    I prefer nude lips, too, but this colour is gorgeous in you!

  22. Really admiring your hair color. Looks beautiful on you. Too bad you don't know the brand of the lashes, they are so pretty and I want them haha.

  23. I went ahead and ordered some of the Lime Crime primer because I liked your results. I just opened it up and it's TOTALLY dried out. It applies alright, but I'm pretty disappointed. I'll make a post with my thoughts on it once I try it out, but I'm quite apprehensive at this point. Maybe the cold during shipping damaged it.

    1. Hi フランゼン,
      I just saw this now (Late sorry!) But if the product you received was dried out please email and she can make sure you get a fresh one!
      xo~Cassie Wanda

  24. I am SO ordering this eye shadow helper as soon as I run out of the UDPP (mine came with my nakep palette too!) !!! The results on your swatches is amazing !!! And I love wearing bright colours aswell so it'll be a good buy =)

    I just found your blog and it's great =) I can't wait for more posts !!!

    xxx Vee