Monday, December 19, 2011

It's another Naked day!

Well first of all, I'd like to say hello to all of my new followers!  What a pleasant surprise to get on here to see I got 30 new followers overnight!  I hope you guys enjoy my blog (I'm always open to suggestions!!)!  I'm sorry to have kind of a lame post this time.  I just got myself a Naked palette and have been trying to use it and see what I can come up with.  So here's the look I did today!


And sometimes I make weird faces haha

Here's the Naked palette, of course 
The colors I used:
"Virgin" on inner corner of lid and as highlight
"Half Baked" on middle of lid and just under highlight color
"Smog" on outer corner of lid
"Darkhorse" in outer v area
"Naked" to blend up
I also took "Half Baked" and "Smog" under my eye
I lined my eye with MAC "Blacktrack" fluidline and went over that with "Darkhorse" to soften it a bit!

I do like the way this looks.  It's not anything super special and I'm really not too big into neutrals but I think it's a soft, pretty look.  Very wearable!

On my lips I have:
NYX "Natural" lipliner
Revlon "Pink Pout" matte lipstick
NYX "Nude Pink" lipgloss

And also I just wanted to ask again for any votes for the looks I entered in the Makeupbee competition.  I entered a look with rhinestones:
Which you can vote for by clicking HERE and then clicking the "like" button

I also entered my Candy Cane Cut Crease look
Which you can vote for by clicking HERE!!

The grand prize is a $500 gift certificate to Sephora, which would be amazing to win!

But it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I lost to:
either of Ronnie's looks Green smokey eye and Sugar & Spice glitter look
Meredith Jessica's look Green and Gold
Kassie's looks Gothic Christmas and Candy Cane Smoke
and a few other looks I think are amazing:

Your support is so appreciated!  Thank you guys so much!!!


  1. I'm thinking about getting the Naked 2 palette. I'm more into greige, Mauve shades and not as much into bronze and coppery warm shades. But every time I see a post about the naked palette I getthe urge to order it lol. Maybe I will have to order noth. I'm new to your blog, I'm so glad I found it it's awesome.


  2. I don't Naked looks are ever boring! But then again I love my Naked palette! Gorgous as always!

  3. I love your 'lame' look LOL It looks positvely gorgeous on you!

  4. Don't you just love the naked palette? Love this look and it looks gorgeous with your eyes! I so wore that hat today, too.

  5. I'm one of your new followers. You have amazing eyes and I look forward to trawling back and looking at your make up looks x

  6. gorgeous! i'm a HUGE urban decay fan, but don't have the naked palette, yet. I love to wear the neutral tones, and wish I could pull off this look like you do! It looks so fantastic :)

  7. Wow, I hope you win it. I love your styles.
    Especially the nude one.
    I really like your blog and follow it now.
    Maybe you follow back although it is a german one?


  8. @Loevens: I really think I would have liked the 2nd one better myself but I just don't want to wait to get it haha. It sells out so darn fast on the website, I know it's going to be a bit before I'll be able to get my hands on it!

    @Angie: I do post my neutral looks because I know that some people enjoy them. I feel like I have such a hard time getting the variations in color to show up. Thank you for liking my natural looks!

    @DalaLuz: Thank you so much!!

    @toshiam: I do like it. I really think I would have preferred the second one but this is pretty. Did you really?? We were twins in different states!

    @Just me, Leah: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my blog!!

    @simply beauty: you ABSOLUTELY could pull this off, this is a very wearable look. This is the kind of look that looks good on everyone!

    @amenita: Thank you so much! I'll see if I can find yours, I'll definitely follow it!

  9. You're certainly doing that Naked palette justice! Lovely.

  10. Girl, you look good Naked! Lol. I got to swatch this palette on the weekend and I'm obsessed with half-baked, so good!! You look lovely and thanks for the free promo. I pimped you in my latest post too.

  11. There is no harm in a subtle and natural look! Like Meredith said, you look HOT naked, lol. And thank you for the promo! You really didn't have to do that, babe! I'll be sure to promote you (and the other ladies) as well on my next post!