Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soft(er) smokey eye with purple and grey

Since I received my Inglot shadows, I've been itching to use this one purple color and grey together but I've been too busy playing with my brights haha.  So finally I did it.  These colors are perfect with each other.  They're both matte colors and they're incredible.  So here's the shadows I used:
I also used the colors 351 (as a highlight) and 352 (to help blend)
I don't usually go for a completely matte look but I was diggin it today so here's the look I came up with:
I have MAC "Creme Cup" lipstick on (it's a really beautiful natural pink color).

And when I did my neutral look the other day makeup by danisaddiction said that she does a similar look using MAC pigments in "Melon" and "Golden Olive" and while I don't have Golden Olive, I do have Melon so I thought I'd swatch it next to the Inglot 407 to compare:
They look sooo much alike in the pan
Here you can see that melon is a lot more metallic and gold and 407 is more orangey.  I know you can't really tell but when the reflection off of the light isn't there, you can see the difference.  They are DEFINITELY similar, but I wouldn't call it an exact dupe.  So I hope you guys have the most amazing day today! 
I hope you're all entering the giveaway because one of you can win some of these Inglot shadows!!!


  1. Love this look! I'm seriously considering buying an Inglot palette. The colors are so pretty!

  2. Awww thanks for the swatch!! They are kinda similar! But the Inglot one is definitely more orange and way prettier. I absolutely love this soft smokey eye...the gray and purple go so well together and look amazing on you! I love your hair too...we need a hair tutorial! =D

  3. Hi... I'm glad you now have a blog... i hadn't noticed, btw, I'm a fellow mug :) This looks is gorgeous---inspires me to use grey more. and thanks for all the inglot dupe info. :)

  4. Really like 376, so pretty. Looks great.

  5. This is so pretty! I love that purple! You are really making me want to buy an Inglot palette now.

  6. Beautiful! I can't wait for my Inglot order to get here!

  7. This is really beautiful hun!! & This might sound odd but your eyebrows look fantastic in those photos :)

  8. I love this look. The colors look great together. I love that grey how pigmented it is. Now can you find a dupe for that grey.

  9. Love the look. I'm a fan of matte looks :p but i know a bit of shimmer sometimes just makes the look even better. Thanks for swatch, i think melon and 407P isn't a dupe they're kind of different in terms of undertone shade :)

  10. Love this one..seriously i've to get my inglot palette :)

  11. Gorgeous as always! Those colors compliment you so well.

  12. Thanks so much ladies!! I really am in love with most of the colors I got!
    @Danisaddiction: hmmm... how to hold a hot curling iron in my hair, take a picture, and not set myself on fire??? Haha maybe I'll have my hubby help me some day!
    @Meme: I can't wait until you get your order either! Can't wait to see what you got and what you do with it!!
    @Make me up: Thank you! I appreciate that!
    @Babie: uh oh, a challenge. I don't know haha! I'll see what I can do

  13. That's a great look! You're work is always amazing! I'm not familiar with Inglot. How do they compare to MAC? What colors would you recommend purchasing for someone starting out?

  14. Thank you! I honestly can't give a great comparison between MAC and Inglot because I only own 1 MAC eyeshadow (and it's a skintone color so I really can't comment on pigmentation). However, you know how when you apply a really finely milled loose powder, the powder kinda floats up around your face? I've found that happens with the Inglot shadows, not enough to leave any fallout, just you can tell they're really finely milled. The price is the biggest difference for me. MAC refill eyeshadows are $11 apiece and if you buy 10 or more Inglot shadows they're only $4.50 each which is really great considering that you get 1.2 grams more product in the Inglot square shadows (not the circle ones) than MAC shadows. I really love the shadows I got, my favorites are:
    352, 395, 361, 384, 372, 392, 379, 388, 376, 363, and 407.

    If you go here:
    I have a swatches of all of the colors I got. The mattes are definitely my favorites! I don't really care for the AMC shadows that much. I hope that helps a little!

  15. Thank you so much! That helps a lot! I'm going to check everything out. I can't wait to place an order!