Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coral/blue summery look

My follower, Ashley, suggested that I do a coral or orange look because it's a such a great color for summer and I totally agree!  So I started off doing this with just the coral color on my lid and then I decided it needed something else so I added a bright blue/ turquoise color on my bottom lashes because coral and turquoise are seriously a match made in heaven.
ahh yes, the silly face haha
I tried to get a picture where you can see the blue on my waterline
The colors I used were:
~Inglot eyeshadows:
407 pearl orange on lid
363 matte brown just above crease
361 matte coral above brown 
352 matte skintone color to blend
393 pearl highlight on browbone, tearduct, and cheeks
371 matte bright blue under eye 
428 navy blue pearl on waterline
~NYX ultra pearl mania in "ocean blue" on top of 371 because I didn't like the way it looked with just a matte blue under my eye
~MAC fluidline"Rich Ground" which is a beautiful bronze color that I don't use very often because it's not a great defining color usually I use it as a base rather than a liner

On my lips:
MAC "myth" lipstick
MAC "Pink Friday" lipstick
NYX megashine lipgloss "Frosted Beige"

And because this has nothing to do with anything but I love it, I want to show you my awesome new windchimes:
are they perfect for my family or what?  There's this store here called "Garden Ridge" that's just full of home decorating stuff and I got these windchimes there for $14.99.  

So thanks so much guys for checking this out!  And thank you, Ashley, for suggesting I do a coral look for summer!!  I really like how this turned out!


  1. wonderful color combo! I was just thinking of doing a coral and blue or blue and gold...this came out out really great and I luv thr blue on the lower lashline and waterline

  2. I love this color combo and I want to try this out for sure. I love the blue on your waterline!! Your eyes just really look so blue, especially with the blue on your lower lashline! Gorgeous!! Cute windchimes too!!

  3. i love to do this colour combo, im sure it looks 10000x better on you though haha so pretty. love the windchimes!

  4. nice combo and that pop of blue makes it look so good! It is indeed summery! Windchimes!!! my mum is obsessed with them she has like four windchimes in the backyard or something :p

  5. I love it! Nice to see ur using your new shadows!! Lol silly face!

  6. Girl I am so happy you did my look today! I was thinking of a good color combo for my birthday next week, and this was perfect!!

    I love the teal-ish blue with the orange- great color choices!

    Thanks a bunch love! :)

  7. Very beautiful!

  8. I love the color combo!! :]

  9. Thank you guys!!!
    @Jess: thank you! I'm still not sure how much I like the colored waterline on me but I'll definitely give it another chance!
    @Dani: thank you!
    @Ashii: haha no, I'm sure it looks amazing on you!
    @Mandy: haha my daughter is obsessed with windchimes too for whatever reason
    @Amalia: haha I haven't stopped using them. Since I've gotten my Inglot shadows, there's been at least one on my face every single day haha
    @Samantha: thanks!
    @Ashley: yay! I'm so glad you like it!! Haha wouldn't it be awful if the person who's suggestion I take hates the look I come up with?? And happy birthday!
    @Meme and Dee: thank you both so much!!