Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random NYC roadtrip and a HUGE Inglot letdown!

My husband is crazy.  He has a thing for lizards.  We have 10 lizards in our designated "lizard room" at the moment.  My husband had been looking for a female tegu (since we already have a male so that way we can have more lizards!! haha) and he found one on Craigslist.  In New York City.  We live in North Carolina (our GPS says that's a 9 1/2 hour drive.  the GPS does not take into account any traffic). He talked to the guy who was selling her and he didn't want to ship her because she's kinda big for that and he didn't feel comfortable shipping her.  So how does my husband convince me that we should go to New York City for the weekend???  He plays the makeup card. 

I'd been telling my husband about Inglot Cosmetics and how I wanted to do what they call the Freedom System and get a 20 palette of square eyeshadows.  The problem with that being that there are only 4 stores in the United States (they finally made a website that you can order on but they didn't have one before).  I had been hearing such great things about these Inglot eyeshadows (on Makeup Geek and from GossMakeupArtist on YouTube ) so I really wanted to get some to try.  Online, the 20 palette square filled plus shipping is $106 (which breaks down to $5.30 per shadow, which is a really good price).  I wanted a square palette because those shadows have 2.7g of product whereas the round have 1.8g. 

So my hubby, being the brilliant man that he is says, "we can go to New York City and we can go to that makeup store you wanted to go to."  So we left for New York City that night, my husband on the mission of getting a new lizard, me on the mission of getting some great new makeup.

So long story short, we find the Inglot store and I was so excited I took a picture of it:
I went inside the store and there were 3 people working there, one of whom was with a customer (who happened to be the only other customer in the store).  One of the girls who was working looked at me and walked by me, she didn't say a word to me.  So I stood there for a minute feeling kinda lost and I was expecting some sort of help.  When the girl did not attempt to help me, I walked up to her and started talking to her about the Freedom System and I told her that I was looking to get a 20 square palette and she said, "We're out of the 20 square palettes."  So I asked about the 10 square palette and she said, "we're out of those too."  She told me that they did have the circle palettes, though.  So I asked her how much those were and they were going to be only $10 less... for quite a bit less product.  And the sales girl said to me, "Well, you could just go online."  So I told her I had driven up from North Carolina and really wanted to get something in the store.  And she told me I could take a look at the shadows and she walked away. 

I spent a good 10 minutes looking at shadows and swatching them on my hand.  She never checked to see if I had figured out what I wanted to get, she didn't even look at me again.  It was almost as if I was a waste of her time and I should have just stayed home and gone online.  Why was this girl working with customers when clearly she is not good with them??  Anyways, I got so fed up that I just left.  Now I have no intention of buying anything from Inglot because my experience was such a negative one.

Well, besides that being such a massive disappointment for me, we had a really nice trip.  We walked all around Manhattan, went to the giant Toys 'R Us where of course we had to ride on the ferris wheel (my daughter loved it).  And then the next day we went to the Bronx Zoo.  I'm originally from Upstate New York and my family still lives there so I told them that we were being totally crazy and going to the city and asked if they could meet us maybe at the Bronx Zoo.  My mom came down with my cousins and it was so nice to see them!   
Briana being a Barbie haha, she loves this picture

Briana and the hubby on the ferris wheel in Toys 'R Us

Briana being super excited on the ferris wheel
My mom with my cousins (Frankie and Alexis) and my Briana

New York skyline

Us being silly because we were BORED haha!!!
I know this wasn't a super exciting post but I figured I'd let you guys know about my bad experience with Inglot and share a little of my trip with you!  Thanks so much for reading this (and sorry it's so very long haha)!!  I hope you enjoy your Sunday!!! 


  1. What a bummer about the inglot, I wanted to try those too. Everyone is raving about them. I still think you should order online though. Just to try em out ya know?

  2. Oh that's just too bad! I feel the same when I have a bad experience with a store/brand/product - I never ever go back!! Oh well, at least you had a good trip and got to meet your family!

  3. @Girtastic I might eventually buy something from them but I'll definitely be going in other directions first!! We'll have to see.

    @Scarlett yeah, it really stunk because I was so hyped up for it but there are other brands out there and we did still have a great trip!

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