Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blues and some goodies!

So this is just my makeup from yesterday.  It's nothing super thrilling, just blues.  I wanted to do some kind of color because I was wearing a black shirt so I chose blue.  For my eyes I used:
TFSI first (as always), then I used NYX jumbo eye pencils in "black bean" and "milk" (I tried something new by putting the milk on the inner half of my eyelid, then I put black bean on the outer half and up above my crease).  Then I used NYX ultra pearl mania in "space" and "ocean blue." The outer v is NYX's eyeshadow in "black" and the highlight is MAC's "Vanilla" pigment (LOVE!!!).

Then I was being goofy with my daughter:

Isn't she beautiful?  I mean, look at those eyes!!!  Oh, and these pictures with my daughter were taken WAY later in the day (hence nothing on my lips haha)!

And here's one of us being normal haha:

Anyways... I went to Target yesterday (I could seriously spend every day in there and not get sick of it) and wandered through the cosmetics department and saw a big E.L.F. display and saw that they had some their "studio" line there.  So I bought the blush/bronzer duo because I had it before but used it all and couldn't justify spending their crazy shipping prices for one thing.  So I was really excited to see that there because it's only $3 and it's amazing, I really love it.  So here's what it looks like

I also was in need of some new mascara.  I've been using L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and I really love it.  I had seen an ad for L'oreal "Extra Volume Collagen" mascara and I loved the way the brush looked so I decided to grab that one.  It was $6.54 (I know, what a weird price).  The packaging:

Here's the Voluminous wand compared to the Extra Volume Collagen (the Voluminous wand is longer, which I like better):

"Extra Volume Collagen" is on top and "Voluminous" is on the bottom

And here are the brushes themselves (they're really not all that different, the bristles on the Extra Volume Collagen are longer than Voluminous and they actually get longer towards the tip):
"Extra Volume Collagen" on the left "Voluminous" on the right

Here's me with no mascara:

Here's me with the extra volume collagen:

I know I should have put the Voluminous on the other eye to show you what they each do for the lashes but I didn't think that would be fair to the Voluminous because it's old and kinda dry.  But overall, I would definitely buy the "Extra Volume Collagen" again (I probably like it more than the Voluminous).  It made my lashes look really long and it doesn't make my lashes feel stiff like some other mascaras do.  I just wish it was a little more black.  I bought "blackest black" but it's really not super black like I was hoping. 

And I figured I'd throw in my makeup today since I used the products I bought (normally I wouldn't post this look as I didn't even try to create any depth in the shadows haha oh well!).
On my eyes I have:
TFSI, then NYX JEP in "milk"
NYX ultra pearl manias in "rust" and "walnut"
Highlight is MAC "Vanilla" pigment
And I am wearing the E.L.F. blush/bronzer duo on my cheeks

Well thanks again for checking this out.  I hope it might help you a little (haha sorry if it doesn't).  I hope you have an incredible day!!!!


  1. love that blue!! and the pics with your daughter are so cute! great review too, definitely another mascara i wanna try out :) x

  2. Nice look and Great review!
    I wanted to try this elf blush and bronzer for a long time! Now I will definitly give it a try

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  4. This is an amazing post, I really love it!!! Super thorough and very well done! I myself went to Target today too, and I picked up a few elf things as well- that display was HUGE!!! :)

  5. I am definitely going to have to check out that mascara! I see your looks on Makeupgeek. Always amazing! I'm BigMommaBlack, by the way. I did the Jessica Alba look. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Thank you guys so much! I'm so glad you found this helpful (it was my first real review)! I know sometimes I'm a little scatterbrained a jump around because I'll start off trying to say something but then I think about something else I wanted to say haha. You guys are the best!

  7. that blue look is amazing, you are so talented :)

    Xoxo Christine