Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springtime is here!!

This post has nothing to do with makeup.  I am just so excited that spring is finally here that I wanted to post a couple of pictures that I took!  There's just something about spring air that makes you just want to go outside and take a deep breath, I love it! 

These are just the flowers on the tree in my front yard (sorry I don't know what kind of tree it is)!  Aren't they beautiful??
And this picture is of my "Lamb's Ear", I just thought it was kind of a neat picture. 

   And now I have to share with you the most AMAZING jeans ever created!!!   I got these last week.  I have to tell you here that I do not buy myself clothes.  Like ever.  If I have extra money, you'd better bet I'm buying something makeup related haha.  But it had been a while... like a really long while since I've bought new jeans and I needed some. 

So I had been taking these stupid online surveys on "e-rewards": each survey is worth a certain amount of money and then you cash in your money to get some kind of reward.  Well I saw on there that if I earned $95 then I could get a $50 Express gift card so that's what I did.  The week I finally earned enough (it really took a long time) and my gift card came in the mail, I also got coupons from Express giving me $40 off of a purchase of $120 or more!!!  So I went to Express and picked out these jeans. 

Now let me say that I have "thick" thighs.  They are just big and muscular and they always have been and no matter how skinny I could get, I'd still have large thighs.  Let me give you an example; a few years ago I had on a pair of sweatpants at my parent's house and my dad looked at me and said, "Sonja, you should model softball pants."  Yup... softball pants.  I know he meant well but in my language that meant, "Sonja, you have really big thighs" haha.  So I need pants that flare out at the bottom to make my thighs not look as huge. 

I picked out two pairs of jeans that are the same style, one just has whiskering and fading on them and the other is just dark blue, I got to the dressing room and put them on and got so excited because they looked good and I didn't look at myself in the mirror and say "hello thighs" like I usually do when I try on pants haha.  Now let me warn you that these aren't cheap pants.  The plain dark blue pants were $69.90 and the ones with whiskering were $79.90 (I guess whiskering costs more???).  But they had a buy one get one 50% off sale (that's actually why I got two pairs).  I also grabbed two tank tops (each was supposed to be $19.90) from there because I wear tank tops under everything and they were also buy one get one 50% off.  So all of these things added up (with no sales on anything) would have originally been about $190, but with the sale, my gift card, and my coupon I paid about $60!!!  Yay for deal hunters!!! 

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to my incredible pants (maybe some day I'll get brave enough to post a picture of me wearing them but today is not that day):

The plain ones:

The ones with whiskering:
I highly HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who had big thighs (oh, but I should mention that I don't have big hips or a big butt).  LOVE them!!!

Well, that's enough of my rambling for today haha!  I hope that you all enjoy the spring weather as much as I have been (unless you live somewhere like Upstate NY who still have snow haha)!  Thanks guys for reading this!!!


  1. Those photos of those flowers are really beautiful.....

    I am a huge fan of jeans, I have about 10 pairs :)
    Those whiskering ones look really nice :) Especially with a brown belt like the one in the pic :)

  2. those jeans are cute! I love the tan shoes with the second ones too :)

  3. The tree is a Dogwood; aren't the flowers beautiful?!? I love dogwood trees! They are our state tree though so they are everywhere!

  4. Thank you for telling me! They're everywhere her too. They are sooo beautiful! Today the sky was grey and seeing all of these trees with white flowers against the grey sky reminded me a lot of snow covered trees. Unfortunately, my tree is starting to get leaves.