Monday, March 28, 2011

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania love!

I love my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania's, they come in a lot of different colors from bright to neutral, but they're all VERY shimmery.  The best thing of all is that they're SO inexpensive!!!  I bought mine on Cherry Culture forever ago and they were $1.99 apiece.  However, just about once a month, there's a 20% off sale so I waited until then to buy mine.  I hated the containers they came in;
they're small and super portable but almost impossible to actually get the right amount of product out of so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a plastic container that has 24 little plastic jars in it (I think that was about $7) and depotted all of them into the jars. 
 So here's what they look like now:
And I figured I would do swatches of them all for you.  I did a stripe of TFSI, a stripe of NYX JEP "Milk", and a stripe of NYX JEP "Black Bean" so you can see what they look like on each of those bases:
See how, especially in this group, the colors totally pop over the black base?
My favorites are most definitely Mocha, Silver, Lime, Ocean Blue, Turquoise, Nude, Rust, and Sky Pink.  I don't really like the black one at all, the texture is very different than the rest of them, it reminds me of the beard from the toy "Wooly Willy" haha.
Hopefully you can see the chunky texture here
Versus the smooth texture here (this is how all of the other ones look too)
And since I'm showing all of these to you, I decided to do a look using only these (well, except my liner).  
The colors I used are: True Purple, Silver, Black, Space, and White (as my highlight).  I used them over NYX JEP in "Milk".  

But I definitely think that for the price, these are definitely worth it (just don't buy the black one!!!).  I really do use them all of the time (usually not all at once haha) and I love them!  


  1. I love the look! What brush do u use for the loose shadows? and the swatches are great..thanks for putting them over black bean as well..that is very helpful!

  2. Awesome swatches- great job! I loooove your hair here so pretty! Thanks for the review, I will definitely keep my eye on these!

  3. I love how you put these in those little containers. I have a few of them that are basically unused because I have yet to buy anything to put them in. I love your collection & your hair looks SO pretty.

  4. I bought a few of those same containers a couple of months back and use them for glitter and my depotted NYX jumbo eye pencils. I love how the jars are removable! Amazing swatches and you look soooo beautiful!

  5. I have one, I think it's in rust, but I have not idea how to use it and what look to use it with, It's super hard to get just enough pigment out, so I never use it.

  6. I love that you did the swatches with 3 colors underneath, that is a great way to do it. I was LMAO at the Wooly Willy. That was a GREAT comparison though it looks just like the ground up magnetic bits. That Wooly Willy was a lot of fun though.

  7. I have turquoise and I really like it...I've only used it once and I did also find that it was really hard to work with because of the way they package it. I love your hair!!

  8. @Jess: I use my smudge brush that I got from Target.. I can't remember the name of the brand but I know the brush was like $2.50, I love that brush, I actually have 2 of them because I use them so so much.

    @Amalia: Thanks!!

    @DreamingCrush41: Thank you so much! Yeah, the packaging they come in sucks... they really should think about changing it!

    @Meme: Why didn't I think of that for my JEP??? I depotted a few because I had emptied pots of other products but I have a couple more and didn't even think to put them in there!

    @Girtasic: you'll have to depot it and try it again, it would look beautiful on you (it's a bit warmer than their "Rust" eyeshadow)!

    @Becki: hey thanks! Haha I had to google what he was called, I couldn't remember the name, I just remember playing with him!

    @Danisaddiction: They say that cosmetic companies care what we think... well they should start listening and put these in different packaging and put a pump on Revlon Colorstay. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this great blogpost! Now, I have an overview about the colours and know, which ones I want :)