Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!!!

I know, what a random title.  I swear it'll make sense in a minute haha.  Ya know how you take your child with you to the grocery store and they ask for EVERYTHING?  Well I decided to let my daughter pick out some Trix yogurts for herself (which temporarily satisfied the asking for things) and of course as soon as we got home, she had to eat one right away.  None of this surprised me, but what threw me off a little and made me appreciate her a little more was when she opened her yogurt, she gasped and said "Wow!  It's so beautiful!"  How adorable is that?  My daughter thought this Trix yogurt was sooo beautiful, so I took a picture of it and had every intention of doing a look based on it.  Well, it took me about a month but I finally got around to doing it.  I have to say that it's definitely not a look I'd wear around but I was pleased with how it came out.

Here's my inspiration (I swear it was a lot more pink in person)
And here's my look!
On my eyes, I used:
TFSI first, then NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk"
The blue is Ben Nye pigment in "Cosmic Blue"
The pink is Ben Nye pigment in "Azalea"
and the purple is two purples from the NYX purple's trio.

And now, since I'm talking about Ben Nye pigments, I figured I'd add some swatches of the ones that I have!  I actually ordered these pigment samples from the MakeupGeek store probably about a year ago.  I believe they're $2.19 each.  They're really beautiful and have great pigmentation.  Here they all are swatched with NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base:

Starting on the top line from left to right:
Azalea, Cherry Red, Tangerine, Sun Yellow
Chartreuse, Jade, Peacock, Cosmic Blue, and Amethyst
with flash

no flash
 And then here they all are in the adorable jars they came in:

As you can see, they're super gorgeous.  However, I really don't find myself reaching for these very often, especially if I have similar colors in a pressed shadow form.  If I were considering buying these again, I'd probably just get Azalea, Sun Yellow, Chartreuse, and Cosmic Blue (by FAR my favorite) as I really haven't used the others at all. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at this and I hope you have a great night and look for inspiration where you might not normally find it!


  1. I love how you put the colors together! You're very talented