Sunday, March 27, 2011


I did this look a long time ago and it got a lot of love from my girls on MUG and actually, it got a lot of love from my friends and family who don't even care about makeup too so I decided I'd do a tutorial to show you (as best as I could remember haha) how I did this look:
This look started off because I could not decide which colors I should do on my eyes, so I took out every green I owned and decided to use all of them haha (well, except all of the greens in my 88 palette because that would be madness haha).  So here are the colors I used:
Clockwise starting at the top right:
NYX "Mermaid Green", NYX loose pearl "Jade", Ben Nye pigment "Jade", NYX loose pearl "Lime",
Ben Nye pigment "Chartreuse", NYX "Wildfire"
~Prime with Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
~Add NYX JEP in "Black Bean" on lid, above the crease, and under the eye 
~I know a lot of people wait until the end to tightline (line the upper inner rim of their eyes), but I always mess it up when I wait, so I do it now with Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in "Deepest Black"
~Add Ben Nye "Chartreuse" to the inner and outer third of the lid
~Add NYX pearl "Lime" on the middle third, overlapping a little to blend 
~Add Ben Nye "Jade" on the outer corner and blend it up above the crease in almost a "C" shape
~Add MAC "Blanc Type" (or any skintone color) above greens to help blend them out
~Add NYX pearl "Lime" again above the Jade and blend up
~Under my eye, I put "Mermaid Green" on the outer half and "Wildfire" on the inner half and then put NYX pearl "Jade" on top
~Now I did my foundation (which I had skipped on doing first because I didn't want green all over my face) and filled in my brows
~Add MAC "Vanilla" pigment as a highlight and blend "Lime" up into it
~Add Bobbi Brown gel liner in "Black Ink"
~Add L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen in "Blackest Black" and some pinky nude lips (haha, what's new) and you're good to go!

 I hope you guys found this helpful and I hope you enjoy your day!!!  If you have any looks or colors you'd like to see me use, let me know because I'm always up for a challenge!

*Edit:  Sorry if this post is weird, I had it all set, published it and all of my pictures were gone so I hope this works!!!

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  1. I LOVE this green look....I actually did something so similar today! I love how you placed the lid colors.