Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Purple Smokey Eye!

Hello my lovely followers (and those of you who have just stumbled across this)!!  If I had to choose one style of eye makeup to do for the rest of my life, it would be a smokey eye.  Hands down.  I love that you can switch it up by using different colors, making it more subtle by using light earthtones or making it super dramatic by using black.  Generally when I do a smokey eye, it's dramatic (and strangely enough, this is the look I get complimented on most when I'm out.  Well, this and when I wear BRIGHT blue eyeshadow... go figure.).  So I'm gonna give this whole step by step thing another go and see if this one might be a little better.  So here we go:

~As always, prime the lid first.  I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance
~Apply NYX JEP in "Black Bean" all over lid, up above the crease, and under your eye.  It doesn't need to look perfect, it can be uneven and kinda messy, it's ok
(here's the brush I use to apply the base under my eye, it's just a dense brush that doesn't have a lot of give.  Sorry it's dirty, I didn't think about taking a picture of it until I had already used it)
~Since I want this to be a dramatic, smokey look, I am going to need to tightline my eyes, which means to line the inner rim of your upper eyelid.  I am not cool enough to do this without drawing on my eyelid so I'm going to do it now so I don't ruin the work I do later on (which I've done more than once haha.)  I'm using Prestige "Total Intensity Long Lasting Eyeliner" in deepest black.  And since I'm in there already, I'll line my waterline too.
~I applied MAC eyeshadow in "Blanc Type" above the black base in order to make blending darker colors out easier
~I added NYX eyeshadow in "Black" all over my lid but not into the crease
~By all means, you could continue using the black and blend up into the skintone color, but I want to do a colorful smokey eye so I'm going to use the color "Redemption" from my Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette.  Here's the palette:
Here's the color I'll be using  (it's soo beautiful!!!):
And here's where I applied it:
~Now, "Redemption" tends to pull a little blue but I want it to go purple so I'm going to add a bit of purple (the middle one) from my NYX purples trio above the "Redemption"

~Using the four colors I have on my lids, I'm going to keep blending up and out until I'm relatively satisfied with what I have (underneath the eyes as well.  And I always like to take some of the color that I'm using under my eyes too so it's not just black, it kinda ties it all together)
~Now I'm going to fill in my brows
~Next I'm going to add my highlight color, which is "Peanut" from the same Kat Von D palette

~Now it's time for the eyeliner.  I like Bobbi Brown Long Wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink.  I'm going to line all around my eyes and again on my waterline because gel liner lasts on the waterline and pencil (at least for me) does not.
~And last but not least on the eyes is mascara, I'm using L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen in Blackest Black
~Now add some bronzed cheeks and some nude lips (MAC lipstick in Myth with NYX megashine lipgloss in Pink Frost) and you're good to go!

If you guys give it a try, you should show me!  I'm not sure if you're allowed to post pictures in a reply, but if you can you should!  I hope this was helpful!  But guess what!  I have a bonus pictures!!  It's of me and the most handsome doggie ever, Mr. Sullivan Jones Darrel!  

He's a blue nosed pitbull and he's obviously a lap dog haha.  Isn't he cute???  I just love him even though he's crazy and eats EVERYTHING!!! 

Well, that's all for today, I hope you guys are having as beautiful weather as we are!!!  Make sure to enjoy the small moments in life!!


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!as always☺ definately going to buy that nyx pallette!

  2. omg you are such an excellent teacher!!! Really, I learned a lot just from your post! I am gonna try it although I'll most likely fail! You look super gorgeous also cant forget that! :)

  3. oooh and thanks for putting me on your blog list too btw!! xoxo

  4. wow..i love tht look..btw ur doggie is soo cute..

  5. @Katie: I have a few NYX trios and this purple one is really the only one that I like, but I really like it!

    @Amalia: I'm so glad that it's helpful!!! That makes me so happy! Thank you!! And you're welcome, your blog is definitely one of my favorites, I love your reviews!

    @Sumitha: Thank you! I love my puppy too, he's so handsome!!!

  6. I'm just gonna...steal your eyes...i hope that's okay

  7. this is so gorgeous! you gave me a reason to get on mug and get jumbo eye pencils....<3

  8. @Kattatonic: haha have at 'em!
    @Valerierouse: Thank you so much! I definitely love them!